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Short review – An series that you can definitely recommend to anyone who wants to explore dark comedy genre. Long review- The trailer looked quite promising I thought that maybe it was a series about a depressed person, his tryst with suicide agen. Afsos (Amazon Prime): Web Series Story, Cast, Wiki, Real Name, Crew Details, Released Date and More. Afsos is a Indian net sequence which is directed by Anubhuti Kashyap. It out there on Amazon Prime Video. This net sequence has been made the underneath the banner of OML Productions.

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As far as Indian web series in 2020 are concerned, I think the first half of 2020 belonged to Amazon Prime. Amazon prime delivered very unique and varied content in the first half of 2020. Almost every web series beaten the standards set by the previous one.

Okay, let’s talk about them one by one in order of the month in which they were released.


2020 on amazon prime started with Afsos and afsos ki baat yeh hai ki I didn’t finish that series. I found it slow and the story too was predictable. Moreover even amazon prime didn’t promote it as much because its focus was on ‘The Forgotten Army’. The USP of this series is the cinematography. The part of this series is shot in hills and it was shot at the time when hills were covered with snow. Those scenes are excellently shot, they will motivate you to watch the series more and more.

The Forgotten Army

With ‘The Forgotten Army’, amazon prime video announced that this year is the year of amazon prime video. When Kabir Khan is making a patriotic series then you are in for a treat. Though there were no big names in the star cast, the series was successful in giving goosebumps to the audience. We have read about our freedom fight and freedom fighters in school but the part which was shown in the Forgotten Army was not mentioned and is read by very few. Moreover, no one in the Indian cinema dared to show it on screen. Thus, it was a great treat for viewers. If you haven’t seen it yet then go watch it immediately.

Pushpavali S2


After The Forgotten Army, amazon prime video released the second season of Pushpavali. I came to know about Sumukhi and Naveen Richard during the first season of comicstan. During comicstan, I came to know about their comic timing but during Pushpavali, I was introduced to their acting skills. I had no expectations from this series as I skipped the first season. And it turned out to be a good one. It addresses the social issues while tickling your funny bone at regular intervals.


Afsos amazon prime web series

Afsos Amazon Prime


Panchayat is the fourth web series released by amazon prime video in 2020. Again, it doesn’t have any big names in its star cast but it is produced by TVF (The Viral Fever), a production house that has delivered classics. Panchayat addresses the issues of rural India. It is a good series with a good amount of drama and humour. Actors and plot won’t interest you but they have delivered a great performance. All you need to have is patience. First two episodes will give you an idea about pace of the story and level of humour. If you watched them patiently then you will finish the series.

Four More Shots Please S2

Then the series which is known for a great start and disappointing ending. Four More Shots Please starts with a bang this year as well. Bringing the four girls together again after the impractical end of their friendship in the first season. This year they took glamour and glitz to the next level. It gave fashion goals, travel goals and wedding goals to the people of India. The season started well and went on really well till the end. All the new characters and actors brought more masala in the story but again the end. The season ended with something miserable happening with all the four friends. It felt like it was forcefully written to add more drama to the story.

Paatal Lok

Afsos Amazon Prime Web Series

Afsos Amazon Prime

The last series released on amazon prime video in the first half of 2020 is Paatal Lok. Before watching this series, watch the trailer because it will give you the definition of Paatal Lok. After watching the trailer, you may get the feeling of some typical series but no that’s the beginning. The definition of Paatal Lok makes the series more interesting. This series is one of the best crime thrillers you will ever see. I will not reveal even a bit about this series. All I will say is, go and watch it because it is one of the must-watch series of 2020.

This is the first half of 2020 on amazon prime video. The second part is explosive. If you have watched any of the above-mentioned series then do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Afsos Amazon Prime Watch Online

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