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  1. For the low cost of $5.99 per month, you get access to streams of cable and network TV shows the day after they air. Subscribers also get thousands of movies and original series on-demand.
  2. Live sport streaming on Prime Video is not supported on these devices:. LG Hawaii TV: certain 2015 and earlier LG TVs. Sony Bravia TV: certain 2015 and earlier Bravia TVs. Sony Bravia Blu-Ray Disc Player. Roku: 2014 and earlier Roku devices (excluding Roku 3, which is supported). Xbox 360 Game Console.

Amazon Prime Video has a wide selection of channels from third-party providers, some of which even offer live TV programming in addition to on-demand content. And they typically set you back anywhere between $2.99/mo. On top of your Prime Video subscription cost.

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  • November 12, 2019

It may be funny to learn that how is it possible to get local channels without cable. Surely it is possible to get local channels if you follow some options. But you have to know how to get free premium cable channels indeed. There are some easy method through which you can get local channels

It may be funny to learn that how is it possible to get local channels without cable. Surely it is possible to get local channels if you follow some options. But you have to know how to get free premium cable channels indeed.

There are some easy method through which you can get local channels at free of cost. In many cases it can be seen that you are using some homemade equipment to make it possible. Here we are going to let you know how to get local channels without cable indeed.

Installing HDTV antenna

This is one of the easiest ways to get local channels at your home. For this you need to purchase an antenna which will enable to get channels. However an HDTV antenna is powerful enough to get signal of the local channelsavailable at your location.
You can get a lot of antenna in the market and you need to choose the best one according to need. For example if you live in city where the broadcasting tower is not so far, you may choose simple directional antenna. One the other hand, if you live in rural areas where the broadcasting tower is far away or networks come from multidirectional, you should choose omnidirectional antenna.

More importantly it is important to choose the indoor or outdoor antenna to make it easy for local channels on your TV. Indoor antenna can support you easily in case the broadcasting tower is close to your home an outdoor antenna is good enough to get signal from far way. This outdoor antenna can be effective for rural areas.

Can I Get Local Channels on Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is now another way to get local channels very easily. This can let you watch live TV and people have to subscribe the online service that enable access to a number of popular channels. However you may pay a fee to get this service.

It is easy for you to watch local TV channels without connecting cable. This can be done merely with the help of Amazon Fire TV including streaming services like Fubo TV, PlayStation, Sling TV, Hulu with live TV, CBS all access etc.

Buying Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon has another plan like Amazon fire stick that enables to watch more than 5, 00,000 and a lot of TV series. This one of the most perfect gadgets to enjoy free premium channels indeed. What you need to do is you should install the Amazon fire stick to your TV’s HDMI port and connect your Wi-Fi. Additionally there are some premium channels available with Amazon fire stick like Hulu, Show time, Netflix, NBC, Prime Video and others.

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Streaming Cable TV online

Now that we are using high speed internet and internet service provider is designing their service by providing hundreds of channels online. This is the big benefit that you can get. As you are using internet and pay bill internet, so you should not pay the bill for cable other way. However, the website that stream live is and you can also visit,, etc. their programs are live and you don’t have to pay any fee.

Using YouTube

YouTube is another giant platform to watchlive television. Now that YouTube is letting you watch live program and some popular channels are on live and you can watch those live channels when you have a good internet connection.


Netflix also provides free premium cable channels for you and you need to subscribe at fee to get poplar channels on Netflix.

Amazon Prime Live Tv

Final Verdict

Now that we have a high speed internet and the speed limit is going up. So watching live television is much easier now. On the other hand, we may use cable connection and pay an amount to cable operator. This is merely waste of money as you have already internet connection.

To save you from paying cost of the cable bill, you have a lot of ways to get free and premium local channels from now. Amazon prime is one of the best to add new feature on your watching television. So you need to change your habit like cable connection and use internet for more purposes.

  • Amazon Prime Video may soon add live TV channels, according to a number of recent job listings and an industry source that spoke to Protocol.
  • According to Amazon’s job listings, the company wants to build “next gen linear catalog systems to provide best-in-class Linear TV experience to Prime Video customers.”
  • Amazon has been experimenting with live TV for years, from Amazon Channels and a dedicated News app to live broadcasts of NFL and EPL games.

One of the ways that Hulu has separated itself from other popular streaming services like Netflix is by adding a live TV option. If you’re willing to spend an additional $50, you can enjoy all of the original and licensed content that Hulu has to offer in addition to over 65 live and on-demand TV channels. Hulu + Live TV quickly became the most popular TV streaming service on the market, but a new rival may soon challenge Hulu for the throne.

According to Protocol, Amazon is planning to bring a live TV service to Prime Video. Multiple job listings have popped up online suggesting as much, and an industry insider told the publication that Amazon is “actively pursuing” licensing deals for live and linear programming. “You should assume they’re talking to everybody,” he added.

Although Amazon has yet to announce any specific plans, one job listing seems to spell them out:

Linear (24/7 Television or broadcast programming) is one of the key options for Prime Video customers. Although video on demand is on the rise, the global viewing hours weighs in favor of live or scheduled TV and OTT linear streaming is predicted to grow by 64% in next two years. We in Prime Video Catalog are building next gen linear catalog systems to provide best-in-class Linear TV experience to Prime Video customers. It is Day 1 for the linear TV experience on Prime Video.

As Protocol points out, this wouldn’t be the first time Amazon has experimented with linear TV offerings. For the past few years, NFL Thursday Night Football games have been broadcast on Prime Video and Twitch. Plus, just days ago, Amazon announced that English Premier League matches will stream for free on Twitch in the UK starting later this month. But it sounds like Amazon’s ambitions will stretch even further going forward.

Amazon Prime Live Tv

Another job listing seems to pull back the curtain on at least some of that ambition: “We are seeking an experienced Product Manager for the Prime Video Linear TV team to redefine how customers watch 24/7 linear broadcast TV content. Linear TV enables customers to watch 24/7 streams of their favorite TV stations airing programs including sports, news, movies, award shows, special events and TV shows.”

Last fall, Amazon launched a dedicated News app on Fire TV with multiple live broadcast news channels, including ABC News Live, CBS News Live, Yahoo News, and Cheddar. Amazon also created a Channel Guide back in 2018 to help viewers sort through any Amazon Channels they’ve subscribed to, some of which feature live programming. But based on all of the job listings and Protocol’s sources, it sounds like something in the same realm as Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV is in the works at Amazon. It might not be as robust or include as many channels as those services, but all it would really need to do is help sell more Amazon Prime subscriptions.

Amazon Live Tv Streaming Packages

UPDATE 6:14 PM: Amazon reached out in an email to clarify that there is nothing new in the works as the original Protocol report suggests, explaining that the job postings are for teams that currently support the “hundreds of live TV stations around the world” that are already part of Prime Video Channels.