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It is not easy to choose films from a rich catalogue and variety that Amazon Prime kind of platforms provided to you. While other genres tempt you to watch the films on repeats, thrillers tend to have a lesser shelf life. But what if there are good thrillers out of those films that are available on Prime? Can we name Ten Top Telugu thrillers out of them? Well, we tried …

10 Telugu Thriller Films on Amazon Prime

  • Madha

Madha is one film that won many International Film Festival Awards before releasing in Theatres in the Telugu States. The team had to struggle for months together to get a good release and still, they couldn’t really bring people to theatres due to Covid-19 outbreak. Also, people did not show much interest to watch the movie in theatres as it seemed too high concept and urbane style filmmaking. But the movie has a different voice from regular movies and a great technical brilliance is achieved by the team despite limited resources. We think this thriller deserves your attention at least on the digital platforms for sure. Give it a try.

  • Mathu Vadalara

  • Inspired by the book ‘Simply Fly’, the film tells the story of Nedumaaran Rajangam known to friends as Maara, the son of a teacher, who sets out to make the common man fly and takes on the most capital intensive industry in the world with the help of his friends, family and sheer will power.
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Amazon Prime Movies Telugu

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Comic Thrillers are very rarely made in Telugu Cinema. MathuVadalara is a rare Telugu film that tries to tell you the bad effects of drugs in a funny way. The comedy in the movie is refreshingly different from what you have seen before or what you are watching in Telugu TV Shows, regularly. The movie also has few good thrills till the climax to keep you engaged in the proceeds. It is a fun time movie for elders and please don’t let your children watch it, right now.

  • Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

You might have already heard about this movie from many. This is not your regular thriller and it has a lot to offer other than a few jokes. Even if you have watched it earlier, for thriller movie fans out there, this movie can take you back to those days where you could go out without having to take permissions and worry about bigger threats to your health. Also, the movie offers you some original fun and high of watching an investigation unfolding in front of your eyes with good doses of comedy.

  • Nayanthara’s Vasanthakalam

Vasanthakalam starring Nayantara is not another simple thriller from Tamil Cinema that got dubbed in Telugu. It is an intelligent film and the suspense is gripping for most parts. Actually, the climax of the movie is the best thing in the entire movie, one can say so. It leaves no stone unturned to let you immerse in the suspense also. Not many would have tried this one, so take our recommendation and watch it. But don’t overhype yourselves.

  • Evaru

AdiviSesh managed to deliver another good thriller last year and Evaru became a much-awaited success for Regina Cassandra. The movie did not try to sell itself as a dumb investigative drama and the thrill factor grows high with each twist. If you haven’t watched a movie and you’re a lover of the thriller genre, then you’re doing a disservice to yourself. Watch the film and you will not regret it. Also, even if have watched the Spanish original and Hindi adaptation, try his Telugu one too. You will be surprised.


HIT could have been one of the best thrillers of Telugu Cinema but it couldn’t deliver the last punch perfectly. Still, it holds your interest so well that you will feel like revisiting it to catch some of the clues that the director left for us throughout the film. If you’re a movie lover and interested in the craft then you should watch it for writing, execution and also, acting. Vishwak Sen delivered a highly matured performance in the movie.

  • Vadaladu

Siddharth stopped doing Telugu movies but he is continuously trying to deliver good films in Tamil. He is producing few and he is encouraging young directors to come up with good thrillers as well. This movie is a Horror thriller but it is said in a very different way from regular typical ghost stories. You will enjoy the drama behind the horror and there are well earned and established thrills as well. Our suggestion to you before watching the movie is that remember it is a Tamil movie and sensibility wise few things vary from Tamil people to you.

  • Anjali CBI

Can you think of any thriller just on the basis of performances of the leads becomes watchable n’ number of times? Anjali CBI falls into that category for sure. Anurag Kashyap’s performance and Nayantara performance will engage you in the film. The screenplay has enough elements to catch you off guard but you get more sucked into the film due to the performances. The film also has Vijay Sethupathi in a charming cameo and his portions take the film, to a new high. The story never gets stuck at any point and screenplay unfolds at a rapid pace asking you to ride along with it, without blinking for a second, if you’re watching it for the first time. In the second and third viewings, you will get the intricate details that the filmmakers have used to create the suspense as well. Don’t skip this one, if you haven’t watched it yet.

  • Heza

This is a new entry on the Telugu films menu on Amazon Prime. The movie is said to be a first musical horror film in Telugu. It has been executed by a young team with a lot of heart. The horror elements are not too new but the execution is good. The movie got a direct release on Amazon Prime and so, we recommend you to check it just for the sake of encouraging a young team, even if you are not much into musicals.

  • 16 Every Detail Counts

If you haven’t yet watched this film, then you’re missing out on a solid thriller and we would like to ask you to just stop everything else you’re watching and try this one. Rahman’s performance and young director, KarthickNaren’s screenplay are the best parts of the film. The way the mystery unfolds, we get to watch an incident from different perspectives. Even though he was so young while making the movie, the young director made a highly commendable and recommendable thriller.

This is our list of Top Ten Telugu thrillers that are available on the Amazon Prime platform. Please watch them, if you haven’t already and we feel you did not even try yet.

India is a vast country which is full of life and variety. Not many countries in the world have more than two or three official languages, but in India, each state has its own language, dialects, food habits, religious festivals, and so on. And this is the reason why India and a few of its neighboring countries are together referred to as the Indian subcontinent. For those unaware, there are a number of film industries in India which produce films in their regional languages. While Bollywood, the Hindi film industry, is the one which has the most far-reaching influence, the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali film industries of the country are thriving as well.

The Telugu film industry has been around since 1909 and its contribution to the cinematic art form in the subcontinent remains unparalleled to this very day. The popularity of Telugu cinema has now spread far and wide, with the industry reaching its zenith with the release of ‘Baahubali‘ and its sequel ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’, which became the second-highest-grossing Indian film of all time.

The popularity of Telugu cinema only means that streaming platforms all over the world have kept several Telugu films within their collections for the subscribers to enjoy. If you are eager to know what is the list of really good Telugu movies on Amazon Prime, here it is:

7. Jodi (2019)

Starring Aadi Sai Kumar and Shraddha Srinath in leading roles, ‘Jodi’ is an interesting film which starts off as a sweet love story and then turns into an intense family drama. Kumar plays the role of Kapil, an IT professional whose relationship with Kanchanamala (Srinath) is sweet and romantic. When the two of them decide to get married, the girl’s father refuses to give his daughter’s hand to Kapil because of the latter’s father. We get to realize that the couples’ fathers know each other from an earlier acquaintance. However, what that acquaintance is, remains a mystery.

The only issue with the film is that tropes used within its narrative are ones we have seen in the past. However, the chemistry between the two leading actors makes the first half of the film an interesting watch.

6. Gang Leader (2019)

If you have watched ‘Ocean’s Eight’ and wish to check out another film about female robbers, this Telugu film is here to quench your desire.

Directed by Vikram Kumar, the story of this film begins with the news of a massive bank robbery in the city of Hyderabad where the robbers have managed to steal a whopping 300 crore rupees (around $41.8 million). The robbery was carried out by a gang of five who are soon found dead with their loot stolen by the murderers. Five women, each of whom were associated with one or the other of the robbers, decide to take revenge and end up asking a small-time pulp crime writer called Pencil for his help. Though hesitant at first, Pencil finally decides to help these women. Nani, the leading actor of the film, has done a tremendous job once again, with the brilliant script written by Yesteen R and Venkat D. Pati aiding his performance. This is a hilarious crime comedy film which you will love watching.

5. Bandobast (2019)

The cast of this film comprises of two veterans of the Telugu film industry- Suriya and Mohanlal. The latter plays the role of the Prime Minister of India, while Suriya dons the character of a policeman who serves as the PM’s constant bodyguard. The PM, Chandrakant Varma, is an honest politician who is eager to do good for the country. As he goes about doing his own job, the PM gets killed one day in a military coup. Suriya’s character, Ravi Kishore, is puzzled by the murder and wonders who would want to kill such an honest human being. He swears that he will get to the bottom of this in any way possible. The performances of the two leading actors are the best aspect of the film.

Both the actors bring their own nuances to their respective characters, and thus their performances are able to go beyond the scope of the screenplay. Both halves of the film are rather intense, and the climax does enough justice to the careful build-up.

4. Saaho (2019)

Prabhas, whom we all know as the leading actor of the ‘Baahubali’ franchise, plays the starring role in this action film. ‘Saaho’ also stars Bollywood actors like Shraddha Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Neil Nitin Mukesh, and Chunky Pandey. The story of the film is centered around the fictional Waaji City which is under the control of Roy (Jackie Shroff). His rival gang, led by Devaraj (Chunkey Pandey), is always looking for opportunities to eliminate Roy and gain control of the city themselves. In such a point of time, Devaraj too starts suffering losses, with huge amounts of his own money being stolen by some unidentified entity. This is when an undercover cop called Ashok (Prabhas) comes into the picture. His job is to stop this gang war by any means necessary.

The film is epic in its scale, and nothing of this sort has ever been attempted in India cinema. Each scene of this film reflects the huge budget that was used to make it. Prabhas is someone who can carry the hugest of films on his own shoulders, and he does so this time around as well.

3. Andala Rakshasi (2012)

A brilliantly written love story, ‘Andala Rakshasi’ centers around the lives of three characters- a girl called Mithuna (Lavanya), and two men called Gautham (Rahul) and Surya (Naveen), Both these two men are madly in love with Mithuna, but are not aware of the other person’s feelings for her. Mithuna, however, is in love with Surya and the two of them share an amazing chemistry. However, their sweet love story suddenly comes crashing down because of certain circumstances. This is the point in their lives when Surya tries to develop a relationship with Mithuna. Though Mithuna understands that Surya’s love for her is true, she simply cannot forget the memory of Gautham. However, another twist of fate finds them at a major crossroads in life once again.

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The performances, the structure of the screenplay, and the direction of this film are brilliant. The stunning visuals of this film will also remain in your minds for a long time after you’re done watching the film.

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2. Evaru (2019)

An intense crime thriller, ‘Evaru’ centers around a character called Sameera (Regina Cassandra) who has been charged with the murder of a police officer. Despite falling in such a mess, Sameera does not get any help from her husband in this regard, and thus decides to pursue the matter herself. She gets help from a corrupt police officer called Vikram (Adivi Sesh). As the film progresses, we realize that Sameera too has a lot of secrets under her belt.

The film touches upon themes of sexuality, desire, and murder, and overall is a rather compelling watch. The best aspect of this film is that there are many layers to the story which get exposed as and when the narrative progresses.

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1. Aithe 2.0 (2017)

Cybercrime is a new form of criminal activity which has been plaguing our society for quite some time now. This is also the theme of the 2017 crime thriller ‘Aithe 2.0’. The film centers around the lives of four friends, all of whom have graduated from an engineering college but have not managed to land any kind of job whatsoever. Having no other option at hand, they decide to enter the world of cybercrime. However, they give up their life of crime once each of them manages to land decent jobs at a company. When one of their colleagues loses a huge amount of money online, the four friends decide to stick together and get hold of the perpetrator in any way possible.

The film discusses a hugely important topic that has become a problem in today’s world, and does so with a lot of nuance. The performances of the leading actors are also commendable and do justice to the interesting storyline.

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