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I think it fair to say that, right now, we're heading into peak streaming war territory. Unlike a decade ago when there was basically only Netflix camped on the battlefield, now there is a whole host of streaming services including Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Paramount Plus all gunning for each other.

Right now the streaming war is like that bit in the Hobbit movie trilogy when five separate armies all converge in just one place for one hell of a royal rumble. And in order to arm themselves for battle they're going around and gathering up as much ammunition (read: content) as possible.

Sky and BT air most Premier League games, but Amazon also shows some matches on its Prime Video service and the tie up means footy fans can now watch all the games in one place. Re: How do I get Amazon prime on sky Q. 31 Dec 2020 03:54 PM. Posted by an Oracle, not a Sky employee. Try a firmware update: Go to Settings, then System Info and highlight Software version. Choose Setup and then select Software download. Your box will start to download the latest software.

This tooling up of the streaming service kings, which surely consist now of Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Paramount Plus, has led to the parsing of content like, arguably, we've never seen before. Content is now split between so many different streaming services and, aside from the financial implication of this on people's wallets, with the combined fees for all these services stretching into hundreds a year, keeping track of quality content and then watching it has become far from ideal.

The streaming war is bound to have causalities (right now the newly launched Paramount Plus looks like it might not be long for this world), but from my point of view I don't care who has the content or makes the content, just so long as I can access it easily.

I think the problem, for me at least, isn't even the financial burden of the hording of content into certain camps (although it certainly isn't ideal), but rather the accessing of it and ease of which I can do that. And that's where I think the model that Sky Q is now delivering can play a big part in how the streaming war ends.

Right now I can access Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video through Sky Q and, increasingly, that content is not just accessible via apps but actually baked into the Sky experience. And the result of this is that the virtual barricades that are been erected by the streaming services are removed.

Instead of having to turn traitor continuously and move between the various camps to enjoy the content that I like, with Sky Q I get to access it all in one place. It's easy, convenient and it just works. It is a top-end stuck on top of these content libraries that unifies them and allows fluid, unrestricted access.

It's not just on the hardware side where Sky Q streamlines the experience, either, but as we've already seen with the Sky + Netflix subscription bundle as well as how signing up through Sky Q is so easy, it's doing it in terms of sign-ups and payments, too. If Sky Q can build on this and get to a stage where users can sign up to the vast majority of streaming services through the system, then have that content baked into the system on a UI level, maybe even playing directly from the UI rather than even opening an app, then suddenly you're staring at the ultimate entertainment package.

Because at the end of the day I think most people just want to be entertained and for their favourite content to be accessible in the easiest possible way. The grandstanding and content hording by streaming services is inevitable as the way people make and watch TV shows and movies is changing, but that doesn't mean it has to always be as bloody and confusing as it is right now.

And, for me at least, Sky Q is doing more than anyone to bring balance to the streaming force. It is managing, at an ever increasing rate, to unify content stores such as Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, and I hope it continues to.

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December 14, 2020

Sky and Amazon have agreed a new long-term partnership that will see Prime Video launch on Sky and NOW TV devices across Europe from December 14th, while the NOW TV and Sky Ticket apps will also come to Fire TV devices.

Can I Get Amazon Prime On Sky

The partnership means customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy will now be able to watch TV series, films and sport from Sky and Prime Video in one place in time for Christmas.

For the first time, UK customers will be able to watch every live Premier League fixture on Sky Sports, Prime Video and BT Sport without switching devices. In addition to new Amazon Original series, movie fans will have access to a wide range of new releases and family favourites across Prime Video including Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Uncle Frank and I’m Your Woman.

“Sky Q customers are receiving an early Christmas present on their boxes this year in the form of Amazon Prime Video,” declared Stephen van Rooyen, EVP & CEO UK & Europe Sky. “Anyone who needs to get stuck into something new after The Undoing on Sky Atlantic will now be able to flip right over to The Boys on Prime Video, without ever leaving Sky Q. Amazon Prime Video TV shows, movies and more will sit alongside Sky Originals and Netflix, as well as apps like Disney+, BBC iPlayer, FiiT and much more. This will make it even easier for you to access everything you love, in one place.


“I’m delighted that this deal will give even more people access to our brilliant NOW TV and Sky Ticket apps through Amazon Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition.”

“We’re pleased to be bringing our Prime Video app to Sky Q and NOW TV devices in time for the holidays,” added Jay Marine, Vice President, Prime Video Worldwide. “With winter settling in, and our new binge-watch obsession The Wilds about to launch, it’s a perfect time for Sky customers to catch up on our award-winning Prime Video TV shows, movies, and live sport, including Prime Video’s exclusive live broadcasts of 20 English Premier League games this December. Plus, with NOW TV launching on Fire TV – customers in the UK have never had it better when it comes to choosing what to watch however they are watching.”

In the UK, Italy and Ireland the Prime Video app will launch on NOW TV devices, as well as Sky Ticket devices in Germany, on December 14th. The NOW TV app will be rolling out on select Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs to customers in, Italy, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland through early 2021 with Sky Ticket also rolling out on Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs in Germany through the first part of 2021.

Amazon prime on sky q

Sky Q customers will be able to find Prime Video by saying “Launch Prime Video” into their voice remote to pair their Sky Q box with their existing Prime membership or their standalone Prime Video subscription. It will also be in the Apps rail, and Amazon Originals will feature on the Sky Q Home page alongside the best from Sky, Netflix and Disney+, making it easier than ever to choose what to watch. Customers can expect even more Prime Video integration, such as voice search for TV series, movies and more, in 2021.

“Undoubtedly this is the deal of the year,” declared Paolo Pescatore, TMT analyst at PP Foresight, who said that such a deall seemed unlikely a few years ago, but that both companies have now realised the importance of partnering in this rapidly changing world. “They both need each other more than ever.”

Amazon Prime On Sky Ireland

According to Pescatore, this will be a huge blow to its rivals as Sky is firmly the main destination for all of the key video streaming services and much more. “All in one place will strongly resonate with users and households providing a seamless experience across all screens,” he noted, adding that the timing could not have been any better with the hectic Premier League Christmas schedule around the corner.

“Inevitably, this will help Amazon drive Prime subscriptions within Sky households all across Europe,” he concluded.

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