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Same day-delivery is available 7 days a week. Add products to your cart and proceed to checkout. If the products are eligible and you order by 3 p.m. Local time, you will see the same-day delivery option in checkout. If you order after the deadline, you.

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Sometimes you need that item that you bought on today. You don’t have two days to wait for it to be delivered. And you don’t have time to get to a store.

Good news: Over the next few months, we’re tripling the number of metro areas where customers can get same-day delivery on orders. In addition, we’ve expanded the number of products eligible for this service. Oh, and it will cost less.

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“We have always wanted to help our customers get their purchases from Best Buy how and when they want them,” said Allison Peterson, president of “Our stores have always been an option, but we know that there are times when a customer wants their items delivered to them quickly. We’re happy that by the holidays, many more customers will be able to choose same-day delivery and have it be an option on more items than ever before.”

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Store pickup is the fastest way to get products purchased on because most orders are ready in an hour or less. It’s a convenient option because 70 percent of Americans live within 15 minutes of a Best Buy store. When you don’t need your purchase the same day, free shipping is available for most orders.

Same-day delivery in more places

Next week, same-day delivery will expand from 13 metro areas to 27. We expect customers in nearly 40 cities to be eligible for the service by the holiday season.

Same-day deliveries will be handled by two companies that use a crowdsourced labor model, including our original partner, Deliv. After a customer purchases a product and chooses same-day delivery, a third-party driver will pick up the order and bring it to the customer.

In areas where the service is available, you’ll be able to place an order online as late as 3 p.m. local time and receive the package by 9 that night. Same-day delivery is available seven days a week – though Sunday deadlines are an hour earlier – and the price per order for the service has dropped to $5.99.

Best Buy Delivery Service Phone Number

We began testing same-day delivery in the Bay Area in late 2015 and expanded it to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, D.C., in 2016.

Beginning Sept. 6, same-day delivery will expand to the following cities: Austin, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego and Tampa.

Best Buy Delivery Time

We expect to add at least 10 more metro areas this fall.

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  • Best Buy is the latest retailer to close its stores nationwide as part of an effort to contain the coronavirus.
  • Best Buy stores will remain open to employees only. Consumers can purchase items online or via the Best Buy app whereupon a Best Buy employee will deliver it directly to a consumer’s car.
  • Best Buy didn’t indicate when its stores might re-open.
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Best Buy isn’t fully closing, but the nationwide electronics retailer recently announced that its stores will no longer be open to the public. Joining dozens of other retailers, including Apple and Nike, Best Buy is simply the latest company to close its doors as part of an effort to contain the coronavirus from spreading even further.

As to the specifics of Best Buy’s semi-shutdown, here’s how things will work for the foreseeable future: Starting today, only employees will be allowed in-store, and any orders consumers place via the Best Buy app or website will be processed and subsequently delivered to buyers curbside.

Best buy delivery problems

If you didn’t place an order online but know exactly what you want, you can tell a Best Buy employee who will go inside and check if the product in question is in stock. If it is, you’ll be able to purchase it while remaining in your car. Incidentally, the same process will be used for returns and exchanges.

“Only employees will be allowed in the store,” the company said in an email blast and press release yesterday, “but we are determined to serve you as fully as we can. Unfortunately, we are temporarily unable to continue our product trade-in and recycling services.”

Best Buy also announced some changes to its in-home services which include TV installations, repairs, and hauling old equipment away. Starting tomorrow, those services will no longer be available.

Best Buy Delivery Status

Beginning Monday, March 23, we will no longer deliver these large products into your home and will, instead, offer free doorstep delivery. This means we will take the item as close as we possibly can to the front door of your home without bringing it inside. We know that this change will be inconvenient, and we are truly sorry. It was made with our employees’ and your best interests at heart. If you have an order scheduled for installation in the next 30 days, please expect an email or text from Best Buy about your delivery options.

It’s worth noting that Best Buy employees aren’t being forced to work in-store. Rather, anyone working at Best Buy is choosing to do so voluntarily and will receive a temporary pay increase.

Some other sizable retail outlets that have already closed down include Calvin Klein, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, REI, Pottery Barn, Patagonia, Anthropologie, American Eagle, and many more.