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  • Discord’s original NSFW bot. No bullshit, just HQ content.
  • A simple single-purpose discord bot meant to bring you and easy to read comprehensive mod-log Python AGPL-3.0 0 1 0 0 Updated Nov 20, 2019. AutoPorn-Server The microservice powering BoobBot's AutoPorn. Kotlin AGPL-3.0 2 3 0 0 Updated Nov 7, 2019. ThighBot Thighbots repo.

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Earnings per month*

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How much is BoobBot earning?

BoobBot is earning an estimated $477 - $4K on Patreon

How many patrons does BoobBot have?

BoobBot has 394 patrons on Patreon

What is BoobBot's ranking?

BoobBot is ranked 195th among Patreon Adult Video

BoobBot is ranked 5,288th among all Patreon creators

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● Temporary Voice Channels
● ● Allow users to create temporary channels that delete when they leave

● ● Users will have private temporary voice channels

● Dynamic Response System

● ● You have the ability to create dynamic response commands

● Youtube Music System

● ● Vanessa provides you with easy-to-use music functionality

● Minesweeper

● ● With Vanessa you can play Minesweeper! (Use .minesweeper [height]:[width]:[bombs] - 10:10:10)

● Moderation Features

● ● Banning and Kicking with custom reasoning and case IDS.

● Anti-Invite Blocking

● ● Vanessa blocks invites posted in all chats (This can be disabled)

● ● Vanessa can check for invites located in the ‘Play INVITE’

● Advanced logging

● ● Server Logging

● ● Channel Logging

● ● Voice Logging

● Announcement system

● ● With Vanessa you have the ability to centralize all announcements.

Lewdbot Discord

● Dynamic moderator and administrative roles for Vanessa

● ● Supports multiple roles for both


● Self-assign role system

● ● With Vanessa you have the ability to create self-assignable roles

● ● You can also see how many users are in that role

Boobot Discord Invite

● Community Suggestions

● ● Vanessa prides itself on being a community ran bot. Feel free to make a suggestion!

● 24/7 Uptime

Boobbot Discord Invite

●● TeamVanessa prides themselves on a 99.99% up-time