Track books you've read. BookTracker BookTracker. BookTracker is an easy to use way of keeping track of books that you own, have read or have listened to.

A library check-in, check-out and creation application. The ARLab application is a Ruby on Rails application, allowing teachers and libraries to easily build up a library (using barcode readers), and allows students to check books in and out. Booktrack has been providing publisher audio solutions for over 10 years. We understand your need for responsive services to deliver the world class product expected by consumers and authors of. David Bunnett Books. This form will search the category Business. To search all books, try the form on the homepage. If you enter two or more words in this box, the search will look for both words, but not necessarily in the order you enter. Don't worry about upper and lower case. Don't have an account? Protect your account with Duo Two-Step Verification. Learn more and sign up at

BookTracker is an easy to use way of keeping track of books that you own, have read or have listened to. Because of BookTracker's flexibility, it is a great tool for both collectors who need to record lots of data and for the book enthusiast who just needs the basics. It includes fields for such information as title, author, copyright date, purchase price, location, last read date, etc. There are also custom fields that can be renamed as needed.
BookTracker allows you to place your books in an unlimited number of groups that you create yourself. You can also choose the layout of your booklist, showing the fields that are most important to you. The booklist can be sorted by any of the fields that you have chosen. There is also a filtering function that quickly displays specific titles or authors. BookTracker's printing functionality will print your customized booklist including the current sort and filter. BookTracker has a convenient lookup feature to retrieve book details from the web.

Getting Started with BookTrakker

Open BookTrakker, go to a section and press F1 to open Context-Sensitive Help. Most, but not all, sections offer this. If you get a message from Microsoft about why Help does not work then follow the instructions to fix.

Numeric vs. Alphanumeric: BookTrakker defaults to Numeric mode, where the Rec # field is the same width as the Price field, upper left corner when you open BookTrakker. SKU's are numeric and generated automatically when you do New Record. If you want to create your own SKU's as numbers, numbers and letters, or letters only, then do Tools > Options at the top. About 2/3 of the way down the form that opens is a check box for Use Alpha Record Code. Check the box, restart BookTrakker. The Rec # field is now the same width as the Status and Type field below. When you do New Record you can type in the SKU you want. The display is limited to 16 characters, the actual field length in the database is 50. You can see your Rec # in the large field at the bottom of List View when not in New Record or Edit Record mode.

Shortcut Keys: Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Changing Status, or marking books Sold.
ABE has changed how your description from BookTrakker is displayed. Please click Mapping

Importing data from Fillz using the UIEE Export file format. Please click Import

Please Email tech support at: mailto:[email protected] if you have any questions or problems. Please include your name and a phone number.

Are your record numbers alphanumeric? Tools > Options > check Use Alpha Record Code. Click OK. Click Yes.

Deleting the Sample Database: Tools > Options > Records. Click Delete Sample Database button at the bottom. Click OK. Click Yes. Restart BookTrakker.

New Records: Click on 'New Record' (lower right) After doing data entry, click “Done” or “Next Record” to continue.

Data Entry Order is set by Tools > Options > Tab Order. Pick the fields you want, in the order you want, click Set As Startup to use each time you click New Record. F1 for Help on setting up a tab order for data entry.

Tools > Options has a lot of default settings for data entry and other operations.

ISBN and ASIN Lookup: Click the Plugins icon at the top of BookTrakker for GrabIt for batch mode, or just input the .ISBN or ASIN in New
Record mode in their respective fields on the Keywords tab.
CheckIt, if installed: Click the Online button, then the green check on the Plugins button.

Import from Amazon Open Listings Report:

Cleaning up Amazon OLR data:!/amzolr.htm

Importing data from HomeBase:

Importing data from elsewhere: mailto:[email protected]

Setting up your uploads:

Amazon Upload Setup:

Book Tracker Ideas

Amazon Data Entry:

GrabIt! Information:!.htm


GrabIt! Instructions:!/index.htm

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

F1Context-Sensitive Help.

F2Edit Record

F3New Record/Next Record

F4Open Field Pick Lists (Any drop-down list box in program)

F5Set Show Records Option

F6Set Sort Records Option

F7When in the Inventory Detail View, this will bring up the Add to Catalog Window.

F9Takes you to Orders. N to create a new Invoice.

F10Use Menu


F12Save Record

Ctrl-C - Copy text.

Ctrl-D - Duplicate Current Record.Works in Browse and New Record modes.

Ctrl-K - Kill AutoEdit in current field.Will resume effect in next field.

Ctrl-L - Set text to Lowercase.

Booktracker Byu

Ctrl-M - Disable Mc and Mac text handling.

Ctrl-R - Copy data from previous Record. The Source Record will be the current Record # - 1.

Ctrl-S – Spell Check

Ctrl-U - Set text to Uppercase.

Ctrl-V - Paste text into field.

Ctrl-Z - Undo text changes in a field.


Changing Status Without Editing A Record

In Inventory Detail View (what BookTrakker opens up to) the focus is always on the Rec # field. You can type, on your keyboard,
the record number you want to go to, then press the Enter key.

For the following Status changes, you DO NOT have to Edit the record.

To mark a single book Sold, type “S”, then press the Enter key.

To put books On Hold, type “H”, then press the Enter key.

To reset On Hold to Available, type “A”, then press the Enter key..

If your Rec # field is alphanumeric, then its a little different. You have to use the Ctrl key in front of the single letters.

To mark a single book Sold, type “Ctrl-S”, then press the Enter key.

To put books On Hold, type “Ctrl-H”, then press the Enter key.

To reset On Hold to Available, type “Ctrl-A”, then press the Enter key.

If you want to set an Available record to upload again, then type 'A' or 'Ctrl-A' if you are alphanumeric, followed by Enter. The record
will upload as Available in the next upload.

Other single letter keys as follows:

P – SpecialI – Missing

D – AvailDupR - Removed

U – AuctionN – In Store
G - Pending F - FBA

Any change of Status from Available to anything else results in the book being removed from Online Inventory.

If your Record Number is alphanumeric then you must use the Ctrl key followed by the single letters.

After importing data you need to set List Online to Yes if you want to be able to upload the records.

1. Click the Hit Lists tab along the left side of the Inventory screen.

2. Click New.

3. When the Name form appears, click OK. Notice the cursor blinking in the upper left under Search Field. Click on the dropdown button v and select Status.

4.Click Execute.

5. You will now be in List View, check the Red Navigational Bar at the bottom to see if your Available record count is correct.

6. Next, click the Hit Lists tab on the left again, look over to the upper right for the Action tab. Click this.

7. Select List Online from the choices on the left side. Click Execute. Confirm. Now your records are set for Online listing. Click on the Red Hit List button at the top of your screen to Exit Hit Lists.

Only books with Status = Available and List Online = Yes will be added to the online databases. Books where you change the Status to something other than Available will be uploaded for removal from the services, including books On Hold.

Mapping for ABE's new Condition display.

Do File > Export > UIEE > Map Export Fields:

Click the scroll bar on the right side to scroll down to where you see Book/DJ/Defects mapped into Condition.

Click into the Condition field across from Defects:

A dropdown button will appear. Click it, and scroll through the list for Notes:

Select Notes:


Click the X at the top right corner to close and save your changes, then click the Close button on the next form.

Upload All Online Inventory to ABE. You do not need to do a Purge/Replace.

Importing from Fillz using a UIEE file.

If your Record Numbers are alphanumeric then this method will not work. Numeric numbers only.

1. Login to your Fillz account
2. Click Export at the top.
3. Scroll down to Manual Export - Inventory

4. Click the dropdown button across from Format, and select UIEE (.msg):

5. Click the All Data button.

6. A file Download form will appear shortly.

7. Click the Save button.

8. A new form will appear. Save As:

9. Click the dropdown button over on the right, and click on Local Drive (C):

10. In the window below you will see the BTPro folder. Doubleclick on it.

11. New folders will appear. At the bottom is Transfer. Doubleclick on Transfer

12. At the bottom of the form you will see:

13. Place your cursor at the end of export.msg and backspace three times:

14. Type in txt and then click the Save button over on the right:

15. Your file will be saved in the BTProTransfer folder.

16. You can log off Fillz.

17. Open BookTrakker.

18. Do File > Import > Standard, located at the upper left corner of the program:

19. Click the dropdown button to the right of Interloc:

20. Select UIEE, then click the yellow folder button over on the right:


21. Select export.txt and click the Open button, lower right, to get:

22. Click the Map Import Fields button on the left. A grid will appear looking like this:


23. Click on the right, as above, to scroll down to:

24. Click on the dropdown button in the row where Condition goes into DJ, and select Jacket:

Booktracker Software

25. Scroll down to the bottom of the form:

26. Click into the field to the right of the *, then click on the dropdown button and select ISBN,

all the way at the bottom of the list. click into the field across from the first ISBN, and it will fill it in automatically:

27. Close this form by clicking the X in the upper right corner. You do not need to Save, it

does this automatically.

28. Click on the First Name MI Last Name in the Imported Name Format section if you want to

end up with Last Name, First Name MI. Also, select which Title Capitalization you want:

29. Click Start. Wait for the import to finish. Click close when its done, then click OK. Then click

Yes to the question about Amazon Condition.

Book Tracker App

30. Close and Restart BookTrakker. If the import did not work you can do it again. Records

Book Tracker For Planner

will not be duplicated if the incoming record numbers were numeric.