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9/5 @ 1:00pm EST - Smalluments were added briefly then removed due to some issues. The devs are working on getting them back in now. We'll have a post on them shortly after they come back in.

8/31 @ 4:20pm EST - The update is live and devblog is out!

8/31 @ 2:00pm EST - Our update stream is live!

Looting the Attack Helicopter's or Bradley APC tank's crash site are the only ways players can get the M249, a powerful light machine gun. The Attack Helicopter has two health bars: one on the tail rotor, and one on the main rotor. The main rotor is about (on an un-modded server) 750 HP. The tail rotor, again on an un-modded server, 375 HP. # Causes a horrific amount of fire that spreads, although the sheet metal door is The current Bradley APC associated with the Launch Site monument is forcefully de-spawned and a new Bradley APC re-spawns at a random position at the Launch Site. Bradley APC’s killing power in RUST is unmatched.

The Bradley APC is officially in the game, and it is a force to be reckoned with. Patrolling the roads around Rocket Factory, this APC fires upon anyone it see’s (naked or otherwise). They spawn about every 15 minutes, and add an exciting dynamic to the newest dungeon.

8/31 @ 1:00pm EST - The Bradley's health has just been doubled along with loot tables changed so it no longer drops explosives.

  • Dec 27, 2020 Bradley APC’s killing power in RUST is unmatched. The APC is the most potent non-player character threat in the game between multiple firing modes and its eagle-eye vision. Why you would fight Bradley APC in RUST.
  • BradleyControl is a plugin that allows customization to the Bradley APC, or the complete disabling of there spawns. This plugin also adds in a simple chat command for admins to respawn the Bradley (/bradley reset), and for now sorta disables the Bradleys attacks on vanished players.
ApcBradley Apc Rust

8/31 @ 12:00pm EST - I've updated the post below to reflect the recent changes prior to the update. Main things: Custom SMG now has learnable recoil and Bradley tank will start healing after 5 minutes of not being damaged.

Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

8/29 @ 4:20pm EST - It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing some improvements to the Bradley along with forward progress on several other items...

Update summary video

Check out the update summary video from Puddy.


Bradley movement

After adding the Bradley APC last week, Helk is making some tweaks to the new NPC and its environment. In an effort to reduce chances of getting stuck, he made it so the Bradley no longer turns 180 degrees on a straightaway. Also, a bunch of props (cones and boxes) around the launch site have been removed in the interest of not blocking Bradley. Finally, some tweaks have been made to the path it follows, further improving reliability.

Bradley healing

The Bradley also now starts healing if it is not damaged after 5 minutes. Once it goes that time without taking a hit, it'll heal up within 60 seconds. Also, the Bradley will now show smoke and fire based on its current health.

Edit: The health of the Bradley has just been doubled.


Bradley loot

Rust How Many C4 For Bradley

The loot tables of the Bradley have been modified, making it so they will no longer drop explosives.

Learnable recoil for Custom SMG

The Custom SMG is the next gun to get the new learnable recoil applied to it. In conjunction with this, the aimcone has been reduced significantly.

Geiger counter art ready

The materials, world models, textures, and more have been committed for the Geiger Counter. This new item may not be seen in game this week though, as the functionality still needs to be implemented.

CH-47 Chinook work

Bradley Apc Rust Respawn

There has been some forward progress on a future server event: The Chinook. As mentioned on the roadmap, this periodic event will involve a CH-47 Chinook helicopter dropping a crate in a radtown - similar to an airdrop. Minh has committed some gibs and effects for the CH-47. We don’t yet have any visuals for this event, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates as this progresses.

Other stuff

  • Finishing touches on the new smalluments (super market and gas station). Looking like these will be in for the forced wipe!
  • Progress on the AI NPC pathfinding
  • Optimizations to some textures
  • More performance optimizations with garbage collects, etc.
  • Progress on a ‘new arms’ branch

Server wipe note

Given there are 5 Thursdays this month - and therefore 5 updates - our biweekly servers have a slightly different wipe schedule over the coming week. All biweekly wipe servers (mediums, hapis, staging, etc) will wipe this Thursday (EU servers at 5pm BST and US servers when the update hits). All these servers will then have 1 week prior to the next (forced) wipe on September 7th.


Bradley Apc Rust Labs

Introducing: EU Barren

Bradley Apc Rust Command

I'm happy to announce the launch of our newest server: EU Barren. This 150 slot server features weekly wipes and a 3k seed running the barren procedural map for maximum performance. You can find it on the official list now!