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  • Buildbox lets you make games as easy as a powerpoint presentation. Runs well under high object numbers, particularly on PC and iOS thanks to hardware acceleration.
  • Buildbox is a program that helps create games for all major platforms and operating systems (iOS, Android, Steam, Windows). It is an innovative tool that aims at helping creatives turn their ideas.

Welcome to the free Buildbox 2.0 Crack for Windows. You can download this full crack + license for official release of Buildbox 2.

BuildBox 2.1.0 Build 1110 Full Crack adalah sebuah software yang akan membantu anda untuk membuat game dengan cara yang mudah dan sederhana. Anda tidak perlu mempelajari hal yang rumit ketika ingin membuat game impian anda, karena dengan software BuildBox Full ini anda para pemula sekalipun dapat membuat game yang keren. Semua alat yang dibutuhkan untuk membuat game sudah tersedia lengkap di dalam program ini.

Software BuildBox Full ini sudah menyediakan berabgai macam asset termasuk karakter dan juga background yang dapat anda gunakan untuk pembuatan game impian anda. Atau anda juga dapat menggunakan karakter buatan anda sendiri atau hasil download dari internet. Pengaturan gameplay, pengaturan level permainan, menu game, dan banyak lagi hal lainnya yang sudah tersedia. Jadi tunggu apalagi, segera anda download dan instal BuildBox Full ini sekarang juga. Buatlah game impian anda dengan cara yang mudah dan sederhana.

  • Advanced Features
    Our advanced features allow you to expand the possibilities of what you can create. Mix and match components to make your game uniquely interactive. With the advanced options in Buildbox you can easily make games like some of the top game publishers without any programming or coding knowledge.
  • Character Components
    Advanced components widely open Buildbox 2.0, letting you create new control styles, gameplay types, special attacks and abilities. These components add a lot of character functionality and are very easy to use. Along with damage, health and character icon, you have the option of advanced move and ghost jump.
    The advanced move allows you to make a Crossy Roads style game that controls the character via swipe or a game like Ketchapp’s Don’t Touch the Spikes where the character changes direction when he collides with an object. You can also use the advanced move component to make a zig zag style game or 2.5 D adventure game where the character moves around via joystick. Ghost Jump is an advanced jumping feature that you can use in isometric jumping games. We used this feature in our game, The Pit.
  • Object Components
    Components to objects work in the same way as character components. You can use damage component to attach damage to various moves and health to attach or include multiple lives. There’s also the option of friction that makes platforms move like ice. You can easily make enemies move, platforms rotate or boxes fall from the sky. Determine when an object will ‘’wake up’’ and start to move or have it only start to move when a character collides with the object or until the character reaches a certain distance. You can bring your game to life with our advanced components.
  • Collision Editor
    With the collision editor you have more flexibility as a game designer. You can easily edit the collision shape of any character or object, without changing the sprite image in your game. To edit an object’s collision shape simply enter the editor and change the shape by clicking and dragging and then dropping any of the circular points that define it. Add points to the shape or remove them. There’s auto shape options available also, for quick editing. At any time you can enter the Debug Mode to test and make sure your game is running as smoothly as possible.
  • Sprite Editor
    Buildbox also allows you to easily animate and customize images. You can drag and drop any PNG image into the editor. Resize or scale it down to fit perfectly into your game’s scene. Like magic, create animated sequences and cut scenes using the keyframe animation feature.
    For additional functionality, you can open up the sprite editor to see a visual layout of your game’s sprites. Use the number of sprite sheets to determine how large your exported game will be and tweak them to achieve a better app download size. All of the necessary tools that you need to create a professional looking game is at your disposal.

System Requirements:

Buildbox platformer
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (or AMD equivalent)
  • 200MB free disk space (for the software only)
  • 1GB RAM

How To Install

  1. Install Buildbox
  2. Put main.iblicense in folder of app data (c:Usersyour nameappdataLocaleightcellBuildboxcom.eightcell.buildbox)
  3. Copy the files from crack dir into buildbox dir
  4. Have fun

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BuildBox 2.2.9 249.8 MB

Make games without programming. Buildbox is a breakthrough game creation experience. Creating games is as easy as dropping images into the software, making changes to their properties and hitting play. Every tool you need to complete your game is included inside Buildbox. You have access to complete management of your assets, integrated level editor, game menu system, advanced ad and in app purchase solution, font editor, gameplay settings and more.

With Buildbox it is simple
We set out to make creating games as easy as making a powerpoint presentation. During the development of Buildbox we didn’t study complex user experiences of design software or game creation tools, instead we focused on making things so intuitive, you wouldn’t need a manual. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. To bring a new character, enemy, object, platform, decoration, power-up, effect or background into your game, you simply drag and drop it into the level editor. Now you’ll be able to move the object around, duplicate it and change all of it’s properties. Buildbox makes it simple.

Buildbox Pc

Anyone Can Create Games
For the first time, anyone can make games without having a technical bone in their body. Buildbox lets you make games as easy as a powerpoint presentation.

Build new gameplay types
Using Buildbox’s infinity engine you can control real world physics and gameplay by moving sliders. Make classic game styles like platformers or build something totally unique.


Advanced Monetization Options
With Buildbox you have full control over in app purchases and the ability to show ads from over 9 different top tier ad companies including industry favorites like Chartboost.

Build Once, Play Anywhere
Once you finish your game, instantly export it to over a dozen different platforms. Have your game on dozens of app stores, on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon TV, OUYA and more.

Special Effects and Power Ups
Quickly create cool indie effects with lighting and trails. Easily add a multitude of power-ups to your game like invincibility, coin magnets, kill all enemies and more.

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