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Is carbridge a safe app for carplay. Hello just wanted to ask if carbridge is safe cause i've seen alot of videos about it but it's just bots comments, and i just wanna be able to watch youtube and netflix in my car when i'm on a parking lot or something, thanks! App Library Shortcut 852. Free Dark GMaps 838. Free KillX Pro 831. $1.49 CarBridge 776. $9.99 Cask 2 750. Free Linear for Status Bar 395.

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Welcome to CarBridge!
This is how CarPlay should've been.

With CarBridge, you can take any app on your iPhone and attempt to load it onto your Apple CarPlay supported touchscreen head-unit.Being stuck with Apple’s limited CarPlay app selection is no longer an issue.Apps display with their native interface and appear just how you remember them on your phone with the addition of being enlarged for the bigger CarPlay screen size.

Utilize the full power of your apps without limitation: CarBridge allows you to have 2 apps open at once! One for your phone and one for the car.You can even swap a single app back and forth between the car and your phone without closing it.

CarBridge also allows you to bridge official CarPlay apps which disables the official CarPlay portion of the app and enables the ability to show the fulliPhone app on CarPlay, so you can use Apple Maps on your car without limitation, just how you remember it.

Because of the nature of this software, not all apps will display perfectly. As a solution, CarBridge includes the Portal app. The Portal app allows you todirectly view your phone’s screen and control it with touch. With this you can use whatever app that is on your phone, just how it was intended to be displayed.Joystick-only CarPlay users can also benefit from and launch the Portal app. The only difference is that joystick users cannot control the phone from the car, but can stillview it just fine.

Never use the Now Playing app? Done with Apple Maps? CarBridge gives you the ability to hide any CarPlay icon you want. It’s your device and your car. It’s up to you to customize CarPlay however you want.


Please note: CarBridge or any other ‘unsupported CarPlay app loaders’ will always require ajailbreak because of Apple limitations and the nature of how this type of software works. Any such software that claims to not require a jailbreak is 100% a scam.This is the only official site for CarBridge.

Please view the FAQ for more information regarding compatibility or other specifications.

Carbridge App

CarBridge is available for purchase on Packix for all jailbroken iPhones on versions listed by Packix.

Carbridge App Reviews

Personal note:

How To Install Carbridge Iphone

Thank you to everybody who has supported me throughout the development of CarBridge. This would not have been possible without you. With that said, one of my goals with CarBridge was to keep it as affordable as possible so that everyone could enjoy this tweak even though I’ve poured hundreds upon hundreds of hours into development. If you like my work, I accept donations at the link below. Anything and everything is appreciated. Thank you to everybody who has contributed so far. I hope you enjoy using CarBridge!

Carbridge App Ios 14

Alex Stich (leftyfl1p)

Carbridge App After Install

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