Combine Data Columns In Google Sheets

After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as this. 1.Select the columns that you want to combine, and then click Kutools Range Transform Range, see screenshot. 2.In the Transform Range dialog box, select Range to single column option in the Transform type section, see screenshot. 3.Then click Ok button, and in the popped out dialog box, select a cell where you want to output the. Type in the number of the sheet and the cell that you want linked. For example, if you want to link the first cell on the second sheet it will be written as Sheet2!A1. Cell A2 on sheet 3 will. Learn how to Combine Data From Multiple Sheets (Tabs) in Google Sheets using arrays & QUERY Function and make an automatic master sheet with all the data com. Your admin colleagues have fallen into the common trap of confusing the collection of data with the reporting and viewing of data. In general, you collect data in a single table, with each row containing all the info for that entry. Typically, date, name, and other info all exist on each row in the table.

How to combine date and time columns into one column in Google sheets?

In Google sheets, you need to combine the date column and time column into one column as following screenshot shown, how could you deal with it in Google sheets?

Combine date and time columns into one column with formula

To combine the date and time columns into one column, the following formula can help you:

1. Enter this formula: =concatenate(text(A2,'mm/dd/yyyy')&' '&text(B2,'hh:mm:ss'))into a blank cell where you want to put the combined result, then press Enter key to get the first combined cell.

2. And then select the formula cell and drag the fill handle down to the cells you want to combine, and the date and time columns have been combined into one column, see screenshot:

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    It doesn't work. I do not understand the message below.
    I don't need it explained to me. I just need a formula that works please.
    Thank you.
    'There's a problem with this formula.
    Not trying to type a formula?
    When the first character is an equal(=) or minus (-) sign, Excel thinks it's a formula.
    you type: =1=1, cell shows : 2
    To get around this, type an apostrphe (') firts:
    you type: '=1=1, cell shows: =1+1'
    I have replaced the rows and cells numbers and letters and have done it several times.
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    Apologies, I want to withdraw my previous comment. (I copied and pasted the formula, and I now realise that I can change the format.)
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    This does not work with Australian date formats. 12/10/2020 (27 Nov) when combined with the time will show 10/12/2020 (10 Dec).
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    Hello! I want to pull the column data into a cell (not row) separated by comma. And column contains all dates. Please provide the solution
Combine data columns in google sheets formula

Excel Merge button is not the correct solution to combine columns into one list without losing the data because it keeps only the value from the upper left cell from the selection:

Figure 1. Excel Merge button limitation

Insert Multiple Columns Google Sheets

There are several ways to merge columns, but the commonly used are:

  • Combine columns into one list with CONCATENATE function
  • Merge columns using NotePad

This step by step tutorial will assist all levels of Excel users to combine multiple columns in Excel and Google Sheets into one column.

Combine Columns into One List in Excel with CONCATENATE Function


To combine multiple columns into one we should follow the steps:

  • Insert a new column by selecting entire column D
  • Right-click the mouse and choose Insert

Figure 2. Insert a new column in Excel

  • Select the cell D2 and write the formula: =CONCATENATE(B2,' ',C2)
  • Press enter
  • Drag the formula down to the other cells in the column by clicking and dragging the little “+” icon at the bottom-right of the cell.

Figure 3. Merge Excel columns with CONCATENATE function

Note: we use space under quotations as a delimiter in the formula but we can use any other symbol.

Merge Excel Columns Using NotePad

The faster way to merge columns is to use NotePad instead of Excel formulas. As in the previous example, we want to combine multiple columns into one column:

  • Insert new column as explained above
  • Select the columns that you want to combine into one list and click Ctrl+C

Figure 4. Columns to be merged using NotePad

  • Open NotePad: Start, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad
  • Paste values in NotePad using Ctrl+V

Figure 5. Paste column values in NotePad

  • Select the Tab character between columns in NotePad and copy Tab (Ctrl+C or right mouse click and Copy)
Combine Data Columns In Google Sheets

Figure 6. Copy Tab character in NotePad

  • Open Replace dialog box with Ctrl+H, paste Tab character in the field Find what and insert space in the field Replace with

Figure 7. Replace dialog box in NotePad

Google Sheets Merge Columns

  • Click on the button Replace All to replace the Tab characters with Space and click Cancel to exit the window

Figure 8. Tab characters replaced with space characters

  • Select data in NotePad with Ctrl+A and copy data with Ctrl+C
  • Go back to Excel file and paste data in column D with Ctrl+V

Figure 9. Combine multiple columns into one with Notepad

Combine Multiple Columns in Google Sheets into One Column

To merge columns in Google Sheets we should follow the steps:

  • Insert a new column by selecting entire column D
  • Right click the mouse and choose Insert 1 left

Figure 10. Insert a new column in Google Sheets

  • In the cell D2 insert the formula: =CONCATENATE(B2,' ',C2)
  • Press enter and drag the formula down to the other cells in the column by clicking and dragging the little “+” icon at the bottom-right of the cell.

Figure 11. Combine multiple columns into one in Google Sheets

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