Combine Data From Two Pivot Tables

  1. Combine Data From Different Pivot Tables
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See companion tutorial and sample files on Tuts+: Pivot Table: Combine Rows and Multiple Columns into 2 Columns Hi, I have a data set with Several rows of Data and Several Columns that I would like to sum and have their headers be moved to a single column in a pivot.

  1. You could name your tables: January, February, March, and April. How to Combine Data from Multiple Spreadsheets. When you’ve prepared your Excel Tables, you’re ready to begin. Just follow the step by step guide below to successfully combine data from various worksheets: Click on the Data tab.
  2. To make pivot tables from data in multiple files: Use “Get & Transform data” option in Excel data ribbon to connect to your source data files. These can be either spreadsheets or database tables or web pages etc. Load data in to data model from Power Query so that Excel can access this data. Insert Pivot Table from the data model.
It’s a cut down version of Power Pivot whichstill available in Excel 2010 as add-in. Power pivot allows you to combinemultiple tables in a pivot form. DataModel is the new feature added in Excel 2013.

Let’s find out how to use the Data Model to combinemultiple tables in a Pivot Table.
Below are the two data sets in two different worksheetsfist one is Regional details by 'customer id' and in another data contains 'orderdetails' but it doesn’t have regional information. So by using Data model we cancombine both data and create a single pivot table.

Combine Data From Two Pivot Tables
Before creating Pivot we need to convert rages to Exceltables

Toconvert ranges to excel tables follow below steps:

Selectthe data go to the Insert tab and select Table, as shown in below check therange and the “My table has headers” option is checked the click on ok toconvert range to table

Thenchange the name of table it’s not mandatory but it will help to identify tablein a pivot.

Selectdesign tab and change the table name to “Regional_details”.

Follow the same steps for other data and give the tablename as “Order_details”

Next step is to add tables in the data module. Add onetable into that and other will get automatically added in the pivot.

To add a table in data module, select any cell from anytable and INSERT pivot, as mentioned below 3 steps need to follow.

  1. Insert pivot table.
  2. The important steps it to check the “Add thisdata to the Data Module” option.

Combine Data From Different Pivot Tables

Once the pivot table appears in new worksheet you will seetwo options under ‘Pivot Table Fields
‘ACTIVE’ & ‘ALL’. Click on the ‘ALL’ and now all tables will appear

Before selecting any column from both tables last thing todo is establish a relationship between the tables.

Even if both tables were added in a pivot table there is norelation in between them to create a relationship in between both tables. Inboth tables there is a unique column named “Customer ID” which will help to getall details by region using data from both tables.

Combine Two Pivot Tables Excel

Click on ANALYZE --> Relationship and then click on --> New

Then below window will appear inwhich select both tables.

And then select the column, whichcontaining unique data

Excel Combine 2 Pivot Tables

Now you can add multiple tablesin a pivot table but there few limitation as below

  1. Youcannot get data on double click as you usually get from the normal pivot table.
  2. Youcannot apply the group function.

Then why and when we should useData Module option:

It’s a substitute of VLOOKUP,the Data Module will combine data from multiple tables by using common fieldwhich is nothing but VLOOKUP. So if there are many tables with lots of fieldsand records then Data Module is good option….