Combine Several Csv Files Into One

Here’s a useful tip if you ever need to combine multiple CSV files into one CSV file. This may be useful if you need to run reports (such as a crystal report) based on the data – where you need the data to be in a single file.

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Option 1 – CSV files without a header row

The following single command line will combine all CSV files in the folder as a single file titled ‘combined.csv’

  1. Merge multiple CSV (or XLS) Files with common subset of columns into one CSV¶ Note This example can be found in the source distribution in examples/mergemultiplefiles directory.
  2. I recently needed to combined a large number of comma-separated values (CSV) files into a single XLSX file as part of a data analysis pipeline. To achieve this I employed PowerShell to combine the CSVs into separate worksheets within the one Microsoft Excel Workbook, which is saved as an XLSX file.
Combine Several Csv Files Into One

If you want to run this from a cmd file, copy the following contents into a text file and save as ‘run.cmd’.

This command will automatically run from the folder the file is saved in, that is – if you save it to C:TEMP it will look for CSV files in C:TEMP and save the new file to C:TEMP

Option 2 – CSV files with header row

Combine Several Csv Files Into One

Combine Several Csv Files Into One Cell

So what if your source files have a header row? The following command will take the header from the first file, then exclude it from the rest. Copy the following contents into a text file and save as ‘run.cmd’.

Having troubles?

You can download an example of this script here:

Note: this process will not work for XLS (or similar) files – CSV files are text files, their data can be easily accessed using scripts where as XLS files are binary files and require an application such as Microsoft Excel to access the data.

Hi All,

Combine Multiple Csv Files Into One Pandas

As a coding newbie I am struggling to combine 70 csv files into one. I also need the new file to include an additional (first) column to indicate which original csv file the respective rows came from (i.e. participant number).

Combine multiple csv files into one workbook separate sheets

I've tried the following, but I think it doesn't work because the original file names don't have subject numbers (i.e. only 4 columns), and I'm not sure how to add these to multiple files...

This gives me the following error message: 'Error in attr(x, 'names') <- as.character(value) :
'names' attribute [5] must be the same length as the vector [4]'

Combine multiple csv files into one mac

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Combine Several Csv Files Into One Python