Cross Sigil

I’ve been getting back into a ritual groove. I’m back at my OTA course work. I had a real breakthrough moment when researching the OTA Middle Pillar Exercise as Frater Thabion connected the Sephiroth or the Otz Chiim to the chakras of Yoga. It was a real Ace of Swords moment and my mind was blown. A flood of information came to me in that moment and I haven’t had much personal time as we approach Christmas to sort it all out.

Watch your sigil take shape. Sigilscribe is a work in progress. If you would like to thank the developer, consider donating to the. Creating Angelic Sigils You need a Rose Wheel The rose wheel is the center part of the Rosy Cross, used by Qabbalists and alchemists all around the world. It is also known as the symbol creating Rose Cross. Dec 13, 2015 Magick Sigils are commonly used in Chaos Magick to bypass the conscious mind and let the subconscious mind do the work without your mind’s natural filters working against you. According to Peter J. Carroll’s Liber Null, they are created using one of 3 methods, the word method, the pictorial method, or the mantrical method.

Cross Sigil

My invocation to Hekate yielded excellent results. The entire Weird Left scene is experiencing our first real disappointment and it has the potential to slow the entire movement. Hekate seems to have genuinely taken us under her wing, though, as we all come together and help each other through this time. The full moon shining on the Solstice revealed a real evil lurking in our scene. The Goddess’s light shone true on the turning of the year and as the light returns to us, we’ll be put to the test to grow as a community without leaders and especially without idols. It’s something to believe in. We’re shaking off the baggage that 2018 dumped on us and letting the fertile earth breathe to nourish our newest forces.

My dreams have started talking to me again, too. And that’s mostly what this is about. I seem to receive most of my cosmic messages while sleeping. A ways back when I first began to regard Sirius as an inspiration, I started seeing glittering, mirror-surfaced UFOs in my dreams. The other night, after my big Qabbalah moment, I had a real hard time sleeping. I’d close my eyes and drift and find myself looking at the traditional Rose Cross sigil wheel.

I don’t remember what the actual sigil looked like in the moment or what the statement of intent even was. It seemed to be more important that I understand a particular principle: Amplify the signal by adding the sigil of an Archangel to the mix. I kept waking up, going back to sleep, and having this dream. So when I was finally up for the day, I took note of this and went about my day, intending to sort out my thoughts in a post at a later time.

I’ve tried making sigils like these in the past and I’m not really crazy about the method. I’m also not super versed on the background of the Rosicrucian sigil, if that’s even an accurate name for what these are. I try to make my statements as short and succinct as possible, but the end-result still ends up being really complex, probably too complex to hold in your mind when firing it. But at the same time, this is a tried and tested method and these symbols have been around FOREVER. Damien Echols makes art with them and they tend to be quite beautiful. So this may be a call to arms to get right with this method.

Let’s say, for instance, that we want to make a sigil that acts as a ward against a particular energy.

None may harm this community

Then we translate this into Hebrew.

אין לפגוע בקהילה זו

Which creates a sigil that looks like this.

This is consistent with my criticism from earlier. All the examples I see of the Rose Cross sigil tend to be a single word sigilized. Michael, Gabriel, Malkuth, etc. Even in this case, the short statement creates a chaotic shape that isn’t exactly nice to look at. Simplicity goes a long way in activating a sigil. Too much to look at as you’re having an orgasm can break your concentration easily. It’s why when we do the letters to shapes method we simplify the shape and reduce it to a symbol that still carries the message but isn’t going to have your eyes running all over the page while you’re cumming. But I’m rolling with this anyway because the dream had a point to make and I want to see it through. Now here’s where we add a little stank to the proceedings. Michael, the Archangel, tends to be pretty fierce. He rules over the fire element and wears a suit of armor. The wand typically associated with the element, at least in my personal experience, is always replaced with a spear. So, this is a fierce spirit of protection to me. I want to supercharge the intent of protection in this sigil and, in accordance with my dream, I overlay this sigil with his.

It makes it even crazier. I think I need to work on this and see if I can find ways to make the statements lighter in terms of characters. Or I can fall back on the popular Austin Spare method, but work the Archangel sigils into those designs in order to make a sigil that’s capable to carrying the signal but less intense to look at because I’m not sure if there’s a way to make both of these things work. The dream was insistent, though. I had this dream, like, five times that night. It kept coming back and some force was clearly trying to get the message across to me. It may be in my interest to invoke Michael and see if he has any thoughts on this matter. The only problem there being that angels tend to be pretty fucking aloof.


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