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Description Learn Tableau Prep, no prior knowledge of data preparation or cleansing required. From beginner to Competent user in just one concise course. This course teaches you ALL the functionality of Tableau Prep.

Clean up source data - Tableau Tutorial From the course: Tableau Essential Training (2020.1) Overview Transcripts View Offline Course details Tableau is a widely used data analytics. Drag a table to the canvas (if needed), then on the Data Source page, in the left pane, select the Use Data Interpreter check box to see if Data Interpreter can help clean up your data. Note: When you clean your data with Data Interpreter, Data Interpreter cleans all the data associated with a connection in the data source.

Clean your data in Tableau Prep Builder
and easily create data flows

With Tableau Prep Builder you can easily clean your data. In many organisations usually it’s the data engineers and data scientists to take care of data preparation. Analyst interact with the data only after a process of data cleaning and preparation.

Thanks to Tableau Prep, data cleaning has become quicker and easier. This way everyone can prepare data faster than ever before and more intuitively! Tableau Prep consists of two products: Tableau Prep Builder for building your data flows and Tableau Prep Conductor for sharing and managing flows within the organisation.

Tableau database connection

Gain a complete picture of your data

In Tableau Prep Builder there are three coordinated ways of visualising your data: row level, column profiles and the entire data preparation process. Depending on what you are doing, you can choose which view you want to work with.

Get immediate results

With Tableau Prep Builder if you want to edit a value, you can do that directly: change the join type and see the difference immediately! With every action you take you can see the data change, even when this involves millions of rows of data. Tableau Prep Builder gives you the freedom to re-arrange steps and to experiment without consequences.

Tableau Database Connection

Work smarter, work faster

Instead of writing difficult lines of code you can now use smart functions to solve general data preparation problems. Tableau Prep Builder uses fuzzy clustering to convert recurring tasks into operations that you can perform with one click. For example: grouping by pronunciation.

Connect with more data

You can now connect to data stored locally and in the cloud, whether it’s a database or a spreadsheet. Even without programming you have access to different data which you can combine and clean up. Tableau Prep Builder works, very cleverly, as much as possible in the database. This way you can use existing database investments for rapid flow.

Data Cleanup Project Plan

Stay in the flow

Always stay in the analytical flow. With Tableau Prep Builder you can easily open outputs with Tableau Desktop. You can also easily share your work via Tableau Server or Tableau Online. When sharing is easy business results improve because. You can close the gap between data preparation and analysis.

Do you want to know more about Tableau Prep Builder?

Do you want to learn more about data cleaning and preparation in Tableau Prep? We have a dedicated playlist on YouTube. Here you will find a collection of how to’s and tips and tricks in Tableau Prep.

Data Cleansing Process

Tableau Prep Builder Licenses

Data Cleaning Tableau Tutorial

You can purchase Tableau Prep licenses through The Information Lab. Did you know that our customers receive free support and have access to our Center of Excellence?