Define Vallum

A bank. Used to describe the enclosure bank of an early Christianchurch or monastery.
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Define Vellum

Vallum: (1) A single stake of the palisade topping the rampart surrounding a Roman encampment. (2) The palisaded rampart or the rampart itself surrounding a Roman fortification.
Vawnmewre: An earthen rampart used as a defence against artillery.

Around the inside periphery of the vallum was a clear space, the intervallum, which served as an access route to the vallum and as a storage space for cattle (capita) and booty (praeda).

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  • What does vallums mean? Plural form of vallum.
  • To save this word, you'll need to log in. Val lum ˈva-ləm. How to pronounce vallum (audio). Plural valla - lə.

Define Vallum Muscle

En defensive structure; bulwark Quod periculum plerique Alexandrini fugientes acervatim se de vallo praecipitarunt in eam partem quae flumini erat adiuncta. The Alexandrians, endeavoring to escape, threw themselves in crowds over the rampart in the quarter next the river.


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