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Role-Playing 4,217 Servers Science 226 Servers Social 8,069 Servers Sports 424 Servers Streaming 2,743 Servers Tabletop 161 Servers Support 763 Servers. We just started, We are looking for Devs (For Game), Mods, Admins, And Devs for the Discord! If You are looking forward to Joining use we will be Proud to have You! This Is a Roblox. Discord rp, by way of extension, is rping on that platform. Discord allows you to make servers—these are essentially group chats that can be joined through an invite link, but what makes them especially unique is that you have the ability to separate topics into categories, and under that: channels. In my rp group, for example, we have. Discord is the easiest way to communicate over voice, video, and text. Chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities. Discord rules 1 - Be Polite Treat everyone with the utmost respect. Don’t start flaming people and dissing them.

Game Version1.12.2


Discord Rpbot Down

  • Fixed crash when entering unknown dimension

Discord Rpg Codes

Discord RpFrenzy rp discord
  • Split DiscordRP's API into it's own jar so other mods can actually use it
  • DiscordRP now has support for plugins (replaces the cheaty DimensionRegistry)
  • Cleaned up code base, and moved a lot of code away from the actual api.
  • Added plugin for Minecraft (includes Overworld, Nether and The End)
  • Added plugin for Aroma1997's Dimensions mod (includes The Mining World
  • Added plugin for custom dimensions via the configuration
  • Added translation support
  • The jar is now signed

Aftermath Rp Discord

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