Duck File Transfer

Oct 06, 2019 PenTest-duck. Oct 6, 2019 12 min read. File Transfer — a Crucial Post-Exploitation Procedure Introduction. File Transfer is a crucial, and in most cases, an inevitable step of Post. The universal file transfer tool duck which runs in your shell on Linux and OS X or your Windows command line prompt. Edit files on remote servers, download, upload and copy between servers with FTP, SFTP or WebDAV plus support for cloud storage Amazon S3 & OpenStack Swift deployments. Get access to your Cryptomator vaults from the command line.

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Using Cyberduck

Duck Hunting Tumbler design PNG, Dad hunting png, Gift birthday, 20 oz Skinny, Digital download, Sublimation PNG. PNG File - F. it I'm Going Hunting - Camo and Bullet hole Design File for Sublimation or DTG Transfer Digital Download chickfurydesigns. 5 out of 5 stars (149). CSE Linux Lab File Transfer with CyberDuck 1. Download CyberDuck from (choose windows or mac depending on your OS). Click on the installer downloaded in Step 1 to install CyberDuck, follow installer instructions until the installation is completed. Start the CyberDuck application. Click Open Connection on the top. How to upload files using Cyberduck with FTPS and SFTP. Updated 6 months ago by Ben Oates Cyberduck (external link opens in a new window) is a popular commercial FTP/SFTP client for Windows and MacOS.


If you wish to use a GUI for data transfer, be aware that not all programs will functioncorrectly with Duo two-factor authentication. Mac users are recommendedto use Cyberduck. It is compatible with Duo, but afew settings need to be changed.

Big File Transfer

Under Preferences - General, change the default protocol to SFTP:

Duck File Transfer

Under Preferences - Transfers, reuse the browser connection for filetransfers. This will avoid the need to reenter your password for everyfile transfer:

Finally, under Preferences - SFTP, set the file transfer method toSCP:

To add an HCC machine, in the bookmarks pane click the “+” icon:

Ensure the type of connection is SFTP. Enter the hostname of the machineyou wish to connect to (, in the Serverfield, and your HCC username in the Username field. TheNickname field is arbitrary, so enter whatever you prefer.

Duck File Transfer Online

After you add the bookmark, double-click it to connect.

Enter your HCC username and password in the dialog box that will appearand click Login.

A second login dialogue will now appear. Notice the text has changed tosay Duo two-factor.

Clear the Password field in the dialogue. If you are using the DuoMobile app, enter ‘1’ to have a push notification send to your phone ortablet. If you are using a Yubikey, ensure the cursor is active in thePassword field, and press the button on the Yubikey.

Duck File Transfer Service

The login should complete and you can simply drag and drop files to orfrom the window.

Duck file transfer download

Duck Ftp

If you run into issues with two-factor authentication, try the command below for a quick fix: