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New on Netflix

Amazon Prime’s ‘The Candidate’ A Showcase for Mexico City, Executive Producer Says. Anna Marie de la Fuente. Award-winning writer/producer Peter Blake, whose credits include “House,” “Billions,” “The Practice” and “ZeroZeroZero,” trains his sights on Mexico’s narco violence and political corruption in bilingual series “El Candidato” (“The Candidate. It’s directed by Mexican director Jaime Reynoso and created by Peter Blake. You can catch the first season of El Candidato on Amazon Prime Video on July 17. ABSENTIA – SEASON 3. In 'El Candidato, ' rookie CIA field operative Isabel Alfaro works alongside infamous CIA legend Wayne Addison to bring down Rafael Bautista, Mexico's most vicious and brilliant narco. Her mission brings her into conflict with Eduardo Yzaguirre, her former boyfriend and the current Mayor of Mexico City, the cleanest and most inspirational politician in the country.

It’s really not a very stacked week for Netflix, who are probably assuming they can run on the high profile of The Old Guard for a couple more weeks. Their big release this week is Cursed, a revisionist take on the story of King Arthur based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller and Tim Wheeler. Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) stars as Nimue, who is poised to become the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian legend. Early reviews are relatively tepid, criticizing the show’s attempts at Game of Thrones-type scope. The rest of the week seems to be mainly comprised of poppy documentaries with self-explanatory titles such as season two of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (July 21), Street Food: Latin America(July 21), Fear City: New York Vs. The Mafia(July 22), Love on the Spectrum(July 22) and a new comedy special from Jack Whitehall (July 21).

New on Amazon Prime Video

Over at Amazon, you can catch the belated premiere of El candidato, a Mexican co-production starring James Purefoy and Erendira Ibarra as a pair of CIA agents working together to take down a drug lord — a task complicated by the fact that her ex is the sitting mayor of Mexico City. The show was announced a while back and seems to have been on the docket for some time, which is never terribly encouraging. The only other release this week is the Japanese romantic drama Theatre: A Love Storyfrom director Isao Yukisada (Go!, River’s Edge).

New on Crave

Serie El Candidato De Amazon Prime

Edward Norton’s passion project Motherless Brooklyntook nearly 20 years to make, diverged significantly from the source novel by Jonathan Lethem and came out to mostly indifferent reviews last fall; it hits Crave today. I still have yet to see the film (which co-stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Alec Baldwin and Bruce Willis) but I have to admit that there is plenty of love in my heart for this kind of blank-cheque filmmaking. Also hitting Crave today (on the HBO + Movies tier) is François Girard’s period drama The Song of Names, starring Clive Owen and Tim Roth.

New on Criterion Channel

One of the biggest (if not the biggest by sheer volume) collections ever offered by Criterion is the 100 Years of Olympic Filmsretrospective, which bundles together 100 years’ worth of official documentaries commissioned by the International Olympics Committee. Some, like Kon Ichikawa’s Tokyo Olympiad, have become classics in their own right; others have been difficult to see since their inception. Amongst the directors commissioned to make the films over the years are Leni Riefenstahl (of course), Claude Lelouch, Masahiro Shinoda, Carlos Saura, Milos Forman, Jean Beaudin, Mai Zetterling and Jean-Claude Labrecque. On July 21, a new film joins the Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project collection: Med Hondo’s Soleil Ô. And on July 23, you can catch Lizzie Borden’s trailblazing indie classic Born in Flames.

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A weekly roundup of the new movies and TV series on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video and Criterion Channel

El Candidato
GenrePolitical Thriller
Created byPeter Blake
Written by
  • Eva Aridjis
  • David Chasteen
  • Ted Cohen
  • Max Hurwitz
  • Daniel Krauze
  • Katherine Walczak
Directed by
Music byYamil Rezc
Country of originMexico
Original languagesSpanish
No. of episodes10 (list of episodes)
  • Televisa
  • New Wye Productions
  • Juan Rendón
  • Natalie Osma
  • Sonia Sanchez Carrasco
  • Eugenio Richer
  • Ares Botanch
  • José Pablo Escalera
Running time50+ minutes/episode
Production companyTelevisa
DistributorPrime Video
Original release17 July 2020 –
External links
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El Candidato (in English, The Candidate) is a Mexican political thrillerstreaming television series created by Peter Blake and produced by Televisa for AmazonPrime Video.


The main cast of the series consists of James Purefoy, José María de Tavira, Eréndira Ibarra, Joaquín Cosío and Esmeralda Pimentel.

The series trailer was released on 15 July 2020.[1] The series premiered on 17 July 2020 on Prime Video.[2]


Rookie CIA field operative Isabel Alfaro works alongside infamous CIA legend Wayne Addison to bring down Rafael Bautista, Mexico's most vicious and brilliant narco. Her mission brings her into conflict with Eduardo Yzaguirre, her former boyfriend and the current Mayor of Mexico City, the cleanest and most inspirational politician in the country.[3]


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
1'Pilot'Jaime ReynosoPeter BlakeJuly 17, 2020
Espionage, crime and politics collide in modern-day Mexico City. A brilliant but self-destructive CIA officer, his young and ambitious Mexican-American protegee, and the city's inspirational but secretive Mayor all struggle for power during an invasion of the city by the world’s most murderous drug cartel.
2'Artículo 29'Jaime ReynosoDaniel KrauzeJuly 17, 2020
Wayne works with the joint Mexican-American 'Fusion Center' to track the sicarios responsible for the recent bloodshed. Isa ignores orders to stay in the embassy and instead pursues a lead to the Guerrero Cartel. And Lalo puts his career at risk, battling the Mexican President for control of the narco investigations.
3'Lightbulb'Max HurwitzHumberto Hinojosa OzcarizJuly 17, 2020
Isa recruits her first 'asset,' a source with connections to the cartel, but stretches ethical boundaries in the process. A visitor from Wayne's past dredges up unpleasant and violent memories. Lalo risks his relationship with his wife to pursue a rape prosecution against children of the rich and powerful. And Bautista's plan for the city starts to become clearer.
4'Toques'Ted CohenHumberto Hinojosa OzcarizJuly 17, 2020
Wayne, Isa and Pamela undertake a dangerous mission, infiltrating a corrupt banker who could lead them to the Guerrero cartel. Lalo and Isa start to bond while working on an art exhibition, but their past conflicts re-emerge to threaten their friendship. And Bautista's sicarios conduct a mysterious operation that ends up having terrifying consequences for the city.
5'Operativo'Jaime ReynosoPeter Blake & David ChasteenJuly 17, 2020
Wayne, Isa and Romero work frantically to rescue the hostages. Lalo and his police force do the same, but Lalo has his own agenda. Bautista carries out a mysterious plan involving his sicarios. And Wayne and Isa eventually come to a terrible realization about why Bautista invaded the city.
6'Blackberries'Jaime ReynosoKatherine WalczakJuly 17, 2020
Lalo's left reeling from the events of the last episode. He takes Isa on a trip to his family's estate outside of the city, which allows Isa to learn one of Lalo's biggest secrets. Meanwhile, Wayne discovers Bautista's weakness and uses it to lay a trap for the narco. But Bautista is also laying a trap of his own.
7'En la ciudad de la furia'Humberto Hinojosa OzcarizMax HurwitzJuly 17, 2020
Isa breaks with Wayne over the recent bloodshed and engages in risky behavior, both professionally and personally. Wayne visits a figure from his past, and in flashback, we learn the tragic origins of his hatred for Bautista. Bautista takes a physical and spiritual journey into the hills of Guerrero, coming to a decision that will have horrible consequences for Lalo and the entire country of Mexico.
8'Fireside Chat'Humberto Hinojosa OzcarizTed CohenJuly 17, 2020
Wayne's off-the-books operations finally catch up to him as Isa's fiancé pursues a lead that could put both Wayne and Isa in jail. Isa has to create a fake asset to cover up for Wayne's misbehavior. Meanwhile, Bautista threatens Wayne's life, but mysteriously, and ominously, lets him live. Veronica starts to realize the truth about her marriage. And Lalo gets his hands dirtier than ever before.
9'La cabaña en el bosque'Jaime ReynosoKatherine Walczak & Daniel KrauzeJuly 17, 2020
Lalo has a head-to-head confrontation with the Guerrero cartel, with fatal results. A risky Hail Mary from Wayne puts him and Isa into bloody conflict with the Northern Federation. And Isa and Lalo come to a realization about their relationship.
10'Desert of the Lions'Jaime ReynosoPeter BlakeJuly 17, 2020
In the aftermath of the previous episode, Wayne, Isa, Veronica and Lalo all come to realizations about their lives and relationships. By the season's end, the previous alliances have been destroyed and new ones are being built. And our main characters have to prepare for war, with new battle lines drawn.


El Candidato Series

  • Kerry Adra
  • Luis Alberti
  • Francisco de la Reguera
  • Ernesto Godoy
  • Aída López
  • Tizoc Arroyo
  • Valentina Buzzurro
  • Martín Rojas
  • Rodrigo Correa
  • Mario Loría

Critical Reception[edit]

The critical reception was very positive.

A week after its premiere, the Heraldo de Mexico newspaper wrote that the series had become one of the Mexican public’s favorites and was generating debate on social media about governmental corruption.' [4] Álvaro Cueva, writing in Milenio, called the series “magnificent” and wrote “I loved it, it moved me, it shocked me.”[5] Alerta Qro called the show “one of the best series that our country has ever produced,” owing to its “great cast” and “intelligent and complex script.”[6] QG India called it “a gripping tale of power, money, hatred and love.”[7] Techquila rated the series 9/10 and said that “El Candidato is a must-watch if you’re craving some fast-paced CIA action.”[8]


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