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Names, nicknames and username ideas for Erisly. Thousands of randomly generated ideas - funny, weird, creative, fancy, badass and more! Erislandy Lara Santoya (born 11 April 1983) is a Cuban-American professional boxer a world champion in 2 weight class's who has held the WBA (Regular) light middleweight title since 2019. Auttaja is a multi-functional Discord bot. It moderates your server, mutes spammers, checks the weather, verifies new members, denies users using VPNs access to your server, and much more. My name is Erisly, your friendly neighbourhood goddess! Turns out, being a goddess is kind of boring, you just sit around all day watching people enjoy their lives. So I've decided to join in on the fun and come on down to Earth! Sadly, trying to maintain a size smaller than 30 metres tall is difficult, as I can't contain all of my power at.


Hiya! My name is Erisly, your friendly neighbourhood goddess! I use my powers and talents to play as a “Discord Bot”, where I provide you some quality features and commands for your Discord Server! My commands include NSFW commands, a global economy and idle game, cleverbot, various Discord lookup commands for members, invites and servers, lookup commands for Minecraft, Overwatch and the largest game database RAWG, GIF searching, various meme generators, and so much more! I also know multiple languages, support customizable prefixes for every server, and don’t lock any commands or features behind upvotes or donations!

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  • NSFW Commands: Use the “>booru” command to search over 8 of the most popular NSFW boorus including Rule34, Gelbooru, Realbooru and more!
  • Global Economy + Idle Game: Collect coins, hire employees, construct floors in your tower to build your empire! Compete with over 10,000 other players across Discord!
  • Cleverbot: Talk to Erisly and have fun conversations with her!
  • Game Lookup: Search up users and servers on Minecraft, and also full user stats for Overwatch. Plus, search the largest game database for any game, thanks to RAWG.
  • Random Commands: Random cats, dogs and bird pictures, password generators, Chuck Norris facts, Garfield and XKCD comics, and more!
  • Weather Commands: Search the current weather, 5 day and 24 hour forecast!
  • Image/Meme Generators: My meme generator commands provide over 100 meme templates to choose from!

And so much more!


So what are you waiting for? Invite me to your server today!

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Erisly Commands

For a more modern and dynamic looking list with in-built search and click-to-copy commands, please refer to the Command List on Erisly's website.

Erisly Commands

NameDescriptionExampleWorks in DMs
Erisly Help Commands

Erisly's help and support commands.

PingTest Erisly's response time to Discord.>pingYes
HelpGives a brief explanation about Erisly and includes other various help links.>helpYes
CommandsDisplay a link to Erisly's command list.>commandsYes
InviteDisplays an invite link for Erisly to invite her to other servers.>inviteYes
Erisly's StatisticsPosts various statistics about Erisly.>statsYes
Shard ListPosts Erisly's shard information and statistics.>shardsYes
UpvoteUpvote Erisly to boost her rank and get coins!>upvoteYes
ReviewGet a link to review Erisly on the website Bots on Discord.>reviewYes
Premium Info Commands

Learn more about Erisly Premium and ways you can support Erisly's development and get special bonuses!

Premium: InfoDisplays information about Erisly Premium as well as all current Premium users.>premiumYes
Premium: Boosting InfoDisplays information about how to support Erisly via Server Boosting.>premium boostYes
Cleverbot Commands

Talk with cleverbot!

Cleverbot: MentionTalk to a Cleverbot!@Erisly MessageYes
Cleverbot: CommandTalk to a Cleverbot!>chat MessageYes
Meme Generator Commands

Make memes. Simple.

Meme Generator: ListDisplays all the meme templates you can make memes with.>memegenYes
Meme Generator: GenerateMake a meme using the template specified from the Meme Generator list.>memegen Template;Text1;Text2;...Yes
Booru Searching Commands

Search popular SFW and NSFW imageboards/boorus through Erisly.

Booru: ListList the available SFW and NSFW boorus available to search from. NSFW boorus will only work in NSFW channels.>booruYes
Booru: SearchSearch on the specified NSFW or SFW booru for the keywords specified. NSFW boorus will only work in NSFW channels.>booru BooruName TagsYes
Image Generator Commands

Generate various images in your Discord Servers with these commands.

Sonic SaysGenerates a Sonic Says image with the text specified.>sonicsays TextYes
Linus Image GeneratorGenerate an image of Linus from Linus Tech Tips watching an image of your choice.>linus ImageURLYes
Objection!Generates a GIF with Phoenix Wright yelling Objection! with your specified text.>objection TextYes
Sign: HelpAn assortment of templates of various characters holding signs with the specified text on it.>signYes
Sign: ArinGenerates an image with Arin from Game Grumps holding a sign with something you've written on it.>sign arin TextYes
Sign: CorrinGenerates an image with Corrin (Female) from Fire Emblem holding a sign with something you've written on it. Original art by @SarukaiWolf on Twitter.>sign corrin TextYes
Sign: KirbyGenerates an image with Kirby holding a sign with something you've written on it.>sign kirby TextYes
Sign: NeopolitanGenerates an image with Neopolitan from RWBY holding a sign with something you've written on it. Original art by @cslucaris on Twitter.>sign neopolitan TextYes
Sign: PalutenaGenerates an image with Palutena from Kid Icarus holding a sign with something you've written on it. Original art by @SarukaiWolf on Twitter.>sign palutena TextYes
Sign: RosalinaGenerates an image with Rosalina from Mario holding a sign with something you've written on it. Original art by @SarukaiWolf on Twitter.>sign rosalina TextYes
Assorted Search and Lookup Commands

Assorted search and lookup information from various websites and services.

Giphy GIF SearchSearch Giphy for a GIF matching the specified keywords.>gif KeywordsYes
Currency ConversionConvert various currencies to other currencies.>currencyYes
RAWG Game LookupDisplay information about the specified game, provided by>game GameNameYes
YouTube Video SearchSearches YouTube for a video with the specified search terms and returns information about it.>ytsearch TermsYes
Reddit Image Search Commands

Search from a pre-selected assortment of some of the most popular subreddits from Reddit.

Reddit: List SubredditsDisplays the list of subreddits that Erisly can search from.>redditYes
Reddit: Search for Random ImageSearches for a random image from the specified subreddit.>reddit SubredditYes
Erisly Configuration Commands

Configure Erisly to your liking with these commands.

Config: HelpGet help and information on how to use the config commands for Erisly.>configYes
Config: ServerView and edit Erisly's configuration for the current server.>config serverNo
Config: UserView and edit Erisly's configuration for the current user.>config userYes
Economy/Coins Commands

All of Erisly's economy commands. A global and competitive economy game. Compete with other users across Discord!

Coins: HelpLists all commands related to coins.>coinsYes
Coins: CreateCreate a coins profile and start the game.>coins createYes
Coins: BalanceDisplay your balance.>coins balanceYes
Coins: ViewView the mentioned user's coins balance.>coins view UserNo
Coins: PayPay another user the specified amount of your coins.>coins pay User AmountNo
Coins: DailyCollect your daily gift of a random amount of coins.>coins dailyYes
Coins: SlotsGamble your coins in the slot machine for a chance to win big!>coins slots BetYes
Coins: Slots PrizesView the prizes for the slot machine. Prizes change every day.>coins slots prizesYes
Coins Gifts: ListView your gifts inventory.>coins giftsYes
Coins Gifts: OpenOpen the specified gift in your inventory.>coins gifts open GiftNameYes
Coins Gifts: Open AllOpen all gifts in your inventory.>coins gifts openallYes
Coins: LeaderboardShows a leaderboard ordering every user's net worth. (Coins balance + Tower Value)>coins topYes
Tower Commands

The full idle game played entirely within Discord! Build your Tower, manage employees, and become rich.

Towers: CommandsLists all commands related to towers.>towerYes
Towers: CreateCreate a new tower and start the tower game!>tower createYes
Towers: Help TopicsLists all help topics for towers providing valuable information.>tower helpYes
Towers: RestockCollect your earnings and restock all available floors in your tower.>tower restockYes
Towers: CollectCollect your earnings from your tower without restocking it.>tower collectYes
Towers: Floor CommandsLists all the commands to manage your tower's floors.>tower floorsYes
Towers: Floors BuildStart building a new floor in your tower.>tower floors buildYes
Towers: Floors ListList all of the floors in your tower.>tower floors listYes
Towers: Employee CommandsLists all the commands to manage your towers employees.>tower employeesYes
Towers: Employees ListList all of the employees in your tower.>tower employees listYes
Towers: Employees HireHire a new employee to work at your tower.>tower employees hireYes
Towers: Employees AssignAssign an employee to work at a floor in your tower.>tower employees assign FirstName LastName FloorYes
Towers: Employees UnassignUnassign an employee from a floor.>tower employees unassign FirstName LastNameYes
Towers: Employees swapSwap assigned floors between two employees.>tower employees swap FirstName1 LastName1 FirstName2 LastName2Yes
Towers: StatsDisplay statistics for your tower.>tower statsYes
Towers: RebuildRebuild your tower from scratch in exchange for the premium upgrade currency, Golden Tickets.>tower rebuildYes
Towers: UpgradesList all available upgrades for your tower.>tower upgradesYes
Towers: LeaderboardShows a leaderboard ordering every user's tower value.>tower topYes
Overwatch Commands

Commands to search and lookup Overwatch user stats.

Overwatch: HelpLists all available Overwatch commands and information on how to use them.>overwatchYes
Overwatch: ProfileDisplays profile information about the specified user.>overwatch profile Console BattleTagYes
Overwatch: HeroesDisplays hero stats about the specified user.>overwatch heroes Console BattleTag ModeYes
Overwatch: StatsDisplays stats about the specified user.>overwatch stats Console BattleTag Category GamemodeYes
Minecraft Commands

Lookup information for the specified Minecraft user or server.

Minecraft Lookup: HelpDisplays all Minecraft lookup commands.>minecraftYes
Minecraft Lookup: UserLookup a Minecraft player's skin, previous usernames, and more.>minecraft user UsernameYes
Minecraft Lookup: ServerLookup a Minecraft server's information such as the version, ping, player count, and more. May not work with all servers.>minecraft server IPYes
Miscellaneous Commands

Miscellaneous commands that don't particulary fit in any other category.

SlapSlap the specified user with a funny slapping gif.>slap UserNo
Lenny( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>lennyYes
TriggeredThere isn't much to this.>triggeredYes
Random Chuck Norris FactPosts a random fact about Chuck Norris.>chucknorrisYes
Random Password GeneratorPosts a randomly generated password.>passwordYes
Random BirdPosts a random image of a bird.>birdYes
Random CatPosts a random image of a cat.>catYes
Random DogPosts a random image of a dog.>dogYes
Random XKCD ComicPosts a random comic from>xkcdYes
Random Garfield ComicPosts a random Garfield comic.>garfieldYes
Weather Commands

Lookup the current weather or forecast for a specified location.

Weather: HelpList all weather commands.>weatherYes
Weather: CurrentRetrieves the current weather for the specified location.>weather current LocationYes
Weather: 24 Hour ForecastRetrieves a forecast of the next 24 hours for the specified location.>weather 24hours LocationYes
Weather: 5 Day ForecastRetrieves a forecast of the next 5 days for the specified location.>weather 5day LocationYes
Info Commands

Lookup information for Discord servers, members, and invites.

Server InfoDisplays information and statistics about the current server.>serverinfoNo
Member InfoDisplays information and statistics about the current or specified member.>memberinfo @User#0000No
Invite InfoDisplays information about the specified Discord invite.>inviteinfo
Auto Responses

Messages that Erisly will automatically respond to. These can be turned off with Erisly's Server Config command (>config server)

Ayy LmaoResponds to 'ayy'. Can be disabled using '>config server ayylmao false'ayyYes
TableflipResponds to /tableflip. Can be disabled using '>config server tableflips false'(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Yes
UnflipResponds to /unflip. Can be disabled using '>config server tableflips false'┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)Yes

Erisly · GitHub

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