Excel Combine Rows With Same Id

Assuming ID is in column A and SKU is in column B. Set that up in your first row, then drag across as many columns as you'll need (the maximum number of SKUs on one order ID) and drag down. Level 2 hyy49 2 points 1 year ago.

Combine Rows Wizard key features

Feel free to install this nifty Excel tool and use it whenever you need to join duplicated rows. Besides getting rid of identical data, you will have several useful options for the best results.

  • Combine duplicate rows by key column records
  • Specify a delimiter for merging unique values
  • Merge only unique data skipping dupes and empty cells
  1. I want the to-be to have: the ID column, repeating 12 times, every 149 rows; a new column that shows the group number, also repeating 12 times, and 17 columns of data. In the as-is, every column has headers, with every group distinguished by a text value, including a number, i.e., “SYS 01”, “SYS 02″,”SYS 12”, that occurs in.
  2. Combine Rows With The Same Id# But Different Columns - Excel: View Answers: Hi. In previous years I made a column for each size, and simply placed a '1' in the correct column, and had excel just add the 1's from each column. However, that takes more time and space. I was hoping to streamline it.
  3. Combine duplicate rows by key columns Select any columns as unique identifiers to merge duplicates in your Excel worksheet.; Select the delimiters for the merged values The merged values can be separated by semicolon, comma, space, line break, or any other symbol of your choice.
  4. So, let’s say we have 8-legs in this trade, the first row contains the long leg, and the 7 rows below contain the short legs. Each row has an ID of 500 to identify all 8-rows as trade number 500. Each time a short leg is closed, and a new short leg is opened, we need to scan the table for ID 500, then scan those rows to find the long leg.


You can get this add-in as a part of Ultimate Suite for Excel - 40+ tools destined to cut your time and clicks on the most frequent spreadsheet tasks.

Combine Rows Wizard in detail

Combine Rows Wizard for Microsoft Excel is a perfect tool for those who need to get rid of duplicate values in one column, and get the relevant unique data for them on one row.

Suppose, you have an Excel worksheet where you have several rows of information for the same person, ID, and address. This helpful tool will remove multiple duplicate rows and it will keep all unique information listed for the given record. Forget about wasting your time on checking the spreadsheets for identical rows manually. This task is fully automated now!

Combine Rows Wizard supports all Excel versions from 2007 to 2016 and such Windows versions as Windows 8/7, Vista, and XP. If you need to install it to Server 2003-2012, it should be no problem at all. Terminal Server setup is available as well.

Merge duplicate rows by unique identifier

On the Select key columns step of the wizard you can pick one or several columns that contain duplicate records. These records are considered as unique identifiers. The add-in will combine identical values into one and put all remaining data for this value from different rows into one.

Combine Multiple Rows Into One Column Excel

Specify a delimiter for merging unique values

The add-in will merge all unique records for the key values in the selected column(s). You can choose any delimiter to separate these values. You can benefit from selecting the default Semicolon, Comma, Space, Line break, or enter any custom delimiter you need.

Merge only unique records skipping dupes and empty cells

Combine Rows Wizard gives you the options to ignore empty cells and to Delete Duplicate values, which you can select on the final step of the wizard.

If the values referring to the same record that are being pulled to one row contain dupes, checking this feature will keep only unique values.

Thus you keep all relevant data on one row and have your Excel table beautifully laid out. 3 simple steps - and you get a duplicate-free worksheet, where all data for identical rows are accurately merged into one record.

How to sum values by group in Excel?

Here are two columns, one is the product name, and the other is Sales. Now I want to sum the sales by the same product as below screenshot shown. How can I solve it in Excel?

Sum values by group with using formula

You can sum values by group with one formula easily in Excel.

Select next cell to the data range, type this =IF(A2=A1,',SUMIF(A:A,A2,B:B)), (A2 is the relative cell you want to sum based on, A1 is the column header, A:A is the column you want to sum based on, the B:B is the column you want to sum the values.) Press Enter key, drag fill handle down to the cells to fill the formula.

Combine Multiple Rows Into One Row Excel

Calculate or combine values by group with using Kutools for Excel

If you want to do other calculations by groups, such count, find max or min value, or combine values based on group, you can try Kutools for Excel’s Advanced Combine Rows utility.

Excel Join Rows With Same Id

with more than 300 handy functions, makes your jobs more easier.

After free installing Kutools for Excel, please do as below:

1. Select the data range then click Kutools > Merge & Split > Advanced Combine Rows.

2. In the Advanced Combine Rows dialog, please do as these:

Combine Same Data In Excel

1) Specify a column as the key column which is used to calculate or combine values based on;

2) Choose an option in one operation as you need.

3. Click Ok, then the values will be calculated or combined as below screenshot shown:

Sum by groupCombine by group

Combine Rows In Excel 2013

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    hi what if the date is also added to it and then how we can calculate total for particular item, date wise. see below
    Date item qty
    3-Mar-21 blue 24
    3-Mar-21 green 15
    3-Mar-21 green 46
    3-Mar-21 Blue 54
    3-Mar-21 Red 6
    4-Mar-21 Red 18
    4-Mar-21 Blue 21
    4-Mar-21 green 39
    4-Mar-21 green 52
    4-Mar-21 red 35
    4-Mar-21 blue 19
    5-Mar-21 green 54
    5-Mar-21 green 26
    5-Mar-21 Blue 29
    5-Mar-21 Red 31
    5-Mar-21 Red 74
    5-Mar-21 Blue 20
    5-Mar-21 green 85
    5-Mar-21 green 56
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    Not exactly working for me. The A1 in the A2=A1 is does not stay constant once pasted and is off always by one row. If I lock the cell, in my case =IF(A2=$A$1,',SUMIF(A:A,A2,H:H)), The formula works but populates in every column cell.
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    How use =IF(A2=A1,',SUMIF(A:A,A2,B:B))
    If in coloumn A data Blue is come after black
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      Please Reply
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        You can sort the data firstly to make sure that same data together.
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    Sum Values By Group. Nice to have a good reference for users not familiar with excel formula scripting. I have used the same script but I cannot find a way to sort the result based on the summed values, in your example, I like to get summed valued from highest to lowest (105, 96, 83). I was able to do it by creating another column (say column D) to copy the summed amount corresponding to product (say, Blue will have 96 for D2, D3, D4 / 83 for D5, D6 and so on) then sort column D. But I think that is a crude way of doing it. Is there a built-in function in Excel or Kutools to have the sum and sort (based on summed values). Thanks
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      Skip the IF part and just use =SUMIF(A:A,A2,B:B)