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A while back, FaceIt announced that their service was coming to TF2. FaceIt is a competitive matchmaking/lobby/ladder system (even leagues!) with proper ELO/skill-based matchmaking and points that can go toward earning real-money rewards, such as a mouse, or in-game items.

  • Endzyde Esports is a team mainly created for CSGO Faceit, however they is many other channels on the discord server such as trading channels and looking for game channels to meet new people. Endzyde Esports is a small team that will hopefully become something one day and all it needs to boost the server is more members in the community who is.
  • .faceit player last (ex. 99) could be too high for some players because player played unranked faceit games which cant be added to the equation (NOT fixable) - use lower amount If you know a bug please contact me on my Discord Server.

For the time being, FaceIt's TF2 service is in a closed beta. However, tests are being run within this beta, and gaining access to it is actually quite easy. We'll discuss how to get that later in this guide.

Faceitgrind Hey, I have just recently started up a Discord server where you can find people to play with for faceit/esea/mm. The server used to be a FaceitGrind server, but there are still around 500 people in the discord that came for FaceitGrind only. There is also a selection for trading.

First, let's take a brief moment to discuss the games you'll be playing in FaceIt.

The Games

Destiny 2 faceit discord

For the time being, FaceIt is being run with a 6v6 lobby system. Unlike TF2Center, people don't choose their classes upon entering a lobby, and unlike Pug/Mixchamp, there is no process of captain or player selection. If you're in the queue, you're going to be playing soon. [There are, however, captains- these captains pickban maps on behalf of their team, and are picked based on level/experience.]


However, this means that classes need to be decided in-game. This is akin to Valve's Competitive Matchmaking, but FaceIt differs from Valve MM in that it actually has the proper 6s class limits, in addition to their whitelist.

In my experience playing today, people were willing to switch classes with one another and were friendly to newcomers. Make sure to spread the love if you choose to play, and if you're new, don't be afraid to ask questions! 6s isn't as intimidating as you may think!

What You Need To Play


* A computer powerful enough to run TF2 and a single browser tab (for FaceIt) simultaneously, alongside a VoIP client (Discord, or Mumble if you're stacking with friends).
* A computer/connection fast enough to connect to the gameserver within 4 minutes of readying up.
* Discord! You'll want to install the application and set up the in-game overlay for TF2. To do this, go to settings within Discord and enable the Overlay. Then, go to Games and check 'Team Fortress 2' on the list if it isn't selected already. Finally, if the Discord overlay doesn't work whenever you launch TF2, alt-tab out of TF2 (without closing it) and check the Team Fortress 2 box under 'Now Playing'. Most players won't want to use ingame chat due to poor voice quality and high latency in mic communication.
* A desire to play Competitive!

Getting Started

1. To get started, you'll need to open FaceIt and their TF2 Discord.
2. Next, sign up for FaceIt. To get into the TF2 beta, use the beta code 'TF2FTW' or contact a friend within the beta for an email invite.
3. Now, click Play A Game on the right side of your screen, or use this link. Select 'TF 2' as the game you'll be playing, the 6v6 queue, and either of the available Ladders.


When To Play

This closed beta test runs from September 20th to September 25th, starting at 3PM EST and running until 1AM EST the next day. So, there's plenty of time for you to hop in and play! EDIT: Actually, it looks like the tests are running all day for each of those days! Check in whenever you want! If you get your friends onto FaceIt, you'll also be able to queue together as a group or full time.

Added Notes


* Have fun! Players of many diverse skill levels will be playing, so don't feel too bad if you perform poorly. (Don't break your arm jerking yourself off if you're going on 6Ks, either.)
* Try to play around the team. People from pub TF2 or Highlander, like myself, may not be adjusted to the 6v6 whitelists and restrictions. Know that 2 Scouts/2 Soldiers/1 Demo/1 Medic are objectively the best choice for running to mid and making big pushes, but know that the offclasses have their roles! If a game isn't a one-sided roll, and they usually aren't, it's usually time for the Soldiers or Scouts to start switching around. Sniper and Spy can be used to make key picks to break a stalemate, while Heavy, Engineer and Pyro are ideal for defending last points. Always try to play what's best for the team!
* Don't be afraid to ask to switch/ask for advice! Any good player will be eager to help you improve at competitive TF2, and most skilled players have flexible class choices. Me, I can reliably play Scout, Soldier and Medic despite being a Spy Main. Just make sure you run the right classes!
* Ready up! Seriously, ready up before the timer runs out.

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