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Feb 12, 2021 Multiple Google Drive accounts on macOS and Windows (2021) ExpanDrive is a powerful client that lets you connect 2 or even multiple Google Drive accounts at the same time on macOS and Windows and Linux. Google’s Backup and Sync client and File Stream client are only able to connect to a single Google WorkSpace account.

About Google Drive

File Stream vs Google Drive. There's been some confusion about Google File Stream replacing Google Drive. In short, File Stream is part of Google Drive just like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are part of Google Drive. File Stream is the new name for the Google Drive application installed on your PC or Mac. Nov 19, 2012 Working on multiple Google Drive accounts on the browser is very simple. Once can simply use the Google account switcher and work on multiple accounts in parallel. Unfortunately, when using the. I have installed Google Drive File Stream v, on Windows 10 Single Language (Spanish). At this time it doesn't allow me to sign-in into multiple accounts, so I think that your expectations aren't met. By the way on Upcoming Google Workspace releases there is only one mention of File Stream.

Google Drive, launched on April 24, 2012, is a file storage and synchronization service createdbyGoogle. You are allowed to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents,spreadsheets, andpresentations with collaborators. Google Drive becomes more and more popular among its users dueto itsconvenience.

Google gives every user 15 GB of online storage space for free, which is shared across three ofitsmost-used services, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. Users can obtain more storage onpayment of amonthly subscription. Google Drive viewer on the website allows you to view up to 20 fileformats whichinclude common used formats like Image files, Video files, Text files, MicrosoftWord/Excel/PowerPoint,Adobe Photoshop, Apple Pages and so on.

Why Move Files from One Google Drive to Another?

As mentioned before, Google Drive offers only 15 GB free space for its users, therefore, manyusers wouldcreate more than one account to get more free space. As a result, it is unavoidable to transferfiles fromone Google Drive account to another.

Assuming that you have redundant free space with monthly subscription, you may also need tocreateanother Google Drive account due to name changed after married to someone else. Then moving files fromone Google Driveaccount to another will be written into your To-Do list.

You may have other reasons to transfer files between Google Drive accounts. For instance, aftergraduating from college, you may want to move your previous files to the personal account youcreated.

In short, the main reasons to migrate Google Drive data to another cloud drive are asfollows:

  • The personal account does not have enough free storage space.
  • For private use, you have to transfer data to another account.
  • There are some important data in a shared account and you want to move them to yourpersonal account for data backup.

But, it's a question on how to transfer Google Drive files from one account to another. Here inthe following parts, you will find 1 top way with MultCloud, a FREEweb based cloud transfer manager and 3 common ways to help you move files between GoogleDriveaccount.

Top Way: How to Move Files from One Google Drive to Another with MultCloud?

MultCloud is a webservicethat provides a convenient cloud file transfer free way for you to manage all the cloud storageaccountsthat you have. It allows you to manage files across cloud drives directly from one interfacewithout usingmanual way, Download and Upload.

The authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth which is a standard authorizationframework thatenables third party applications to access multiple cloud accounts without username and passwordrequired.Hence, feel relieved to create one MultCloud account and transfer all files across Google Drivesnow.

Step 1. Before performing operations, you need to create anaccount first.

Note: If you do not want to spend time in creating the account, you could click on 'Signin' button and click on Google+ or Facebook icon so you can log in MultCloud directly.

Step 2. Click “Add Clouds” button and select Google Drive from the list below to add your oldaccount andclick “Next”.

Step 3. Now change the Display Name to Google Drive1 to distinguish it from your new Google Driveaccount. Then click Add Google Drive Account. By clicking this option, you areauthorizing MultCloud to access your files in Google Drive. Repeat above steps to add your new Google Driveaccount inMultCloud.

Step 4. Migrate files from one Google Drive to Another with “Cloud Explorer”.Open yourold account through “Cloud Explorer”, click the checkbox next to the “Name” to select all files.

Step 5. Use “Copy to” with “Cloud Explorer”. Right click the blank area, click “Copy to”featureand select second Google Drive as the destination location. Click “Transfer” button andwait forthe process to complete.


  • You can drag some certain files to another account directly if you don’t want totransfer all ofthem.
  • If you want to move all files from one Google Drive account to another account, select “Move”button on the lower left corner of the upper window. After the transfer process iscomplete, all filesyou selected to transfer to another account will be removed from your first account.
  • If you want to copy GoogleDrive folder to another account, you can make full use of 'Cloud Transfer'.

Common Ways: How to Transfer Google Drive to Another Account?

Solution 1: Use “Share” feature with Google Drive

If you have Google documents format only on Google Drive, then you can transfer them to your newaccountin common way.

Step 1. Log in your old Google Drive account. Select all files and right click “Share”button.

Step 2. Add your new account’s email address as a collaborator. Click “Advanced” button and belowwindowwill appear.

Step 3. Click Down arrow icon and select “Is owner” from the drop down menu and click“Send” button.

Step 4. Log in your second account and you will find these files are placed under “MyDrive” ofyour account.


  • If you do not select “Is owner”, then your files will be found under “Shared with me” ofyour secondaccount after you adding your second account as the collaborator through “Share” icon.
  • After selecting “Is owner”, your ownership will be transferred to the new account andthenew owner will be notified. You may no longer be able to change sharing settings.

Solution 2: Use Google Takeout to Transfer Files

If you have other file formats on Google Drive, to transfer files from one Google Drive toanother, youneed to download a copy of your data or create an archive with GoogleTakeout as it's a service offered by Google to help users create archive of their dataso that itcan be transfered to other accounts with ease. If you use this solution, files’ formats will beconvertedto another format. Once your new account has been set up, you can convert all these back byadjusting yourupload settings in Drive to automatically convert them.

Google Drive File Stream Multiple Accounts Free

Solution 3: Downloading and Uploading

Step 1. Log in your old account and create a new folder to store all files under the rootdirectory ofyour Google Drive.
Step 2. Move all files to the new folder.
Step 3. right click the new folder, click “Download” button and wait for the process tocomplete.

Step 4. Log in your new account, click “Upload” feature to upload that downloaded .zipfile andwait for the process to complete. If you want to upload folder not the .zip file to your GoogleDrive, youneed to unzip it first so you can click “Upload Folder” to upload it to your new account.

Note: Any of the above common ways can help achieve transferring from one Google Drivetoanother but it would take a while to do, particularly if the data size is a little bit largeand youneed to switch accounts to make it. The most important one is that you cannot close the pageuntil theprocess to be complete.

Final Words

Following any solution above could help you move files from one Google Drive to another but someof them are a bit complicated and require youto perform every step individually. If you don't know enough about Google Drive, you won't beable to perform these methods easily.

However, you can migrate Google Drive data to another account and easily directly with MultCloud,without switching accounts, downloading and uploading, etc.Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 clouds, including Google Drive, G Suite, MEGA,OneDrive, Dropbox, Flickr, Google Photos, etc.

In addition to 'Cloud Explorer', MultCloud also has 'Cloud Transfer' and 'CloudSync'. Ifyou want to migrate Dropbox toOneDrive, you can make fulluse of 'Cloud Transfer'. With the help of “Cloud Sync”, you can move video fromGoogle Drive toGoogle Photos quickly.

One perk of signing up for a Google account is free storage. You’ll get 15 GB of space on Google Drive to store files, photos, and videos. You can even download the Google Drive app for Android and snap photos of all your receipts to store on your account. Best of all, once you set up your free storage, you can easily share your files with others.

If you have more than one Google account, that means you get 15 GB of free storage with each of those logins. But Google doesn’t make it easy to switch between accounts. As with Gmail, you’ll have to log out and back in again every time you want to use a different account.

The good news is, there are some workarounds. You can set up your Google Drive account for multiple logins, but you’ll need to follow some step-by-step instructions first.

Google Drive File Stream Multiple Accounts Without

The Problem With Multiple Google Drive Accounts

Although your Drive account is free, it is limited to 15 GB of space. To get more, you can upgrade to Google One for only $19.99 a year. Although the cost is low, you can probably imagine some people might set up multiple Google accounts just to take advantage of the 15 GB of free storage.

The problem is, you may need multiple Drive accounts. One may be for school or work, while the other is your personal Drive. You might have clients that issue you a Google account for the sole purpose of collaborating on documents within their environment.

Why is that a problem? You’ll have to log out and back in again, which takes time and makes things clunky. But there’s a bigger issue. With Google Drive, you can set up your account to automatically sync specific folders. When you update one, it’s automatically updated in the cloud. But Google only lets you sync one Drive account per desktop. There are workarounds, but they take extra effort to set up.

How to Manage Multiple Google Drive Accounts

The easiest way to manage multiple Google Drive accounts on your desktop is by using Shift. The first step is to download Shift. Once it’s installed and open on your desktop, you’ll just need to add each of your Google accounts. Click the Plus sign on the left taskbar and select Add Account. You’ll enter the first email address and repeat the process with each additional account. Once you’ve added an account, you’ll rarely need to log in to it again.

How to Manage Multiple Google Drive Accounts with Shift

Once your Google accounts are visible on the left, you can then access the Drive account that goes with each email address. You’ll just need to click on each account, then choose the Drive icon on the upper-right corner to get to the files associated with each login.

You can easily toggle back and forth, view, upload, and download from this screen just as you would in a web browser. If you want to create a new file, go to My Drive and click on the application you want to access (Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.). You can create a document here that will operate the same as it does in your web browser.

How to Sync Files to Different Google Drive Accounts

Google Drive File Stream Multiple Accounts Online

One of the handiest features built into Google Drive is the ability to sync files between your desktop and the cloud. Not only does this help you back up files, but it also ensures you can reach your files even if you’re away from your computer.

There’s one problem, though. Google doesn’t let you sync your desktop to more than one Google Drive account. That means if you have files that you need to be accessible to multiple Drive accounts, you’ll be limited.

But there is a workaround. Google Drive lets you share files between accounts. You just need to set things up and you’ll have access.

How to Move Files Between Google Accounts

If you have multiple Drive accounts, you need to know how to share files between them. This can have a variety of uses, including simply being able to get to certain files no matter which login you’re using.

The steps to move files between Google Drive accounts are:

  • Go to the account that is currently syncing with your desktop.
  • Find the folder(s) where the synced files are currently being stored.
  • Right-click on the folder(s) and choose Share.
  • Select the email address associated with the account that will be viewing it.
  • Click on the invitation that comes to your email notifying you that the folder has been shared.
  • From that point on, when you log into the other account, you’ll see the shared folder along with your other files and folders.

How to Access Multiple Google Drive Accounts on Mobile

Your desktop isn’t the only device you can back up to your mobile device. If you have an Android device, you may already have Google Drive as one of your apps. If not, or if you have an iOS device, you can download the Google Drive app to your device.

The best news is, you can access multiple Drive accounts on your smartphone or tablet. It’s one of the best reasons to download the app. You can also switch accounts on Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides.

The steps to move between Google Drive accounts on either an Android or iOS device are:

  • Open the Google Drive app and click the vertical lines on the top left to get to the menu.
  • Choose the email address for the account you want to access.

You can also access Google Drive in Google Chrome or Safari on a mobile device. Just pull up the browser, go to and log in just as you would on a desktop.

How to Back Up Mobile Accounts to Google Drive

Your desktop isn’t the only device you can back up to your Google Drive account. If you download Google Drive to your Android or iOS device, you can back up files, including your photos.

The steps to back up your Android files to Google Drive are:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap System, Backup.
  • Toggle Backup to On. This activates automatic backups. If you want to manually back up your phone, tap Back up now and Continue.

The steps to back up your iOS to Google Drive are:

  • Download and install the Google Drive app.
  • Open the app and tap the vertical lines on the top left.
  • Tap Settings, then Backup.
  • Tap Start Backup.
  • You can find your files by going to iPhone Settings, Accounts & Passwords, and Add Account. Log in and tap Next.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to back up your phone to multiple Google Drive accounts. But you can share your folder as you did on your desktop to be able to access your backup from other accounts.

Google Drive Fact and Fiction

Q: Aren’t Google Docs and Google Drive the same thing?

Google Drive File Stream Multiple Accounts One

A: Fiction. Think of Google Drive as a hard drive, stored in the cloud, that provides a place for your files. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are Google’s counterpart to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Your Google Docs files are automatically stored on your Google Drive, but Google Drive can also hold your Microsoft Office files, photos, music, and more.

Q: Is Google Drive better than Dropbox?

A: That depends on your unique needs from a cloud storage solution. Check out our related article Dropbox vs Google Drive: Which Cloud Storage Option is Right for You? and decide for yourself!

Q: Will storing my documents on Google Drive make them less secure?

A: Fiction. While it may seem that you’re uploading your files to the web, unless you share the document with others, no one but you will be able to see it. You can make it public, but Google recommends creating a Google Site if you’re sharing with large numbers of people. Google invests heavily in top-notch security to ensure the files stored on its servers remain safe. Although breaches are always a possibility, Google’s resources mean your information is likely safer on its servers than it would be on your own servers or even with another cloud service.

Q: Does Google Drive have a way for me to access my files without an internet connection?

A: Fact. Google Drive will let you access your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files when you’re offline. You’ll just need to go to settings and check the box next to 'Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline.'

Q: Will my Word and Excel documents be converted to Google format when I upload them to Google Drive?

Google Drive File Stream Multiple Accounts Login

A: Fiction. Google Drive merely stores your files. You can download them at any time and they’ll be in the same format they were when you uploaded them.

Q: Do I have to download my Microsoft Office files before I can work on them?

A: Fiction. Although you are limited to only a preview of your Microsoft Office files in Google Drive, there is a way to work on them within your cloud account. Simply install the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, & Slides extension for Chrome. You can even collaborate with others on the file. All changes will be saved in the original Office document.

Manage Multiple Drive Accounts with Ease

Google Drive Sync Multiple Accounts

Although Google Drive doesn’t make it easy to switch from one account to another on your desktop, Shift does. Simply download the Shift app, add all your Google accounts, and toggle between them as you need to move between accounts.