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It's a Google issue. Here's an excerpt of my support transcript:

[G Suite Support, Guillermo: it seems that you are being affected by an issue reported from some users, basically the content that you have on the cloud,, is not fully displayed on File Stream, there are some missing files and folders, is that correct? ]
[Fairwayboy23: That is correct ]
[G Suite Support, Guillermo: don't worry, our engineers are working in order to solve this issue as fast as possible...]
G Suite Support, Guillermo: Normally this issue is solved by itself after 48 hours, but also if you need an specific folder urgently, you just need to:

Whether you need to access your work computer from home, view a file from your home computer while traveling, or share your screen with friends or colleagues, Chrome Remote Desktop connects you to your devices using the latest web technologies. Step 1: Navigate to the following path: C: Users YourUsername AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions or press Windows + R key then type the following and press Enter:%LOCALAPPDATA% Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions Step 2: Locate the folder name which identical with the extension ID shown in the error message.

1. Go to
2. Open the folder that is not appearing on File Stream.
3. While the folder is open, please refresh your browser.
4. Check the folder on File Stream

  1. After you click capture, start the stream from the beginning and with highest resolution. Let the stream play normally. After the stream finishes, come back to the recording tab, they will be some.
  2. Google is working to solve the Chromebook's support problem If a Chromebook goes out of support and doesn't receive browser updates, some sites won't give it access. Google's working to fix this.

Another temporary solution that we do in our environment:

2. Open a file explorer and navigate to the following folder:
(You must type this in the address bar of file explorer because 'appdata' is a hidden directory. Replace [username] with your computer username, e.g. 'swilson'.)
StreamGoogle File Stream Chromebook
4. Launch GDFS from the start menu and sign in.

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