Home Protection Sigil

The Archangel Michael Sigil – A sigil is a powerful angelic symbol. Therefore, if the sigil of each archangel holds its angels power. But an archangel sigil also helps you to communicate with that certain angel or invoke him. Hence, The Archangel Michael Sigil helps in communication with the archangel. And it is also helpful in rituals such as invocation.

English-russian dctionary of contemporary Economics protection of home industries. 3 protection of home industries. Sigils are used to protect vehicles and keep the cars and the passengers safe while traveling in general or traveling through particularly challenging terrain. They can be used to protect the home, the hearth, a family member, a pet. They can be used to protect one from illness, or to protect against negative or evil spirits.

Make your own Archangel Michael Sigil

You need only a few things. Search for a Rose Wheel and print it. Now search the Hebrew name of Archangel Micheal. Which is מיכאל.


Now you will need a pencil and a ruler. Now mark every letter of the archangel’s Hebrew name on the Rose Wheel. The connect the dots with a ruler. Starting with the first letter and then drawing a line to the second one. Then drawing a line from the 2nd letter to the 3rd one. And so on.

At the end you will have the sigil, which should be similar to the one in the image above. It also contains the Rose Wheel.


Making your own sigil is important because you can find hundreds of archangel sigils online. But not all of them are accurate. An if you use a random sigil from the internet might ruin your ritual. And do more harm then good.

Different Uses For The Archangel Michael Sigil

The Archangel Michael Sigil has numerous uses. It is often used in protection. If you wear crystals, pendants or stones with this sigil on brings you Archangel Michael’s protection. He protects you from accidents, injuries, evil forces, and many more.


Home Defense


Carve this sigil in the candles on your altar. Burning a candle with this symbol on while you pray will protect you and make sure that your prayer is heard. Also, burn candles with the sigil on in meditation and contemplation sessions. Do not use burning sage or other incense. They are not compatible with any religion.

Use this symbol the the invocation of Archangel Michael. So put a drawing with the sigil on your altar. Place crystals and candles around it. And your altar is ready for invocation. But be careful, because the experience might shock you.

Protection Sigil For Home

The Archangel Michael Sigil is a great way to communicate with the archangel. It brings him closer to you. And it often helps the archangel to materialize or make himself seen or heard. This sigil is powerful, and you have to be careful how you use it. And for what purposes.