Indesign Data Merge Multiple Images

Updated on 12.11.2012

Inspite of all its qualities, Datamerge is unable to produce true tables.

Indesign Data Merge Multiple Images

But what if you want to use datamerging and yet get a true Indesign table ?

Here is a script that may be helpful !

Open a new document in InDesign and deselect Facing Pages, choose letter size and vertical. InDesign is the industry-standard publishing app lets you design and publish high-quality documents across a full spectrum of digital and print media.

  1. Powerful Data Merge Ability Automatically merge data into placeholders, creating new pages as needed. Hundreds of pages can be generated with a click of a button. Powerful Barcode features with BarcodeMaker DataLinker integrates with BarcodeMaker so that you can put your data into almost any kind of barcode automatically. Unlimited Possibilities.
  2. Setting up the Data Merge panel Now it’s time to set up the Data Merge InDesign panel. Open your InDesign document and the Data Merge panel via Window Utilities Data Merge Select Data Source. In the new window, choose your.csv or.txt file and click Open.


Open an Indesign document and create your table.

Load your datamerge source file in the the datamerge panel.

Tag cells as you want.

Select the row to duplicate.

Indesign data merge multiple images using

Run the script. You get a fully editable Indesign Table !


Note that this script is no longer supported and may not work with the latest versions of inDesign.

How To Data Merge Indesign


Indesign Data Merge Multiple Images Free

  1. Make sure that your data source file (usually a spreadsheet or database file) is structured in such a way that you can include the appropriate fields in your target document. For example, the top row of a spreadsheet should contain the field names that you’ll use in the target document, such as “Company” and “Address”;
  2. Save the data source file as one of “Tab Delimited Text (TXT)” or “Comma Separated Values (CSV)” formats;
  3. In the final InDesign file open the “Window Menu” and chose “Data Merge” from “Utilities”;
  4. Choose “Select Data Source” from the panel menu;
  5. Drag data fields from the panel to frames on the page (or, with an insertion point selected, click the data fields you want to insert); and
  6. Choose “Create Merged Document” from the panel menu.