Integrated Invoicing

Integrated Billing. Kipu’s billing component automates and expedites the claim submission process in order to speed up payments and reduce your expenditures. It provides full-stack revenue cycle management with detailed tracking of all billable items, appointment scheduling (with automated text message reminders), integrated payment processing, and full reporting with deep and easy-to-view. E-Invoicing in a click. Make Webtel’s integrated ASP / GSP solution your tech partner, that can do e-Invoicing in a matter-of-minutes with 100% guaranteed security and end-to-end assistance from experts. SaaS Business Management & Secure Client Portal Software, Branded White Label Client Portals, Integrated CRM, Project & Task Management, Invoicing & Recurring Billing, Time Tracking, Intranet, File Sharing, much more. Working with integrated invoices Practice CS enables you to integrate invoices from UltraTax CS, Accounting CS, and CSA for use in billing. These integrated invoices appear in Practice CS in the Integrated Invoices tab of the Billing screen. Integrated invoicing means your jobs flow through to your accounts system seamlessly.

Welcome to the RevX Billing University Library where you have access to topics that highlight solutions to a variety of customer challenges. Our technology and market experience combine to create a powerful tool that will accelerate your go to market effort. These articles have been authored to capture some of the obscure things many customers fail to consider in their decision making process. FREE access to this repository while seemingly proprietary in nature, only serves to enhance our working relationship because it brings depth and clarity into our conversations by establishing that operations and billing are a detailed part of your business and we have your back!


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The Importance of Integrated Billing

and Subscriber Management

If you're not integrated, you're leaking revenue and holding back growth
Posted 5-23-2017 by RevX Systems

With a constantly changing list of billing solutions in the market today, it's important to realize there's no one-size fits all solution. In fact, the term 'billing' is used so broadly used that many billing projects struggle because they start from the perspective that billing is the remedial process of collecting money (invoicing) when it's actually much more!

The difference between non-integrated billing (sitting outside of your subscription ecosystem) and an integrated billing solution is one that empowers automation, reduces/eliminates revenue leakage, creates operational scale, and promotes an operational environment where the systems are doing the bulk of the work for you while your staff focuses on the exceptions.

'Integrated Billing Systems provide integral automated
processing that doesn't exist in a non-integrated platform

The RevX solution is based on technology + services which means we spend a great deal of time working with clients discussing their operational procedures (or lack thereof) and in the process identify opportunities for automation so they can scale and achieve their projected growth with predictability while maximizing their revenue potential.

'Scale problems are one of the single most common reasons
billing system can choke out revenue growth

A great example of what an integrated billing system will do is automate the process of monitoring unpaid customer balances (A/R for Credit Cards), place subscriptions into a grace period status when payments fail, and ultimately suspend customer services if they don't resolve their unpaid bill. A non-integrated system (invoicing) will expect that you solve this problem with human capital - one of the most expensive and error prone forms of workflow.

A few other areas that an integrated billing system will create value are:

  • Delivering the perfect order with end to end signup, activation, and credit card processing - seamless fulfillment
  • Automated credit card process and re-processing for declined items
  • Automated reporting and customer email notifications for conditions like expiring credit cards, changes in subscription status, and other service level announcements
  • Automation around account closures, charge-offs, and balance management
  • Entitlements and Wireless carrier reconciliation to identify and resolve discrepancies between entitled plans and what's been provisioned

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Flexibility to capitalize on new opportunities, react to competitive developments, and address new pricing or billing requirements. RevX provides:

  • Monetize any M2M or Internet of Things offering

  • Simple-to-use and fully automated

  • Ensure accurate and timely billing

Charging (also known as Rating)

The RevX Rating engine provides comprehensive business rules authoring and runtime environment to prepare pricing rules based on 'any' unit of measure (carrier data plans, number of turns of a machine, data stored, etc.). The Platform can process network and usage from any client application in real time to calculate billing, monitor policy, or for reporting purposes.

The RevX Rating engine delivers the highest levels of performance and protection against system failure or revenue leakage ensuring accurate up-to-the-minute account information and financial data. Real-time credit limit monitoring also significantly reduces financial risks.

Feature Spotlight

  • Unit of Measure - define any unit of measure without the need to involve programming or even technical resources. Upon creation, new Units of Measure can be immediately used within the composition of any business rule.

  • Volumetric Rules - define business rules which address pricing structures that require a graduated pricing scheme, whereas a subscriber may be charged more or less as the volume of usage activity increases. For example: Charge $1.00 for the first 25 megabytes, $0.75 for the second 25 megabytes, and $.50 for every 1 megabyte thereafter.

  • Tiered Rules - Tiered pricing rules are especially useful when trying to model package pricing which is based on a fixed price table. For example: Charge $5.00 per megabyte when megabytes used is between 1 and 25, and Charge $7.50 per megabyte when megabytes used is between 26 and 75, and charge $10.00 per megabyte when megabytes used is greater than 75.

  • Percentage Rules - In the case where subscriber events (usage data) represent point-of-sale transactions, it is useful to calculate fees based on a percentage of the transaction (revenue share) for the business activity. For example: Charge 7% for every dollar between $1.00 and $25.00, and 4% for every dollar greater than $25.00.

  • Custom Rules - as part of the document delivered with the system, new billing rule types can be easily added to the system to extend its capabilities.

  • Expiration Dates - Rules can be authored and staged for activation on a specific date and expired after a certain period of time to offer promotional pricing structures based on metered subscriber events.

  • Rounding - you control how the rating engine will group and/or round chunks of usage. This is especially important in the telco markets where calls are monitored by the minute but billed in 6 second increments.

  • Grouping - for some billing rules, it may be necessary to snapshot usage information and calculate based on maximum or minimum values within a billing cycle. In the case of bandwidth monitoring an average of bandwidth used for the period may be preferred while in some cases maybe the peak bandwidth is desirable.


Manages complex business partnerships, multiple business units, and bill processing functions of your back office.

Integrated Invoice Definition

The RevX Billing system provides all of the features of a carrier grade billing solution and more. Unlike other billing solutions which evolved from the Telco space, the RevX Billing product was designed from the beginning to address the complex needs of billing for any type of e-service for almost any industry.

Feature Spotlight

  • Bundled Services - Arrange top selling Services into Packages to offer promotional pricing, free trial periods, and special discounts and premiums.

  • Invoice Generation - Beginning with the design of the invoice and customized marketing messages, the RevX Billing product will provide all of the necessary functions to aggregate transactional detail, collate into a single invoice and present it for payment by way of;

    • Email

    • SMS Txt Messaging

    • Hardcopy (in-house or 3rd party)

    • Online via self-care

  • Sales Commission Tracking - Track commissions due to sales reps on subscriber purchases. Deferred compensation, Percentage based bounties, and flat rate fees are all supported.

  • Master Bill-to Accounts (N-Tier) - Develop a billing model which allows for a parent/child relationship to exist between subscribers without any hierarchal limitations.

  • Syndication - The RevX Billing Product provides a powerful syndication model which allows for many (unlimited) distinct business lines to be managed by a single installation of the application. All data relevant to a business line is logically separated in the database through the Security Manager features of the RevX Service Delivery Platform (SDP). Adding or removing the view of a business unit to a group or individual is very easy, thus allowing for a singular or composite view of many business units within a single report.

  • General Ledger Integration - Track revenue by GL accounts making the integration into a General Ledger system even more seamless. Summary or detailed level information can be shared with downstream systems.

Payment Processing

Process a variety of payment methods from subscribers including credit cards, checks, bank drafts, and batch transfers.

The RevX Payment Processing product provides full support for credit card authorization, processing and collection. Tracks terms, provides dunning as well as reversals and write offs. Real-time third party payment processing integration is supported with and many others.

Feature Spotlight

  • Credit Card Processing - automate the encumbrance of funds using a merchant account and payment gateway to accept payments on any major credit card.

  • Bank Drafts - for subscribers who choose to pay by direct debit, setup your merchant account and payment gateway to accept EFT's and RevX will automatically process these EFT's.

  • Refunds - issue credit card refunds based on operational needs.

  • Cash/Check Processing - post payments directly into subscriber accounts for cash and/or check payments.

  • Returned Items - in the event a subscriber's check is returned to your bank, the payments can be reversed from their cash balance.

  • Cash Reconciliation - balance cash between your subscribers and merchant account prior to balancing bank cash to ensure all transactions have been swept into the account and that no obvious fraud has taken place.

  • Fraud Prevention - collect cardholder address data and security codes to strengthen the fraud prevention measures provided by most payment gateways.

Manage and control subscriber and reseller relationships along with their pricing catalog, profiles, preferences and network devices

Customer Management

Manage subscription and partner relationships with an integrated CRM solution designed to address customer billing inquiries, service issues, or refunds while empowering the call center representative to cross-sell additional services or offer other upgrades.

The RevX CRM module assists call center staff in resolving customer billing or service acquisition questions immediately over the phone. The RevX CRM application does not overlap or replace your organization’s existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. Rather, the RevX CRM product specifically addresses service and billing related matters with your subscribers.

Key Benefits:

Integrated Invoicing Means

  • Correspondence Logging - note important conversations or events on subscriber accounts to document subscriber contact.

  • Subscriber Maintenance - perform a variety of maintenance functions on behalf of a subscriber when they elect to call versus self-manage their account over the web.

  • Billing Information - subscribers may need to update billing information. Should they choose to call the service center as opposed to self-manage the CSR can perform these updates on their behalf.

  • User Maintenance - a subscriber can create one or more users within their account. The most common example of this is a household or SMB.

  • Password Reset - subscribers may need to request a password reset in the event they don't know their secret answer response.

  • Suspension/Re-activation - in the event of non-payment or failed credit card processing, a subscriber account can be automatically or manually suspended. If the RevX Provisioning engine is resident then all services will also be disabled to ensure the subscriber can no longer utilize their services.

  • Search Technology - the RevX CRM application contains an advanced search technology which provides full-text index searching.

Device Management

Manage profile, current carrier status, rate plan, and threshold alerts for individual devices within a customer or account relationship.

Customer Acquisition and Self Care Portal

Empower subscribers to self-manage their account and eliminate manual data entry. RevX Self Care allows end-users to gain access to their accounts 24/7.

Reduce call center volume, online self-care can handle routine inquiries on many topics including data usage and billing information.

Provides a seamless integration with carriers, cloud, and mobile applications enabling on-demand provisioning, policy management, usage monitoring, and workflow orchestration.

RevX Integration Platform satisfies a broad range of enterprise requirements for federating and integrating systems. This messaging-based gateway addresses service usage monitoring, data security, message validation & transformation, business process orchestration and rules management.

Key Benefits:

  • Process Event Records from any Source - RevX interfaces with carrier networks, applications, operating systems, and devices to gather usage information relative to subscriber activities. Unlike other billing solutions, RevX provides an automated tool to collect event records to provide full traceability and audit capabilities. RevX can handle virtually any event record in near real time to provide visibility, rules-based processing or provide the ability to charge and bill.

  • Revenue Assurance - RevX acts as a data repository, a key advantage for businesses and service providers looking to reuse this valuable data for other purposes. RevX provides the ability to reconcile subscriber events to wholesale charges, providing a device level profitability analysis - a key value added capability that other billing platforms cannot provide.

  • Bi-directional Messaging - Multi-protocol message bus interoperates with JMS, MQ Series, Tibco or RevX messaging technologies and provides optimized in-memory routing and reliable delivery.

  • Greater scalability - Carrier grade performance, scalability and manageability with unique RevX Grid technology.

  • Business Process Orchestration - provides for activity monitoring, message validation and access to RevX Library of plug-ins.

RevX has standardized and simplified the integration of carrier and client third party systems to provide a richer business process with features typically found in much more expensive solutions such as a robust partner manager, service orchestration, event interpretation, correlation, pattern matching and monitoring.

Prepare, deliver and create reports that’ll help you and your customers make better, more informed business decisions.

Documentation Requirements For G0463

Designed to provide out of the box reports with report authoring and delivery capability.

Integrated Billing System

Feature Spotlight

Emergency Physicians Integrated Billing

  • Report Generation - Reports can be generated for various types of display devices such as cell phones, email clients, mobile devices and graphical display devices. This feature allows the report author to optimize the arrangement of information for a given target device.

  • Report Authoring - The reporting system uses XML as it's definition language and provides an open solution upon which any style of reports can be added to the environment without programming resources.

  • Data Security - a strict data access layer ensures user level access is restricted to authorized fields in the database.

  • Data Exports - Reports can be written which permit the extraction of any data from the RevX database resulting in the ability to mine data from the system using tools like Microsoft Excel.

  • Scheduled Reports - Reports can be scheduled to run at regular intervals.

  • Branding - The standard reports provided with the system are easy to brand with any look-and-feel - including artwork and/or logo's.

  • Syndication - Reports will automatically inherit views of business units based on the RevX SDP configuration. Each business unit within the system can have it's own set of branded reports thus allowing each business to have completely customized reports.