Ios 13.4

The newcomer of iOS 13 which is iOS 13.4 has surfaced very recently. This is one of the most awaited minor version updates of iOS 13. Most Apple iPhone users waited for iOS 13.4 update. This update came with many advanced features and options. Therefore, If you are planning to update your iOS handset to iOS 13.4, It will take significantly additional time than the installation time of its predecessor, iOS 13.3. Because iOS 13.4 is a bit heavier than other iOS 13 minor version updates. For your information, iOS 13.4 came along with iPadOS 13.4.

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Latest iOS 13.4 Jailbreak Solutions

Jailbreak tool developers are always checking on these latest iOS version updates. Because they are always looking at providing jailbreaking tools for the latest iOS versions. Apple iPhone users are also looking for iOS 13.4 jailbreak along with this new iOS update. If you are a jailbreak fan, there's no doubt that you might check for a jailbreak solution to jailbreak iOS 13.4. Here are some of the latest updates about iOS 13.4 Jailbreak.

Ios 13.4

1. Cydia Cloud

Cydia Cloud is one of the famous jailbreaking tools nowadays. This tool is frequently updated with the latest iOS releases. Luckily you can jailbreak iOS 13.4 based iPhone with Cydia Cloud tool. You just need to follow the instructions before installing Cydia Cloud. This is a safe and super fast method to do iOS 13.4 jailbreak process and it will install Cydia on your iDevice. Cydia Cloud is supporting any Apple device including the latest iPhones like iPhone 11 Pro. And also this tool supports iOS 13.4. And it is really easy to download and install this tool. All you have to do is tap on the below button and Cydia Cloud will take care of the rest.

Ios 13.4

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 13, hit the scene in September 2019. As usual, it was packed with Apple’s latest tweaks and enhancements, but it also introduced a host of new features. IOS 13 brings new capabilities to the apps you use every day, with rich updates to Photos and Maps, and privacy-protecting features like Sign In with Apple, all while delivering faster performance. IOS 13.4.1 will likely fix the VPN issues found in iOS 13.4 that cause some internet connections to be unencrypted. Plus, it may be launching as early as thi.

2. CheckRa1n Jailbreak

CheckRa1n has released an iOS 13.4 Jailbreak most recently with its version of 0.9.9. But keep in mind that, This is only an experimental jailbreak release so far. This is a semi-tethered jailbreak solution and this is a jailbreak based on Checkm8 exploit which has been published most recently with hardware exploit after a long time. So all the iPhone models released after the iPhone X may not support Checkra1n Jailbreak. But wait, CheckRa1n will release stable iOS 13.4 Jailbreak toolkit soon.

3. Uncover Jailbreak

Unc0ver is one of the best jailbreak tools which supports iOS 13 series up to iOS 13.3 with A8X to A13 devices. Still, unc0ver jailbreak tool developers have not published any new regarding their tool’s compatibility over iOS 13.4.

4. Chimera Jailbreak

Another famous semi-tethered jailbreak tool. Most jailbreak community users are aware of this jailbreak tool. Electra team is the development team behind this jailbreak tool. But still, they haven’t spread any news about their tool’s compatibility with iOS 13.4. Even, this chimera tool does not support iOS 13 or higher versions.

Main Features in iOS 13.4 Update

Before updating to this latest iOS 13.4, you need to have a good idea about its features and new options. It is understandable that you are eager to install this iOS version update on your device. But before that let's check what are the latest features coming with this iOS 13.4.

New Memoji Stickers

iOS 13.4 is coming with new Memoji Stickers. If you are a fan of earlier recent iOS versions you have an idea about this memojis. Memojis provides you the ability to create an avatar that tracks your facial movements. This feature was there from 2018. Now with the 13.4 update, you can have 9 new memojis. These new memojis include a person sitting behind a MacBook, a face showing love and a character rolling eye.

iCloud Folder Sharing

Apple teased about this feature a couple of months back with iOS 13.3 release. But it was not there with iOS 13.3. Now you can get this awesome feature with iOS 13.4. This is actually a folder sharing feature. Users can quickly choose folder permissions and share their folders with others by managing permissions. This feature will be available on iOS 13.4 as well as iPadOS 13.4 and recent macOS.

Ios 13.4 Update

Mail app's toolbar tweaks

Apple has changed the stock mail app's toolbar along with this new iOS 13.4 update. Apple has changed the compose button, the reply button and a few other action buttons with this update.

'Hey Siri' option will work even if the phone's face is down

Earlier, before this iOS 13.4 update, If you say 'Hey Siri' while facing down your phone, You can not have any response from Siri. But with 13.4, this digital assistant listens to you even if you face down your apple device.

Ask Siri to navigate to the Home Screen

Let's say you need to go back to Homescreen. Without any hassle, you can ask Siri to take you back to the home screen. In iOS 13.4, Siri will take you back to the home screen.

Internet OS recovery


This is one of the major features coming with this software update. Apple device users can reset their devices by using WiFi connection and the internet using this new feature. So this won't need any physical connection to a computer. If you have iOS 13.4, you can recover and fix your device using this internet OS recovery. This option also provides updates if necessary.

Trackpad and mouse support

Apple introduced trackpad and mouse support for all iPads on iPadOS 13.4. There are some features coming with this major feature. This hybrid cursor can be used as a circular touch assist.

iOS and Mac Purchases are combined

Ios 13.4 Release Date

Apple finally provides a feature for apple developers to sell bundled iPhone and iPad apps. The new XCode 11.4 beta enables this feature for the developers. And also, In-app purchases can be shared through Mac and iOS versions of the app. This is available only if the developer enabled unified purchasing. So this feature is a great feature for Apple device users. With this, Apple is aligning Mac and iOS App Stores.

CarPlay and CarKey

Ios 13.4 Review

CarKey API is coming with this new iOS 13.4. This API enables carmakers to develop apps that will be integrated with Wallet. And even further, let you use an apple watch or iPhone to unlock or lock your car. And then your apple handset will work as a car key. NFC Capabilities should be installed with your car to perform this feature. So this is also a modernized unique feature coming with 13.4 update.

CarPlay will also be coming with new navigation and call controls for third-party apps with this new update.

Iphone update 13.4

Augmented Reality

New AR Quick look is supporting audio playback with USDZ files

Key Board

- Predictive typing support is now available for Arabic with iOS 13.4

- Swiss German keyboard layout support is there for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch device.

iOS 13.4 also comes with some major bug fixes and feature improvements. So apart from the above mentioned new features and options, you can have below-mentioned bug fixes and feature improvements with this iOS version.

  • Fixed black screen issue in the camera viewfinder.
  • Fixed an issue in messages. This issue prevents sharing images to messages if iMessage has been disabled. This issue has been fixed.
  • Resolved an issue in the mail app which shows messages out of order.
  • There was an issue in the mail app for users who click the share button in a quick look. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in mobile data activation in the Settings app. Previously there was a random issue where incorrectly showing cellular data disabled.
  • Resolved an issue when copy text from the third-party app while using the dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue in the Safari CAPTCHA tile display.
  • Fixed an issue where repeating sending reminders for already completed reminders.
  • Resolved an issue on iCloud Drive available for pages, numbers, and keynotes when the user not logged in.