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App Clips will be available in Fall 2020 with the release of iOS 14. You can technically download iOS 14 before then, but it’s still too buggy for the average user. Besides, businesses won’t start deploying App Clips for a few more months, so if App Clips are your most anticipated feature, it’s best to wait for the official iOS 14 release. App Clips for iOS 14 are here. Get help on how to create them. IOS App Clips Home. IOS 14 App Clips are here! Subscribe and get notified when Apple™️ release information about App Clips. Cover template for Bootstrap v5 - Apple Developer Documentation - by @gianpaj. IOS 14 will introduce iPhone users to App Clips - a cut-down version of apps that you can access anywhere without a download. This is how they'll work and why they'll be useful.

An App Clip is a lightweight version of your app that lets people perform everyday tasks quickly, without downloading and installing your app. People discover and launch App Clips in a variety of situations and contexts.

At a physical location, people launch an App Clip by scanning an App Clip Code, NFC tag, or a QR code. However, an App Clip Code is the best way for people to discover and launch your App Clip. Its distinct design is immediately recognizable, and people trust it to offer a fast, secure way to launch your App Clip.

On their device, people launch an App Clip from location-based suggestions from Siri Suggestions, the Maps app, or Smart App Banners on websites, and by tapping links others share with them in the Messages app.

How to use app clips

Consider creating an App Clip if your app provides an in-the-moment experience that helps people perform a task over a finite amount of time. For example:

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  • A rental bike could come with an App Clip Code that people tap or scan to launch an App Clip that lets them rent the bike.
  • A coffee shop could offer an App Clip for fast advance orders that customers launch from a Smart App Banner on the coffee shop’s website. Customers could share a link to the website from the Messages app, which recipients then tap to launch the App Clip from within Messages.
  • A food truck could create marketing material (for example, a poster to promote a seasonal dish) that includes an App Clip Code. People can scan the App Clip Code with the Camera app on their device and instantly launch the App Clip to order the seasonal dish.
  • A restaurant could let diners pay for a meal by launching an App Clip from the Maps app or a suggestion from Siri Suggestions, or by holding their device close to an App Clip Code or NFC tag at their table.
  • A museum could have visitors scan App Clip Codes or QR codes on labels next to displayed works to launch an App Clip that reveals augmented reality content or provides audio commentary.

Ios App Clips React Native

An App Clip is a great way to share some of your app’s features with people who haven’t installed the app. For developer guidance, see App Clips.