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Liquid Avatar – Cartoon Creator allows users to create an avatar that represents themselves while securing their digital information. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

With Liquid Avatar, you can create avatar personas to represent your online identity and easily share information in a secure manner. Control and manage your digital identity, private and public data, all from your mobile.

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Create a different character for every facet of your life – family, friends, coworkers, people at school, social media contacts, and gamers alike! Liquid Avatar characters are highly customizable with the ability for you to decide what information gets shared with which contacts. Manage information for social and contacts, and ultimately prove who you are online.

A Liquid Avatar is a multi-layered, visual technology icon that contains information that can be linked, authenticated, and shared. Your contacts are automatically privy to your public information. From there, you decide what permission-based private data can be shared and authenticated.

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Liquid Avatar claims it is the next level of online security. Infinitely customizable based on Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), which moves the process of digital identity authentication away from third parties and unknown servers, while placing it under control of the individuals themselves. The app never stores your personal data but assists in controlling and managing permissions to the data. To start, create an avatar.

Select your base character from two different face shapes. Continue customizing choosing skin, hairstyle, eyes, nose, accessories, etc. There are plenty of variations to choose from, though a few odd ones, including colored noses and funky hats. Next, take a photo of your face for a biometric check and create your login with an email address and password. Finish your profile with links to social media accounts and contact information. The app also adds the ability to create more than one persona so you can assign them for business, family, gaming, etc. so contacts see only what you want them to see.

The biggest feature of the Liquid Avatar app is the layers of security. There is a public layer, private layer, and security layer. Your identity is protected and secure with information only shared to certain contacts. Behind the scenes, blockchain ensures security by utilizing Trust Over IP standards, the open-source system developed by the Trust Over IP Foundation, so you can be sure your information is protected. The biometric checks use facial recognition to verify logins to the app to be sure it is you. Now contacts must also be members of Liquid Avatar but sharing profiles between users can be done easily with the built in code scanner.

Testing the app, I found the setup process easy and had a lot of fun designing my avatar. I was able to finish my profile for the app, but unfortunately, I was not able to link my social media accounts or contact information to my profile data. When I tried, nothing appeared in the connecting pop-up. Other features in the app include a community area, digital wallet (pilot program), offers, and KABN card sign up. It is a little confusing to navigate and not all features are enabled or ready to be use. It would be handy to have a tutorial or walk through with more information about the sections. As much as a like the idea of a protected digital identity, having to get my contacts to join the app to use and manage is not as appealing. Accounts are free with the ability to purchase premium avatars in the marketplace so it does have plenty to offer with no cost.

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With a few fixes and improvements, Liquid Avatar: Cartoon Creater will appeal to anyone wanting to secure their digital data in the age where security is more important than ever. The app is available now for free in the App Store. For Android users, get it in Google Play.


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Display your personal avatar on your iPhone. To switch between single avatar and group mode, just rotate your iPhone – this could be your friends or family. Each time a member of your group updates their avatar, your group image will reflect their changes. The site also supports cropped avatars which make great images to put next to your phone contacts.

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Show off your DoppelMe Avatar on your iPhone. To create your own avatar and code, visit www.doppelme.com Try with TestiPhone

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