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When it comes to Telugu movies, we know how poor the game of streaming platforms is, but thanks to Amazon Prime Video, since the past 1 year, from Arjun Reddy to Antariksham, we’ve seen a lot of new Telugu films.

KGF Chapter 2 Amazon Prime Release Date Amazon Prime Release Date Very soon. Well, the release of KGF Chapter 2 is not completely known to us. But we know when the release will be released and spreads the place. Google has spread many of the tops of YouTube. When will release?

Amazon has bought the digital rights of KGF in all the five languages - Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. They have officially confirmed the release date of KGF on amazon prime. Fans are delighted with the news. Within minutes of its release, people can't contain their excitement about the film's release about KGF on amazon prime video. KGF Chapter 2 will Finally release now on Amazon Prime (OTT Platform) KGF Chapter 2 Movie Bollywood News,Bollywood News in hindi,KGF Chapter 2 full movie,k.

And of course, Amazon Prime Video has won the hearts of Telugu audience, like no other streaming platform did.

KGF: Chapter-1 is a latest sensation that everyone is waiting to watch on streaming platforms. And Amazon Prime has been teasing the users since a while about the movie now.

In fact, they’ve upped their social media game, just with the craze of KGF in just a few days.

And here’s how the internet got together to make Amazon Prime release KGF:

It all started with this cryptic tweet:

And just like they planned, it worked, curiosity:

Anthe ga.. anthe ga..

Manushulu, robo la reply lu istaru..


How to up your social media game: Level ‘Amazon Prime’


Kgf Amazon Prime Telugu

Ikkada kuda Telugu olla maass mari..

This one tweet, That made netizens go ‘Reyyyy Admeeeen…’

#BanAmazonPrime anta…

Amazon Prime be like: ok .. ok.. 5th release.. enjaay amma! Thanks for all the followers..

KGF: Chapter-1 is finally releasing tonight at 12 (February 5th), don’t miss it, if you haven’t watched it yet.

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