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Live video streaming has not been with us for a long time. Still, it is quickly gaining traction as well as the attention of individuals who are always on the lookout for innovative and new ways of delivering content for their clients.

Trying to set-up ManyCam to perform Facebook Live sessions. I’m using a MicroSoft-based laptop. When going live the video works perfectly, however there is no audio. When selecting the audio source I’ve tried selecting both ‘ManyCam’ and the individual microphone. Neither have worked. I also go to my computer’s ‘Settings’ to verify the microphone is working, which it does. ManyCam is live streaming software that helps you create highly engaging videos, with multiple video sources, picture-in-picture and much more. It allows you to broadcast to YouTube, Facebook, and many other live streaming platforms at the same time. Download ManyCam for free here 👉 Virtual webcam: Select Manycam Enterprise Activator as your virtual webcam and get access to ManyCam’s fantastic live video tools during your online classes, video calls, chats, conferences, and online meetings in applications like Skype, WebEx, and Facebook Chats! ManyCam 7.8 is live with new features and improvements to make your video conferences, online classes, and live streams better! The world, more than ever, relies on digital solutions for effective communication. The shift from physical to digital continues to expand, and live video has become a crucial part of business.

It plays a significant role in delivering your videos to different people, especially when social distancing is necessary to avoid the risks of being infected by the deadly Novel Coronavirus.

105,225 likes 53 talking about this. ManyCam is a webcam software and video switcher that allows you to stream live, screencast, and broadcast on multiple channels. It is the to-go.

The most powerful and the biggest advantage of live streaming is that your potential customers see content on your time and not on theirs. It implies that you are engaging only with individuals who care about your videos and find them to be beneficial.

Statistics reveal that live streaming is of immense benefit when it comes to marketing, education, learning, sharing, interacting, entertainment and connecting with others.

Quality and Performance Counts

Apart from your internet speed, the quality of your streaming video is directly dependent on the resolution of the camera you are using as well as the software you are using to stream your videos.

YouCam vs ManyCam 2021

In this ManyCam vs YouCam comparison, we shall assess the two programs to find out what they offer in a bid to put you in a better position to make your choice. It will help you determine which of these webcam software is best suited for your needs.

Although you can find many other video streaming programs, I have decided to compare ManyCam and YouCam, as both of them are ahead of the competition both in streaming quality and features.

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What Is The Difference Between ManyCam and YouCam?

The main difference between the two webcam software is that ManyCam can integrate many webcams at the same time. It can also change the background of a live-streamed video to a customized one and includes a mobile app for Android and iPhone while YouCam only has support for Windows.

Instead of confusing you by comparing ManyCam versus YouCam together, I shall evaluate both of them separately, so that you can, more easily, determine which is better.

ManyCam Review

What is ManyCam And What Is It Used for?

ManyCam software is a dedicated video streaming program that allows you to stream live videos on YouTube and Facebook at the same time.

This program acts as a middleman between your webcam and whatever application you want to connect it to. It could be Facebook Live, Twitch Livestream, a Skype video call, and much more.

Support for Multiple Cameras

The app connects into the cameras (yes, it can handle multiple cameras) connected to your PC and lets you use all types of controls.

Add Special Effects to Enhance Your Streamed Videos

You can use this feature to chroma key a green screen on the backgrounds, create a picture-in-picture effect by stitching multiple sources of video together, add text to your videos, and do much more.

Broadcast and Stream Video Meetings with Ease

You can use this software, available for Mac and Windows, to create professional-quality broadcast showcasing your meetings, webinars, your computer screen, and so forth.

What is in ManyCam?

It contains many features, such as:

Green Screen (And Other Backgrounds)

You can use this feature to replace the background of your videos and images. You can, via the magic of special video effects, overlay your subjects onto simulated backgrounds, transport them to a desert oasis, or even place them atop animated digital backdrops.

Green Background

Green Background Replaced with A Customized One

You can use it to scale down an adult man so he can stand atop a table and then use visual effects to make the person fly through the sky, just like a superhero. The Green screen, also known as chroma key, is a vital component of any video streaming software.

Virtual webcam

When you select ManyCam as your virtual webcam, you get access to their library of awesome live video tools. You can use these tools during your online meetings, conferences, chats, video calls, and online classes in applications such as Facebook Chat, Skype, as well as WebEx.

Unlike live webcam, its virtual version allows you to use the resources of your computer while making video calls. It is an excellent addition since it will enable you to share your computer's screen, videos, images, as well as other sources of videos as your primary output during a video call.


Professionals use this feature to create stunning streaming videos. It permits you to grab the attention of your client by adding different windows on top of the main screen. You can add any video source, reposition and resize the screens, or even split-screen.

How To Use Manycam On Facebook Live

You now have the power to create much more dynamic videos during your live broadcasts with the help of multiple picture-in-picture layers. Right-click on the main live window and choose the “add new layer” to create a new layer.

3D Masks and Effects

Make your video stand out from the rest with the help of 12,000 masks, effects, and objects included with ManyCam.

You can drag and drop animated GIFs and images as digital props and even resize them while live.

The software allows you to organize the special effects through the “effects panel” and apply them to any video call or video stream, allowing you to create exciting and engaging live streams as well as video calls every time you go live.

Multiple Video Sources

You can use this software to grab live video feeds with up to 24 sources. Add web sources, webcams, your computer screen, images, pre-recorded videos, and much more to your recordings and live streams.

You can engage the attention of your clients by switching from one source to the other.

Accelerated Performance

Thanks to the inbuilt hardware acceleration tool of this software, you can effortlessly enhance your web conferences, video calls, and live streaming videos without putting additional load on your computer. You can also increase the quality of your live videos with the help of the hardware acceleration tool.

Support for 4K Videos

You can rely on this software to render, record, and stream videos in resolutions up to 4K, which allows you to deliver videos of the highest quality.

As the software depends on its inbuilt hardware acceleration tool, it does not eat into system resources and allows other tasks on your computer to run in the background.

Other Features

This software, for PC and mobile, contains many other features that help you create and stream videos of the highest quality at the highest resolution possible without any glitches. Some of its additional features include:

• Multiple channel broadcasting
• YouTube integration
• Game streaming
• Automated bitrate setting
• Video recording
• Direct camera settings control
• Web source, and
• Desktop streaming


Before moving on to the second part of this comparison, I would like to inform you about the pricing structure of the former as it plays a decisive role in determining whether you should purchase ManyCam or YouCam.

If you have any doubts about ManyCam, opt for the free download, install it on your computer, and try it for evaluation purposes. However, the free version lacks many functionalities available in the full and paid version.

The License Types

The company behind this software offers two different types of paid licenses: For individuals and businesses.

For individuals

• The standard version costs $29 per year, can be installed on one computer, and allows four video sources
• Studio version costs $59 annually, can be installed on two devices, and permits 12 video sources
• Premium version permits setup on three devices, allows 24 video sources and costs $79 per year

Some of the features such as “priority support” are not available in the “studio” version, and the “standard version”, additionally, lacks “chroma-key,” allows one RTMP stream, and only supports MJPEG IP camera.

The vendor is currently offering a discount of up to 25%, so grab this opportunity, purchase it, and install ManyCam today.

For business

Manycam Live Stream

The business plans include some expanded features, such as allowing for more users. They are as follows:

• Enterprise 3 costs $119 annually and supports three users
• Enterprise 5 costs $189 annually and supports five users
• Enterprise 10 costs $279 annually and supports ten users

Lifetime Purchase

The vendor also offers a whopping discount if you purchase their lifetime plan, which costs slightly more than a two-year subscription. Click on the ManyCam download link on the vendor's website and pay the discounted amount to grab this opportunity.

YouCam Review

What is YouCam And What Is It used for

YouCam software, developed and sold by CyberLink, is yet another excellent webcam software for Windows.

You can use it to turn your webcam into a live video studio.

Easily Use with Popular Video Streaming Services

You can, seamlessly, integrate this program into video call services such as Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook, U Meeting, Zoom, as well as Skype.

The software ships with a wide range of images, customized titles, and 200 augmented reality effects.

Video Streaming Enhancing Effects

Also, it includes other webcam effects such as AR reality, Skin smoothing & lighting, video effect filters, and animated emojis.

Virtual Camera

You can use this program as a virtual camera when using Wirecast, XSplit, and OBS Studio.

Its customizable titles allow you to add images and titles to your live-stream videos. Go ahead and showcase promotional messages, advertisements, sponsorships, and custom logos.

Apply Makeup in Real-time

The AR technology of YouCam identifies your unique facial features, tone matrix, and structure to apply natural-looking makeup in real-time. You have the option of choosing from a wide array of readymade palettes or create your personal presets.

Are you tired but have to do a Livestream session right now? Do not worry as the “live skin smoothing” feature of YouCam reduces wrinkles and blemishes on your face.

Controls for Making Adjustments

Truetheater technology automatically adjusts sharpness and lighting, allowing you to focus on your session. You can also, manually, adjust brightness, contrast, and noise reduction with the help of the included intuitive controls.

Other features

The face recognition feature of this software pleasantly surprised me. It allowed me to log on to the software by merely looking at the screen. The face-out feature locks the PC when the user is not in front of the webcam. ManyCam, compared to YouCam, may be without this facial recognition feature.

Record Presentations

You can depend on YouCam for recording your business presentations as well. This fantastic software converts PowerPoint slides into engaging presentations by choosing from a large selection of layouts using side-by-side display or picture-in-picture video.

The software includes a wide range of effects that you can add to your Livestream to breathe life into your work.

Effects Galore

YouCam comes with a wide range of effects that can enhance the quality of your dull videos and convert them into eye-catching live presentations. You can apply from any of the 200 real-time video effects included with the software. If you feel that this is not enough, you can download more effects for free from DirectorZone.

Do you want to add a hat on your head, apply a beard on your face, or hold animojis on your hand? You can easily pair gadgets and animojis along with other effects to increase the fun of your videos. If this is not enough, the software allows you to add particles, distortions, and filters.

The frames and scenes option of YouCam will enable you to blend your webcam's image with another image effect. You can make use of them to compose the perfect profile or portrait picture or spice up your videos.


You can download a free version of YouCam to try it out before purchasing it. Unlike ManyCam, there is no annual subscription with ManyCam.

The regular price of this software is $59.49, but the vendor is offering it at a discounted price of $34.99 for a limited period. The discounted price offer may end soon.

Unfortunately, YouCam is only available for the Windows operating system. If you already own version 7 or 8 of YouCam, you can upgrade to version 9 deluxe for $23.99. You will receive an email with the YouCam download link. Download the software as soon as possible as the download link expires after a specific period.

I strongly suggest that you purchase the backup disk, as you will need it to reinstall the software in case of a corrupted hard disk drive, and if you have not backed up the program to an external drive or on any cloud storage site.

Once downloaded, install YouCam on your computer following on-screen prompts and register it with the serial number provided.

Is ManyCam Better than YouCam?

Most people reading this review might be wondering which of the above two programs is suitable for them. Is YouCam better than ManyCam or vice versa?

If you own a Mac computer, then ManyCam is your best choice as YouCam is only available for Windows. If you own a PC with the Windows operating system installed, then you may consider going for YouCam as you do not have to pay recurring annual subscription charges for it.

Manycam Facebook Live Streaming

Even though YouCam is great, ManyCam has some robust features, such as the inclusion of a mobile app, integration of multiple webcams and the use of chroma-key for customizing or changing the background of a streamed live video.

ManyCam is an incredible tool that you can use on your webcam and that will allow you to take photos, record videos and apply various filters and effects. It is easy to use and also allows you to share the content you have created with your mobile phone. It also creates a dedicated album to store all your videos and images.

ManyCam Features:

ManyCam has several inbuilt features like:

  • Live Stream to Facebook
  • Virtual Webcam
  • 3D Masks and Effects
  • Desktop Sharing/Screencasting

and many more. Although it’s an excellent tool, it’s a paid software, thus many users are looking for software like Manycam which are free.

Top Alternatives to ManyCam

There is no doubt that Manycam is an excellent webcam application. But if you are looking for alternatives to Manycam which are free apps and have similar features then this list might help you out. Please note that few of the listed software is paid software while rest are free to use.


Youcam is an android application for retouching photos and creating selfies that include a fairly wide range of functions and tools aimed at perfecting and improving the general appearance of our photos, not only those we take ourselves but also group photos. Its user interface is friendly, all its tools are useful and it offers customization options over many image editors.

Key Features

  • The tool has a very simple but catchy interface and the interface space has been given to the webcam image.
  • Loaded with a host of image effects and avatars. You can place animated emoticons and virtual 3D objects for your image.
  • It can capture a live PC screen and you can join with a PowerPoint presentation to make a catchy video tutorial.
  • The tool has a characteristic Login face. All you need is to look into the webcam and the recognition algorithm will connect you.


You can add a different touch to each face in the image, add frames, scenes and backgrounds and the “Tallest” function allows you to add more height to full-body shots, adjust the person’s proportions.

Download App For: Android & Apple

File size: Varies with devices


iGlasses is a simple webcam software available for the Mac only. It is designed to allow users to add fantastic visual effects, as well as to develop photographs that can be taken using your webcam. Although a free trial version is available, you may need to upgrade to the premium version for lifetime support and updates.

Key Features

  • iGlasses is an ultimate tool and it has a user-friendly interface.
  • This tool allows you to view, edit and manage your photos without any hassle.
  • Although its functionality is limited compared to the other options available, this tool integrates with Skype, Facebook, and others.
  • This tool enables you much more control over how your iSight camera works.
  • You have the opportunity to select programs you are not liking to work with using its Manager option.


This tool allows you can make color corrections and add background effects without losing the quality of the output. It also displays night vision, flips the image upside down, rotates an image or provides a mirror image.

Download Link:

System Support: Mac

File Size: 13.5 MB


This free webcam software supports a wide range of useful features for different purposes. You can add effects to your videos and SplitCam can also be used as a video streaming solution. With support for multiple video resolutions, you can select the optimal resolution and move forward seamlessly.

Key Features

  • It offers a good selection including effects and a video splitting option that allows you to use your webcam simultaneously in several tools.
  • Offers realistic 3D masks, the ability to choose input from a variety of streaming sources, integration with services of streaming, etc.
  • The effects menu contains a number of filters that you can apply such as flipping video, deinterlacing, black-white, outline effects, and many others.
  • This tool allows you to change the backgrounds of your videos and includes static and dynamic scenes.


You can place Face Elements, Frames, Avatars, Objects, Text, Date & Time and other custom elements on your videos or images. During streaming sessions, you can capture an image by clicking Snapshot. Sources menu allows you to select the transmission source r, for example, webcam, video, desktop or even an image file.


Download Link:

System Support: Windows 10, 8 and 7

File size: 6.6 MB (For windows)


This is another free solution that allows you to take photos and capture videos with your webcam. It offers several features that will help you get the most out of your webcam. Yawcam supports video streaming and you can take multiple snapshots in just seconds.

Key Features

  • This tool allows video streaming and captures images. It helps to integrate your own web server.
  • It allows us to detect movements and allows uploading images to an FTP.
  • Integrates password protection. It allows you to schedule the time you stay online.
  • Its interface is quite simple and supports multiple languages.


The motion detection function comes in handy when using Yawcam for surveillance purposes and to take pictures at a specific time. Although Yawcam is a feature-rich solution, its interface is quite simple. This can be an advantage for users who want productivity-oriented, easy-to-use webcam software. It is available for Windows.

Download Link:

File size: 4.58 MB (For windows)

System Support: System Support: Windows 10, 8, 7, 2000, XP

Type: Free

Webcam Toy

It is not real webcam software, but a web-based tool to record video and capture images. The main advantage of this tool is the fact that it can be accessed from any platform, since it is browser-based, so it does not have to be Windows 10.

Key Features

  • Use many effects and different styles to give unique touches to our photographs.
  • The site has more than 80 effects that we can incorporate with just one click.
  • You can take selfies online very easily with your webcam, and apply live filters with very good effects.
  • Save photos to your computer or post them on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.
  • To use the Webcam Toy offline, you open the application once while connected to the internet and it allows it to fully load, then you can disconnect and use it offline.


Webcam Toy is not a complex tool and has a handful of features. It can be termed as the web-based version of Windows 10’s built-in camera app. To use Webcam Toy, you just have to access the web page, allow access to your webcam and start recording. No registration required. If you want to try this too, visit their official website.

Download Link:


AlterCam is a program that allows you to add live effects to your webcam. Once installed it creates a new virtual webcam that receives images from the real webcam but adds filters, effects, and changes to the image so as to make the result surprising and original.

Key Features

  • It adds many effects that can be new frames, new objects in the image, mosaic effects or blur effects.
  • Through the main screen, you can choose the effects to be applied while the virtual webcam can be used within any video communication program.
  • Ability to send effects to many different applications at the same time to fix common webcam problems.
  • Dozens of live effects for webcams and you can divide the webcam video into several different programs.
  • The program is available for Windows in a freeware version.


It helps you to add overlay images on webcam videos to change the atmosphere around you with your friends and the options include TV frames, with other frames like butterflies, flowers, and many more that you can use to decorate that video window. It also features Full HD support for 1080p resolution, allowing you to stream the highest quality videos and use sharp images for overlay effects.

Download Link:

File size: 41.78 MB

System Support: Windows 10 and older versions

Type: Free Trial


CamTwist is an application that acts as an intermediate between the stream and the webcam (or webcams) that we use to make our content. In this way, we can add many things before during the stream, such as downloaded videos, logos, texts, effects for Webcam, and much more.

Key Features

  • It works with all instant messaging or video calling services since this application works on the camera and not on the applications.
  • It gives us the opportunity to use it in several programs at the same time, as long as we are using Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.
  • It has a large number of effects to add, such as becoming a caricature, distorting the image, changing colors, adding blur and many more.


CamTwist is an application specially designed for Mac and allows users of Apple computers to add interesting effects to the image captured by the webcam, and share it with whoever you want without the need to install any other additional software.

Download Link:

System Support: Windows and Mac PC

Webcam Max

It is a webcam tool through which you can add visual effects to your video conference conversations. It helps you to integrate and share content with your webcam sessions and make them more fun and interesting while you are talking with your family or friends.

Key Features

  • This tool inserts any image, video or emoticon, as well as Flash and text files.
  • It can change the setting of your webcam and it also helps to improve live broadcast.
  • It can take a snapshot of your conversation and record the video of your conversation.
  • Lots of filters and frames included. Charges of effects included.
  • It has got a simple installation process.


There are thousands of effects included in this app that will improve your live broadcast and will inspire your colleagues on the other side of the cam. There are a lot of filters and frames and faces that can be applied to your live stream. You can also record memorable conversations with loved ones and can also take a snapshot of videos.

Download Link:

File size: 24.9 MB


This live video surveillance and webcam software for Windows is extremely easy to use. It is fast, light and versatile enough to meet all your security needs while being very user-friendly and capable of operating on systems with little power.

Key Features

  • Support for all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 8.
  • The program is free and available in four languages: English, German, Italian and Russian.
  • Security CCTV surveillance with motion detection and 24 hours digital video recording (DVR).
  • Events of motion are presented as animated thumbnails in the web browser.


This tool is a simple application designed for light resource usage, making it a viable choice for older machines. Even, with this tool, you won’t get features like cloud storage integration, but it comes with Manual and instant recordings, Integrated web server with password protection, and much more. So, ContaCam serves with most for most of the ones who want it.

Download Link:

Manycam Facebook Live Free


WebcamStudio is an open-source program with which we can make live video transmissions, add special effects and more, all this with a simple webcam.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Flash players.
  • Read any type of video, images and supported webcams.
  • Capture X11 displays. You can save and load configuration in XML files.
  • Allows you to resize and move the image even when it is broadcasting live.
  • Show multiple fonts as layers and automatic subtitles.


This tool even supports messaging too. This multi-functional virtual webcam is primarily designed for use with video chat platforms and live streaming portals. There is no system for video editing, video mixing, or adding effects to videos in the WebcamStudio. The features and functions stream directly from the desktop, show the song playing in Rhythmbox, apply a limited number of sophisticated effects, use it with any camera-based program, and much more.

Download Link:

File size: 129 Bytes (For windows)


Manycam Facebook Live

We have thoroughly discussed some of the best alternative software for Manycam that you can install right now. We have selected these programs based on their ease of use, versatility, offerings, and UI. Consult our list and choose the one that best suits your needs. And do let us know if you know any other good software like Manycam that can be used on Windows of Mac PC so that we can list it here.

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