Manycam For Chromebook

ManyCam is a video streaming solution that enables users to live stream videos on the go. In addition to that, users can share videos and attend meetings easily by installing the ManyCam desktop software. The good thing about ManyCam is its compatibility. Its compatibility with browsers such as Chrome adds to its already existing features and functionality. Let us take a look into how ManyCam can be integrated with Chrome.

Step 1

Visit the download page of ManyCam and download it. Make sure that you already have a Gmail or Microsoft account as you will be needing it later on.

Discover how to use ManyCam with Google Plus: in the 'settings buttons' in the Google hangout window, choose ManyCam as a virtual wecam or microphoneDiscover how to use ManyCam with Google Plus.

  • Well, it opened my webcam, when other apps and website could not (when using Chrome browser), but now I can't find it either to use it, or to remove it. UPDATE: It seems that this is not an extension to Chrome browser, as I thought it was, but a website that turns your camera on and shows you the picture.
  • I think you cannot install and use manycam in your chromebook because it is running a google chrome os which is running in linux based operating system. Was this answer helpful?

Step 2

Once the download is complete install ManyCam. After the installation is over, launch the application to integrate Manycam with Google Chrome.

Manycam For Chromebook

To do this, click the Chrome menu button and select Settings.

Click the Privacy and Security section on the left and then select Site Settings. Click the Camera option under Permissions in on the next screen.

Now simply select Manycam virtual camera as the video source.

Step 3

ManyCam offers a wide variety of features to its users in terms of live streaming. For instance, you can use the picture-in-picture mode while live streaming. However, you will have to set a preset first. Additionally, you can add live filters if you wish to make live-streaming more interesting.

Step 4

Part of setting-up Mancam requires you to check the audio and video settings, which is quite easy with Manycam. As soon as you launch the app, it will automatically turn on your device’s camera and you simply need to select the video resolution settings. Furthermore, you can check the audio quality as well as test your microphone and sound quality.

You can repeat the same process for your device’s microphone and camera by navigating to the device’s audio and video settings.

Why do I need to add ManyCam to Chrome?

Adding ManyCam to Chrome opens up a large number of live-streaming opportunities. As already mentioned, if you wish to share multimedia content on YouTube or other platforms, you can do so by adding ManyCam to Chrome.

Manycam Apps

The primary purpose of adding Manycam to Chrome is sharing the web page you are currently visiting, with the participants. This is even handy, when people around the world are working remotely these days because of COVID-19. Also, if you are teaching an online class or holding a meeting and want to share content over the Internet, Manycam integration with Chrome will come handy.

Manycam Mobile

ManyCam is the freeware tool for you if you use both CamFrog and ICQ, or any other video chat program, and you want to use them simultaneously. It creates a 'virtual' Webcam that replicates your currently installed camera. It then lets multiple applications access the video stream without conflict.
ManyCam is compatible with Yahoo, MSN, CamFrog, PalTalk, ICQ, Skype, YouTube, and more. Once you've installed ManyCam, you need to set ManyCam as the primary input for program that you want to use. ManyCam will automatically start when activate your Webcam through that program. The application includes a bunch of gimmicky features that let you change aspects of the background and foreground. You can map a new pair of cartoon eyes over your face, and they track pretty well to your movements, or you can show that your life is hell by replacing the background with flames.
There is an unfortunate toolbar that will install unless you opt out during setup, but other than that ManyCam is worthy of a Webcam Oscar for cool and useful tech.