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Join Teams meetings anytime, anywhere, from any device. Teams meetings are best when you join them from the Teams app or Teams on the web, and there's a bunch of ways to do that—read on for details about joining by link, from your calendar, and more. If you can't use the app or the web, some meetings let you call in using a phone number. Microsoft Teams Free: The maximum member limit was 300 for free teams but Microsoft recently increased it to 500,000 users per organization. “Microsoft revealed that Teams now support an increase to 5,000 members per team. The new maximum will help large organizations like Accenture (the largest user of Teams).”.


Business Voice is a complete phone system that can replace your existing telephony provider. Whether you're a new business setting up phone numbers for the first time, or an established business moving from a legacy on-premises telephony provider, the steps in these articles can help you get up and running with Business Voice. When you're finished setting up Business Voice:

  • You'll be able to receive toll or toll-free phone calls on a main company phone line. You can even set up a call menu if you want.
  • Users set up with Business Voice will have their own direct-dial phone numbers that they can use to make and receive phone calls from any device with Teams installed.
  • Meeting participants will be able to call in to meetings using a regular phone if they're unable to join from a Teams client.
  • If you have existing phone numbers, you'll be able to continue using them after they're moved to Business Voice.
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If you want to learn more about Business Voice, check out What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice?.


The information in these articles is applicable to Business Voice with Calling Plan only. Business Voice with Calling Plan is available only in select countries and regions. Before you start setting up Business Voice, check Country and region availability for Business Voice to see whether your country or region supports Business Voice with Calling Plan.

If your tenant is located in a country or region that doesn't support Business Voice with Calling Plan, check out Get help from a Microsoft reseller or partner.

Microsoft Teams and Business Voice only work when your users' mailboxes are located in Microsoft 365. They don't support mailboxes on on-premises Exchange Server.

Microsoft Teams And Onedrive For Business

This setup process doesn't support Skype for Business hybrid deployments. If you have a Skype for Business hybrid deployment and want to set up Business Voice, check out Set up Phone System in your organization.

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Before you begin

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Before you set up Business Voice, there are a few things you need to do. The following tasks will make sure your organization is ready for Business Voice.

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  • Buy Business Voice licenses and, if you want to get a toll-free number or make long-distance phone calls, Communication Credits. For more information, see What do I need to buy to use Microsoft 365 Business Voice?.
  • Make sure your Internet connection can support Business Voice. For more information, see Check your Internet connection for Business Voice.
  • Set up Teams on your users' devices, set up voicemail greetings, and help your users learn about Teams. For more information, see How do I get my users ready for Microsoft 365 Business Voice?.

After you've prepare your organization for Business Voice, select Next step: Start setting up Business Voice.