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We're excited to introduce a new, simpler way to navigate your teams. See all your teams in one centralized place, including class, PLC, Staff, and other teams. Select any team to focus on your conversations and files without extra visual distraction. Don't worry--all your files, conversations, and assignments are still right where you left them. You can switch back to the old view at any time, and we show you how below.

Learn the basics of teaching students with Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration, streamlined file sharing, and Class Notebooks. In Teams, bring all of the tools of teaching and learning together in one place.

  • Microsoft Teams allows users to do things like attend online meetings or live events, chat, make calls, and use apps. Setting the right Microsoft Teams admin policies is a critical step in ensuring that Teams is a safe learning environment for students.
  • Microsoft Teams is the hub for all parts of student life including those with shifts as part of a campus job. With Shifts, your schedule management tool in Teams, managers can easily plan and create shift schedules, and team members can review schedules and make schedule change requests, all in real time.

What's changing

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the new Teams experience (Grid view) and the original Teams experience (List view).

List view

Grid view

Currently, you see your list of Teams all the time.

In Grid view, your teams are arranged as individual tiles in the Teams view.

This is also what it looks like when you have a channel open.

Inside a team, all you see are the channels and tabs for that specific team.

Navigate your teams in grid view

To open a team, select the Teams icon, then select the team's card.

The teams you interact with the most will be at the top of your view. Select Hidden teams to view the rest of your teams. To reorder your teams, select and drag them around the canvas.


Filter your teams by type by selecting Filter and choosing a team type.

Make changes to a team or edit its settings by selecting More options on the team card.

Manage all your teams by selecting More options in the top right of your canvas, then Manage teams.

Navigate your channels in grid view

The channels you've already been using in your teams are still there with all the same content. To open one:

  1. Select a team.

  2. Select the channel.
    To return to your full teams view, select All teams above your team name and avatar.

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Navigate tabs in grid view

Microsoft Teams For Education

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Your files, conversations, and other tabs within each team haven't moved. Assignments and Class Notebooks are still located in the General channel of class teams.

  1. Select a team.

  2. Select the channel.

  3. Look for your tabs at the top of your canvas.

Switch back to list view

Not sure this new view is for you? You can switch back any time:

  1. Select Teams.

  2. Select More options next to Join or create team.

  3. Select Switch view.

  4. Under Layout, choose List.


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Microsoft Teams For Education
  • If you change your mind about Grid view, select More options at the bottom of your teams list > Switch view. Under Layout, choose Grid.