Microsoft Teams Praise

Microsoft 365 team is currently working on this feature, you may vote for this here - Custom Praise images please

New Praise Badges in Microsoft Teams recognize moments of SEL growth. Teams is the hub for learning, engagement, and collaboration, with built-in tools to tailor learning to student needs. Today, more than 230,000 education institutions use Teams for remote and hybrid learning. Now those tools include SEL-specific Praise Badges. Oct 01, 2015 Giving Praise is easy and powerful, as illustrated below: First, click + Praise. Write your message and click Send. The recipient and their manager will receive an email notification, and your Praise shows up on their Profile page.

Microsoft Teams is full of plug-in Apps which can come handy in your day to day work. One such great App is 'Praise App' designed to recognize the efforts of co-workers, colleagues, team members (Show gratitude for peers who went above and beyond at work).
There are default Praise badges provided by Microsoft and now you can have your own custom badges through the Praise settings in Microsoft Teams admin center.
The custom badges would be great addition to reflect your own corporate identity, values and branding. This will certainly make a connect with your employees.

Microsoft Teams default Praise badges
The default Praise App provides these handy badges/cards which you can send to people -
  1. Courage
  2. Optimism
  3. Inclusive
  4. Awesome
  5. Thank you
  6. Achiever
  7. Problem solver
  8. Kind Heart
  9. Team player
  10. Leadership
  11. Creative
  12. Coach
Once available we can have something like below, a custom praise badge for 'Code2Care Top Blogger!'
C2C Teams cutom praise badge

What can be customized from the Teams admin center

  1. Disable current default Praise badges.
  2. Enable custom badges.
  3. Upload up to 25 custom Praise badges
  4. Enable badges designed for educators and educator organizations.
  5. Control which badges are available in your organization.

How to enable and add custom Praise badges

  1. Open Teams admin center (you need to have admin permissions).
  2. From left navigation options, select Teams apps -->Manage apps --> search Praise.
  3. Once Praise App is open, click on Settings.
  4. Teams Praise - enable custom badge
  5. Toggle 'Default badges' On or Off to change availability of the default set or custom badges sets.
  6. Toggle On/Off to use Social and emotional learning badges for education.
  7. Click Add to upload your custom badge.
  8. Click Submit to save changes.
Now the custom badges will be available for our employees for use in Teams.

Microsoft Guidelines to create your own custom badges.
If you do not see the customization options, the feature may not be available for your Microsoft Office 365 Tenant yet and should roll out soon.

New Social Emotional Learning (SEL) features for Microsoft Education

  1. New Praise Badges in Microsoft Teams recognize moments of SEL growth
  2. New SEL sticker pack for OneNote creates an emotion-driven feedback mechanism
  3. New Reflect tool in Microsoft Teams makes emotional check-ins a daily routine


Microsoft Teams Praise N

  • There is a Help Article that says this is available. And the article shows the same version of Praise that shows in our tenancy, but we don't have the settings icon to customize the app.
  • where can I get detailed steps for this? like how to know when it is available for my tenant and how to enable?
    anon 26 Oct 2020 12:00:34 GMT
  • My version is 1.0.20200917, but dont' find this yet.
  • Will we be able to collate the 'Praise' data for students in each of the categories using data insights? It is great giving out praise but we would like to replace our current rewards system (plastic tokens) with a digital version that can count towards house points and this would be perfect.
    anon 25 Sep 2020 23:21:02 GMT
  • Love this, waiting to use it for my university students.
  • Yes, this is a new feature in Teams and OneNote to support social-emotional learning approaches, check the article by Microsoft -
    anon 10 Sep 2020 23:38:11 GMT
  • not for my Teams yet, cant find custom option
  • Further comments disabled!
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Admins must have a Teams license to access this feature. If you try to access this feature without a Teams license, you'll get an error message.

The Praise app in Microsoft Teams helps users show appreciation to members of their organization or classroom. With a selection of badge sets to choose from and the option to create your own badges, Praise is designed to help recognize the effort that goes into the wide range of work that Teams users do, from educators to Frontline Workers. To learn more, check out Send Praise to people.

Microsoft Teams Praise

Admins can control what badges are available to their organization from the Microsoft Teams admin center. In the left navigation, go to Teams apps > Manage apps. In the list of apps, click Praise, and then select Settings. From here, you can choose to enable default and built-in badge sets and create custom badges.


The Praise app feature isn't available for U.S. government clouds.

What Does Praise Do In Microsoft Teams

Use built-in badge sets

Built-in sets are collections of badges designed by Microsoft for the Praise app. These sets are not editable by admins. The default badge set is already enabled and available in the Praise app. To change the availability of the default set or of any badges sets, switch the corresponding toggle to On or Off.

Default badges

The default badge set is designed to help Teams users recognize their peers for going above and beyond with their work.

Social and emotional learning badges for education

Educators can recognize individual students for social and emotional learning (SEL) achievements and behaviors with badges that illustrate these concepts.

Create your own badges

Select Create a custom badge. From here, you can design a custom badge in the side panel. You can create up to 25 custom badges.

  1. Enter a badge name. This is the name that will appear on the badge when users send praise.

  2. Set your badge colors. To set the text and background colors of your badge, you need to enter the colors as hexadecimal (hex) values.


    If you’re new to hex values, this article includes a quick introduction to show you how to use them.

  3. Upload a badge image. The accepted file type is .PNG. The image file must be less than 40 KB with maximum dimensions of 216 X 216 pixels.

  4. Localize your badge name: Under Localized badge names, select Add. Select the desired locale from the drop-down list. Then enter the badge name in the designated language.

  5. Exclude your badge from specific locales: Under Exclude badge from these locales, select Add. Select the locales you want to exclude from the drop-down list.

  6. Select Apply. Your new badge will now appear in the custom badges table.


If steps 4 and 5 are skipped, the badge will be in the default language for all locales.

When you’re finished making changes to your badge selection, make sure to select Submit. It may take up to a few hours before these changes are available to your organization.

Specify colors with hex values

Hex color values are strings of six hexadecimal digits that represent the intensity of red (RR), green (GG), and blue (BB) in a specific color on a scale of 00 to FF. When you put the values of all three colors together, you get a hex value: #RRGGBB

For example, the hex value for the color red is #FF0000 because red is set at the highest possible value, FF, and green and blue are each set at the lowest possible value, 00.

To explore different colors and their hex values, check out Bing color picker.

Below is a list of example colors to get you started:

ColorHex value

Best practices for creating custom badges

Submit all your badges at once. Because it takes a while for new badges to be processed, it’s best to add all your custom badges to the table before submitting them.

Microsoft Teams Praise Feature

When choosing colors, keep accessibility in mind. Some colors go together better than others. Create contrast between your text and background colors to make the badge name easy to read. For example, if you chose a dark background color, choose a light text color.

When selecting an image, keep badge dimensions in mind. For the best quality, we recommend uploading an image file that is 216 x 216 pixels (which are the maximum dimensions). Avoid stretching or distorting the image to fit these dimensions.


If your badge image isn’t rectangular, make the image transparent. You’ll need to do this before uploading the image file to Praise.

Badge set assets

Built-in badge sets can't be modified, so when a built-in set is enabled, all badges in the set are added to the Praise app. If you want to add specific badges from a built-in set and leave out others, re-create the badges you want to use as custom badges. You can download the badge image and find the text and background colors of badges from built-in sets in the tables below.

Default badges assets

Badge nameImage fileText colorBackground color
AchieverAchiever PNG#D36E70#E3F4FC
AwesomeAwesome PNG#8283B2#D1EFF2
CoachCoach PNG#6AA55A#DBF1D6
CourageCourage PNG#DC5041#FCF6C8
CreativeCreative PNG#CF9D50#FCF6C8
InclusiveInclusive PNG#3C77BB#E2F4FC
Kind HeartKind Heart PNG#D36D6E#F4DEDE
LeadershipLeadership PNG#419098#D2EAEC
OptimismOptimism PNG#D8338C#F4DDDE
Problem solverProblem solver PNG#B8916E#CBDADF
Team playerTeam player PNG#8B8DC0#F4EEC0
Thank youThank you PNG#469CA4#BACCB6

Social and emotional learning badges for education assets

Badge nameImage fileText colorBackground color
CommunicationCommunication PNG#FFFFFF#173B65
Critical thinkingCritical thinking PNG#FFFFFF#084D26
CuriosityCuriosity PNG#FFFFFF#008078
EmpathyEmpathy PNG#FFFFFF#650B35
Goal pursuitGoal pursuit PNG#FFFFFF#006F95
MotivationMotivation PNG#FFFFFF#C52127
PersistencePersistence PNG#FFFFFF#167D3E
RespectRespect PNG#FFFFFF#8251A0
ResponsibilityResponsibility PNG#FFFFFF#B05DA3
Self-awarenessSelf-awareness PNG#FFFFFF#1680E5
Self-managementSelf-management PNG#FFFFFF#4C144D
ThoughtfulnessThoughtfulness PNG#FFFFFF#EE4086