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124 Address Output; 125 Deliverability; 2 Postal Addressing Standards. 211 Standardized Delivery Address Line and Last Line; 212 Format; 213 Secondary Address Unit Designators; 214 Attention Line; 215 Dual Addresses; 22 Last Line of the Address. 221 City Names; 222 Punctuation; 223 Spelling of City Names; 224 Format; 225 Military. In the UK, line 1 is the first line of your address - as you normally write it. Line 2 is the second line. There may be no second line. Version: 986784efbcfefc8fc7a83a25a3d0445de26919aa Build Mode: production. Version: 986784efbcfefc8fc7a83a25a3d0445de26919aa Build Mode: production. If an address has two conflicting lines, such as a post office box line and a street address line, the lower line will normally be used if mail can be delivered to that address. Most often conflicting lines are not used. JOHN SMITH 100 MAIN ST PO BOX 1022 SEATTLE WA 98104 USA.

Change the address on your driver’s license (DL) or identification card (ID), or on your vehicle/vessel.

Before you begin…

  • Have both your old and new addresses handy.

  • If changing the address for your vehicle or vessel, you will also need your most recent registration card and the address where your trailer coach or vessel is located (if applicable).

Are you eligible to change your address online?

You are not eligible to change your address online if you:
  • Do not currently have a California DL/ID card.
  • Do not have a social security number (SSN).
  • Have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) issued by California and your residence address is in another state.
  • Have an Army Post Office (APO) of Fleet Post Office (FPO) address.
  • Have an address outside of the United States (U.S.).
  • Have applied for but have not received your REAL ID DL/ID card.
  • Have a leased vehicle.
  • Want to change the address on your disabled person (DP) placard. (You may use the online Change of Address system to change the address for DP plates, however.)

If any of the above applies to you, please complete a Change of Address (DMV14) form and mail it to the address listed on the form. A change of address does not require an in-person visit to a DMV office.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. New documents are not issued when you change your address. However, you can request a replacement DL/ID or replacement registration card after you confirm that your address was changed successfully.

DMV will not automatically update your address across documents when you only update your address for one. However, you have the option in the online COA system to change both your DL/ID card and vehicle/vessel registration at the same time, if desired.

You may use a PO box for your mailing address; however, you must provide a residence address when your COA includes your DL/ID card. Temporary mailing addresses are not allowed.

No, you cannot. You may only change the address for up to three of your own DL/ID cards.

Yes. You can change the address for up to three vehicles in one transaction, if they have the same address.

No. To change your address for your DPPP you may complete a COA (DMV 14) form.

Yes. Be sure to check, however, with your new state regarding their driver’s license and/or vehicle registration requirements.

No. California residency is required for you to maintain a California CDL. If you have established residency outside of California, you must transfer your CDL to your current state of residency.


No, you cannot change the address for your occupational license using the COA system. You can visit a DMV field office in person to change the address for your occupational license.

My Address Line


What's My Address Line 1 Uk

Certain records require special handling. If you received this message, complete a COA (DMV 14) form and mail it to the address listed on the form.

During the online COA process you will have the option to register to vote and provide voter preferences that DMV will electronically forward to the Secretary of State (SOS) (if you are eligible). If you are currently a registered voter, you may ask DMV to notify the SOS of your new address. If you opt not to have DMV forward your information, it is your responsibility to notify the SOS of your address change.

My Address Line 1

Simply revisit the COA System after 72 hours, log in, and choose “Check Update Status”.