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Nintendo Discord


((Hey folks! In the past few weeks, I’ve discussed both Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog RP servers. Both of those are still going strong, but now I have one more to present to you: a Nintendo RP Discord Server!))

((Like the Mario and Sonic servers, there are plenty of IC and OOC text channels, roles for different Nintendo franchises, and more! We accept multimuses, Nintendo OCs, and certain third party franchises connected to Nintendo through Smash Bros, so if you’re interested, come and check us out here!))

((Alternatively, you can find the Super Mario RP Server here and the Sonic the Hedgehog RP Server here.))

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((Note: We are only accepting Nintendo muses, Nintendo OCs, and Third Party muses connected to Nintendo through Smash Bros.))

A thriving community of fans devoted to everything Nintendo. GoNintendo is on Discord! To join, you will need to create a Discord account and verify the email address you used to sign up. Discord Servers tagged with Nintendo gaming 11,008 pokemon 487 switch 79 community 8,463 animal crossing 156 nintendo switch 63 mario 42 anime 5,813 splatoon 47 xbox 235 playstation 94 smash 64 acnh 80 social 4,291 memes 2,587 minecraft 2,798 fun 5,179 chill 3,282 smash bros 52 youtube 1,477 pc 378 zelda 30 animal crossing new horizons 45 super.

((An update on the Nintendo server: We now have many more channels and features on the sever!))

  • Announcements channel for news on the server
  • In-character channels for Nintendo Franchises
  • A Smash Bros channel for Smash fights and other Smash-related topics
  • Crack RP channel
  • Headcanon RP channel to share headcanons about your muse
  • Multiple bots for help with RNG and other features, which you can test in the bot testing channel

Nintendo Discord Server

Discord nintendo switch

((We’re always accepting more members, so check it out!))

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