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Popular satirical newspaper and website The Onion is set to debut its iPhone application on Friday. The app seems to be a much more serious mobile play from the publisher than the microfiche app that it launched last year.

Even after jailbreaking an iOS device, I'm unaware of any way to run Tor Browser on it. However, you can approximate Tor Browser on Apple's iOS with the open source Onion Browser, by Mike Tigas. Onion Browser will use the Tor network for transport. Onion Browser is not a Tor Project app.

  1. The most effective method to Use TOR on iPhone or iPad with Onion Browser You will require a cutting edge rendition of iOS and a current Web Association, the Onion Browser application originates from the App Store so you should download that as well. Here are the means, it’s truly straight forward.
  2. Onion over VPN is a privacy solution where your internet traffic goes through one of our servers, passes through the Onion network, and only then reaches the internet. Usually, you can access the Onion network only with The Onion Router (Tor) browser. With NordVPN, you don’t need to download a special browser.
  3. The Onion is a satirical news publication based out of New York. Their app for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch brings all their hilarious stories to your iOS device. Of course all Onion articles are completely fake, but every once in awhile The Onion makes real news headlines when a journalist embarrassingly sites their articles as a truthful source.

The app offers a few different ways to browse stories – recent, popular, and search. Once you’re on an article, you can save it for later viewing, share it on Facebook, Twitter or via email, or quickly click to the next story. You can also access and play The Onion’s multimedia features – Onion News Network (video) and Onion Radio Network (audio).

The Onion for iPhone will be offered for free by way of an exclusive sponsorship by Jack Link's Beef Jerky, 'whose noble offer must be celebrated here for what it is: a selfless act of financial sacrifice committed to ensure that the integrity of journalism as we know it does not perish from the Earth,' according to a statement from the company.

Given we’re staring down April Fool’s Day and we’re talking about The Onion, we’ll wait until we see it in the App Store to be 100% certain this is real, but from what we’ve seen, it does look like a slick app for fans of the publication. Here’s a demo video and some screenshots:


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