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It is the most common format that Certificate Authorities issue certificates in. It contains the ‘—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–” and “—–END CERTIFICATE—–” statements.

If there’s an OpenSSL client installed on the server, you can create PFX file out of a certificate in PEM format (.pem,.crt,.cer) or PKCS#7/P7B format (.p7b,.p7c) and the private key using the following commands. PEM (.pem,.crt,.cer) to PFX. Openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privatekey.key -in certificate.crt -certfile. How can certificates with '.p7b' extension be converted in the standard '.pem' format to be used in Plesk? Nelson Leiva Updated November 03, 2020 20:28.

Several PEM certificates and even the Private key can be included in one file, one below the other. But most platforms(eg:- Apache) expects the certificates and Private key to be in separate files.

  • They are Base64 encoded ASCII files
  • They have extensions such as .pem, .crt, .cer, .key
  • Apache and similar servers uses PEM format certificates

DER Format

It is a Binary form of ASCII PEM format certificate. All types of Certificates & Private Keys can be encoded in DER format

  • They are Binary format files
  • They have extensions .cer & .der
  • DER is typically used in Java platform

NOTE: Only way to tell the difference between PEM .cer and DER .cer is to open the file in a Text editor and look for the BEGIN/END statements.


They contain “—–BEGIN PKCS—–” & “—–END PKCS7—–” statements. It can contain only Certificates & Chain certificates but not the Private key.

  • They are Base64 encoded ASCII files
  • They have extensions .p7b, .p7c, .p7s
  • Several platforms supports it. eg:- Windows OS, Java Tomcat


They are used for storing the Server certificate, any Intermediate certificates & Private key in one encryptable file.

  • They are Binary format files
  • They have extensions .pfx, .p12
  • Typically used on Windows OS to import and export certificates and Private keys
  • Convert PEM to DER
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  • Convert PEM to PFX

Pem P7b Difference

  • Convert DER to PEM
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  • Convert P7B to PFX
  • Convert PFX to PEM

P7b Pem

NOTE: While converting PFX to PEM format, openssl will put all the Certificates and Private Key into a single file. You will need to open the file in Text editor and copy each Certificate & Private key(including the BEGIN/END statements) to its own individual text file and save them as certificate.cer, CAcert.cer, privateKey.key respectively.

(source http://myonlineusb.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/what-are-the-differences-between-pem-der-p7bpkcs7-pfxpkcs12-certificates/)

P7b Pem
Filename extension
Developed byRSA Security
Latest release
(1 March 1998; 23 years ago)
Type of formatArchive file format
Container forX.509 public key certificates, X.509 CRLs

P7b In Pem Umwandeln

In cryptography, 'PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax' (a.k.a. 'CMS') is a standard syntax for storing signed and/or encrypted data. PKCS #7 is one of the family of standards called Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) created by RSA Laboratories. The latest version, 1.5, is available as RFC 2315.[1]

An update to PKCS #7 is described in RFC 2630,[2]which has been obsoleted by RFC 3369,[3]which has been obsoleted by RFC 3852,[4]which has been obsoleted by RFC 5652.[5]

PKCS #7 files may be stored both as raw DER format or as PEM format. PEM format is the same as DER format but wrapped inside Base64 encoding and sandwiched in between -----BEGIN PKCS7----- and -----END PKCS7-----. Windows uses the '.p7b' file name extension[6] for both these encodings.

A typical usage of an PKCS #7 file would be to store certificates and/or certificate revocation lists (CRL).

Here's an example of how to first download a certificate, then wrap it inside a PKCS #7 archive and then read from that archive:


Crt Pem P7b

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