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The Impact Matrix works to direct your focus to tasks that will be worth your time and effort. It works by encouraging the completion of tasks that will most benefit you, while discouraging those that will be least rewarding.



Priority Matrix is a priority management to-do list that helps users focus on what's most important. It can also be used across teams to share priorities and increase visibility of who is working on what. Priority Matrix is the single most used application because of its power and flexibility to both organize and track large volumes of activities and tasks. It has powerful functionality in a simple package that actually reduces the effort required, and unlike other applications, doesn’t require tedious interaction that takes away from actual execution. Priority Matrix is a FREE full featured project management software that works on all platforms, and integrates deeply into Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Priority Matrix for Outlook is a free add-on that lets you manage tasks, projects, and emails without leaving Outlook.

Contains tasks that are typically the most beneficial and should be completed immediately. They are easy to accomplish and of a high impact.


Contains tasks that may be worth doing, but should be only considered after the tasks in Quadrant 1 are finished. They are difficult to accomplish but of a high impact.


Contains tasks that may or may not be worth your time. They are easy to accomplish but of a low impact.


Contains tasks that are not worth the time nor effort and should not be considered. They are hard to accomplish and of a low impact.


Everyone wants to be productive and efficient in their work. Whether you are a secretary, a stay-at-home mom, an accountant, or a student, the goal remains the same: completing as many worthwhile tasks as possible in a limited amount of time.

There are many ways to manage productivity, but one that remains popular and useful is the Impact Matrix

.The Impact Matrix takes into account two of the most important variables concerning time management: impact and ease of completion.

A common situation in productivity efforts is wasting valuable time on tasks that don’t turn out to be profitable. This can lead to aggravation and even failure to continue working at the best of your abilities.

Tasks that fall into quadrant 1 are always worth your time; quadrant 4 tasks are not. Tasks that fall in quadrants 2 and 3 may or may not be worth your time; these tasks must be examined so that you can successfully decide whether or not completing them will benefit you.

Try the Impact Matrix today to be a new kind of productive.



You can get Impact Matrix in your Priority Matrix in just a moment:

  1. Click to import Impact Matrix and open Priority Matrix in your browser
  2. Start filling out action items in the appropriate quadrants
  3. If you prefer it, download Priority Matrix and take your data with you
  4. It’s free to use the limited version of Priority Matrix

Watch a video about the Impact Matrix here:


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Last updated by the developer on: April 16, 2021

General information

Information provided by Appfluence Inc to Microsoft:

App namePriority Matrix
CapabilitiesBot, Tab, Messaging Extension, Connector
Office 365 clients supportedMicrosoft Teams
Partner company nameAppfluence Inc
URL of partner website
URL of Teams application info page
URL of Privacy Policy
URL of Terms of Use


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How the app handles data

This information has been provided by Appfluence Inc about how this app collects and stores organizational data and the control that your organization will have over the data the app collects.

Data access using Microsoft Graph

List any Microsoft Graph permissions this app requires.

PermissionType of permission (Delegated/Application)Is data collected? Justification for collecting it?Is data stored? Justification for storing it?Azure AD App ID
Calendars.ReaddelegatedOnly when a new user is added to the account, do we store their email.On new account creation, we use this to suggest other team members.5be2b320-a5b7-4221-893c-dee506e4e365
User.ReadBasic.AlldelegatedOnly when a new user is added to the account, do we store their email.On new account creation, we use this to suggest other team members.5be2b320-a5b7-4221-893c-dee506e4e365
offline_accessdelegatedWe store the login token in order to perform requests on behalf of the userRefresh token without bothering the user. (Priority Matrix for Teams)5be2b320-a5b7-4221-893c-dee506e4e365
Files.Read.AlldelegatedWe do not store any file information, unless the user explicitly and knowingly creates a Priority Matrix item that links to the original file.In our One-on-One feature (available via our web app and also our Outlook/Teams add-ins), we use this feature to highlight SharePoint/OneDrive files that are shared between two users in our system, as a way to facilitate meetings and overall collaboration.affadfb6-f17b-428f-97f9-9aae3b6175bc
User.ReaddelegatedBasic user profile information (display name, first name, last name, email, avatar) is stored by us.Get the user's name, email, avatar, to personalize their account with us.affadfb6-f17b-428f-97f9-9aae3b6175bc
openiddelegatedWe store the SSO connection to indicate the login mode for the user.In order to sign in users via single-sign-on.affadfb6-f17b-428f-97f9-9aae3b6175bc
Calendars.ReaddelegatedA small number of calendar events are turned into tasks stored in our system.Read calendar events so they can be displayed in our 1:1 view. Also to initialize new accounts.d76f016f-52c7-41b5-835b-900361d7040c
Mail.ReaddelegatedWe store tasks created in our system, with a link to the original message.Used in our Outlook add-in to turn emails into tasks, and to display shared work in 1:1 view.d76f016f-52c7-41b5-835b-900361d7040c
Tasks.ReaddelegatedSome Outlook/Planner tasks are replicated in our system to help new users.We bootstrap new user accounts with their Graph tasks.d76f016f-52c7-41b5-835b-900361d7040c

Non-Microsoft services used

Priority matrix app review

If the app transfers or shares organizational data with non-Microsoft service, list the non-Microsoft service the app uses, what data is transferred, and include a justification for why the app needs to transfer this information.

Non-Microsoft services are not used.


Data access via bots

Priority Matrix App

If this app contains a bot or a messaging extension, it can access end-user identifiable information (EUII): the roster (first name, last name, display name, email address) of any team member in a team or chat it's added to. Does this app make use of this capability?

Justification for accessing EUII?Is EUII stored in database(s)?Justification for storing EUII?
The bot is able to create tasks and assign them to a specific teammate, and to do so it needs to know their name.No

Telemetry data

Does any organizational identifiable information (OII) or end-user identifiable information (EUII) appear in this application's telemetry or logs? If yes, describe what data is stored and what are the retention and removal policies?

Yes, we use the user's email as their unique ID in our system, and that is used to trace application errors, and to track key events in the system (downloads, sign ins, application versions, etc) so that our customer service team can provide a prompt response to customer queries. As part of our GDPR compliance, we delete all customer data within 2 weeks of a deletion request, although in practice we do this on the same day, as we have internal scripts to do this in a semi-automatic way.

Organizational controls for data stored by partner

Describe how organization's administrators can control their information in partner systems? e.g. deletion, retention, auditing, archiving, end-user policy, etc.

Application data is stored securely in an encrypted database with access limited to a small group of admins. In order to further secure access, we enforce 2-factor authentication, limit access to a controlled set of IP addresses, and locate the database in its own private subnet, directly inaccessible from the open internet.

Priority Matrix Appfluence

Human review of organizational information

Are humans involved in reviewing or analyzing any organizational identifiable information (OII) data that is collected or stored by this app?



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Information from the Microsoft Cloud App Security catalog appears below.

Priority matrix app


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Identity information

This information has been provided by Appfluence Inc about how this app handles authentication, authorization, application registration best practices, and other Identity criteria.

Do you integrate with Microsoft Identify Platform (Azure AD)?Yes
Have you reviewed and complied with all applicable best practices outlined in the Microsoft identity platform integration checklist?Yes
Does your app use MSAL (Microsoft Authentication Library) for authentication?Yes
Does your app support Conditional Access policies?No
Does your app request least privilege permissions for your scenario?Yes
Does your app's statically registered permissions accurately reflect the permissions your app will request dynamically and incrementally?Yes
Does your app support multi-tenancy?Yes
Does your app have a confidential client?Yes
Do you own all of the redirect Unified Resource Identifier (URI) registered for your app?Yes
For your app, what do you avoid using?- Wildcard redirect URIs,
- Resource Owner Password Credential (ROPC) flow
Does your app expose any web APIs?Yes
Does your permission model only allow calls to succeed if the client app receives the proper consent?Yes
Does your app use preview APIs?No
Does your app use deprecated APIs?No


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