Protection Sigil Norse

This Head Talisman is one possible drop from The Ascendant in the Hell Fallen dungeon

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Sigil of Protection
Head Talisman (QL 10 Rare)
Effusion Rating: 70
Binds when Picked Up
+1724 Health
Whenever you receive a penetrating hit, you receive a Magical Protection effect for 10 seconds. This can only happen once every 20 seconds.
Empty Signet Slot
Durability: 100/100 4800

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Protection Sigil Norse Greek


  • Deze Bindrune verbindt de Othala Rune van oude kennis, met de Algiz Rune voor bescherming. De 3 horizontale strepen herinneren aan de sigil van de Indiase god Shiva, het bovenste gedeelte, met de stip, van Visnhu. En de cadeautjes Othala Rune Odin, die equivalent is Brahma!
  • This finely detailed Norse Viking Ring represents the Vegvisir which is the symbol of guidance and protection. This unique Norse Viking Ring will offer you protection and will allow you not lose.
  • Viking, Slavic, Animals, items and much more other handmade silver jewerly. Visit our store.

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