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This dashboard which shows industries with the largest gender pay gaps is one of a collection of dashboards showing pay issues. Payscale presented at TC19 about how it provides customers reporting on their gender pay gap. See all of their dashboards on their Tableau Public Profile. Interact with the dashboard. May 30, 2014 How to embed Tableau Public views in iFrame. Environment Tableau Public Answer. Go to the view in Tableau Public. Select the option 'Share' at the bottom of the view and copy the link provided in the Link section. Add the link in the iframe code. For more information about how to embed URLs, see Writing embed code. Open, Create and Share. Step 1: The Data. Open USDAactivitydataset.xls. I shall be putting the source file in for you all. The data details. Step 2: Connect to Data Source. Drag and drop your dataset on top of the Tableau Public icon on your desktop to open. Step 3: Create the first view. Aug 14, 2020 On entering the login details, the process of publishing the dashboard to Tableau public will begin. Once the dashboard is published, a default browser will be opened that will take you to the published dashboard.

Public Dashboard Tableau Pdf

If you want to share your data discoveries with the world outside of your organization, you can save your workbook to Tableau Public, a free cloud service. On Tableau Public, anyone can interact with your views, or download your workbooks or data sources. For information, go to the Tableau Public website.

Save a workbook


Public Dashboard Tableau Download

  1. With your workbook open in Tableau Desktop, select Server > Tableau Public > Save to Tableau Public.

    Note: This option is available only if you’ve created a viz that contains at least one field.

  2. Sign in using your Tableau Public account.

    If you don’t have an account, select the link to create a new one.

  3. Type a name for the workbook and click Save.

    When you save a workbook to Tableau Public, the publishing process creates an extract of the data connection.

    Tip: The title becomes part of your view’s metadata. Use a unique title that will help others find it when they search. (The title shown in the image is a good example of how not to name your workbook.)

    After the workbook is published, you are redirected to your account on the Tableau Public website(Link opens in a new window).

Public Dashboard Tableau Tools

On your profile page on Tableau Public, do any of the following to customize your profile:

  • Hover the pointer over a viz to get access to actions such as selecting it as your featured viz, or hiding, downloading, or deleting it.

  • Hover the pointer over a viz and then select View to open the viz’s home page. There you can select Edit Details to customize metadata such as workbook name and description, add a permalink, and change other settings.

  • To get a link to share on social media or code to embed in a web page, display a view, and then click Share at the bottom of the view. (You can get links and embed code for other Tableau Public users’ views this way, too.)

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