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# rpm -q openssl openssl-1.1.1c-2.el8.x8664. If it is not installed then based on your distribution you can install openssl package. I am using RHEL/CentOS so I will use yum to install opensll. 3.1 crypto- Generic cryptographic module. X509Type A Python type object representing the X509 object type. X509 Factory function that creates an X509 object. X509NameType A Python type object representing the X509Name object type.

The OpenSSL Software Foundation (OSF) represents the OpenSSL project in most legal capacities including contributor license agreements, managing donations, and so on. It is a Delaware (US) non-profit corporation with its own bylaws.

OpenSSL Software Services (OSS) also represents the OpenSSL project, for Support Contracts, and as the Vendor of Record for NIST Cryptographic Module #1747 (This is an open-source validation of FIPS-140 based on OpenSSL). It is a Delaware (US) corporation with its own bylaws.

The best way to contact OSF or OSS is by sending an email to [email protected] For postal contact, use the following:

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