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I built this box for the 1 hour box build challenge on the woodworking subreddit. A bit of warning, this box is rough to say the least. With only an hour, I. You can enable 'Subtitles/CC' in this video Finally, the free version of Buildbox has been released. What you should know about the free and the pro version. I'm founder at Buildbox. Honestly, the people who like Buildbox REALLY like it, but it is not for everyone. Most all of the game dev tools (us included) have a trial. Best bet is to try them out and see what you think. We're definitely the easiest tool out there. We're also the most rapid dev tool available (Color Switch was created in a week.

For the past few weeks, the team at Edamame Reviews has been playing around with potentially the most controversial mobile game development software currently available on the market, Buildbox.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Buildbox may potentially be the first-ever codeless game engine designed for professionals.

Yes, there have been other codeless game engines out there in past, however, none of them have managed to accomplish what Buildbox and the developers who use Buildbox have managed to accomplish within the last 6-12 months.

Reddit Buildbox

The software costs $99.00 / month; $1188 / year; or $2675 outright and is one of the most expensive game development tools currently available.

So, is every developer’s dream – codeless game development – really worth the high price? Well, you’re about to find out…

Buildbox is amazing! In one 41 minute tutorial (See video above), we were able to make a full on platform game, and were capable of editing it, expanding on it, or even starting over and making an entirely new game.

If you have a spare 41 minutes we’d strongly recommend you watch it. Seriously, if you’ve studied game development you’ll realise just how amazing this is…

(For people who haven’t studied game development)

Normally developing a game when you’re new to the programming language and software takes weeks and sometimes even months of intensive study in order to create a single game. Once you’re done, most of the time you’ll know how to edit very basic things like colors and sprites, but often the rest will be too difficult to understand.


One close developer friend of ours took 6 months to learn his first programing language thoroughly enough to make his own original games.

With Buildbox you could literally have your game on the App Store and Google Play within a series of weeks. Something that a year ago would have been considered impossible, and with anything other than Buildbox, still is…

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The user interface – that’s pretty much all Buildbox is – is extremely easy to navigate and understand, making it easy for anyone – even those with no prior game development experience – to easily create high end games within a week or so.

Now before you race off and purchase a Buildbox subscription, we need to let you know a little about the negative side of using Buildbox.

Firstly Buildbox is limited in what you can do by the actual program itself. Users who wish to make a game featuring cutting edge game development technology not yet integrated into Buildbox will have a fair few problems to get through if they wish to integrate features before an official Buildbox update.

Second buildbox is a 2D engine. For those wanting to make 3D first person type games, Buildbox is out of the picture. For now…

Reddit Buildbox Fortnite

With these thoughts in mind let’s head to The Conclusion…

Reddit Buildbox Build

The Conclusion

All in all, it boils down to what you want to do. Developers wanting to make fun and simple games like The Line Zen, The Pit, or even SKY, Buildbox is more than capable… Infact, all of these top chart games where made with Buildbox…!

Reddit Buildapc

Developers who don’t know how to code are now building best seller games every day using Buildbox. Why not turn that burning idea you’ve got into a reality?

Reddit Buildbox Pokemon

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below, and as always thanks for following