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The Wii is a home video game console that was released by Nintendo on November 19, 2006.

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Note This is only for x86 builds- Not the Raspberry Pi!.

Emulator: dolphin



WII U Retro Gaming Retroarch Build by CRAZYMAC [2020]

Retroarch Wii Emulator

Accepted File Extensions: .iso

Download Retroarch on your platform of choice. (Retroarch rpx version on wii u) 2. Run Retroarch at least once, if your missing assets it will ask you to use the online updater which on Wii u will fail. Now exit Retroarch, take out your SD card and put it in your PC. If your not on Wii u just find your specific retroarch file directory. Jun 30, 2014 If you chose to go with the first type of setup, you would open 'Retroarchrpx.7z', then drag the retroarch folder to your SD card's root. It comes with all the cores so you may want to shave off some by deleting the ones you don't want. They're big in size. Then you'll need the retroarch app from wiiu/apps/retroarch.

Place your Wii ROMs in


Dolphin controls must currently be mapped via the GUI, accessed by launching dolphin-gui via Runcommand.


From there there graphical client will launch and you can bind your controller in the Dolphin Interface as well as change settings.


RetroArch Emulates Nearly Every Classic Gaming Console on ...

To exit Dolphin via a keyboard use Alt+F4 or additionally Escape available in dolphin (not dolphin-gui).

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To map a button on your controller to exit Dolphin you will need to launch via the gui method above. Once in the menu navigate to Hotkey Behavior.
Switch the device indicator to your controllerselect the exit function and map a button like select to this function.You will also need to configure in the graphics window to always force window on top and to hide mouse/cursor

Retroarch Wii Bios

Now enter back into emulationstation mode and launch a dolphin game from the gamecube menupress x when the game is startingSelect dolphin-gui instead of dolphin as the runcommand default emulator.Launch gameYou will now be able to exit back to emulationstation with that button you mapped.