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Rust Keycard Guide 2020

Advanced tier puzzles are accessible once you've obtained a red card from Medium (Blue) puzzles. They provide better loot than Medium puzzles, and are the hardest to complete overall. This guide shows you how to complete each red puzzle, step by step. Note: Puzzles are brand new to. Express Rust Bluing is a good way for a hobbyist to blue their firearms at home. It does not require a whole lot of equipment and isn’t very difficult to do. If you’re doing smaller parts, you can even use old pots or pans for tanks. One bottle of the solution will last you through a bunch of bluing sessions. I stopped playing rust for a while, and just came back, i live by airfield, dome and oxums, and couldn't find a blue keycard in any of them, i saw you needed one for airfield. There is a blue card under the sewers, one in a vending machine at outpost, and one behind a green card door near Satellite. Providing little in the way of accessible loot, Satellite Dish is arguably the best place to get blue keycards. The few loot crates that spawn are easy to find, but render you vulnerable to fire from many angles. To find the blue keycard, you need a fuse and green keycard. Find the 2 metal shacks, insert the fuse, flip the switch, use the green. All Discussions. Step 3: find last doors (you need a blue card and a red card + a fuse) POWER PLANT Tier 2 Green & Blue Card & 2 Fuse Step 1.

This is going to be a full guide on how to complete each and every one of the various monument puzzles located in the game. This article will cover monuments including:

  • Large Harbor
  • Small Harbor
  • Airfield
  • Train Yard
  • Launch Site
  • Military Tunnels
  • Power Plant
  • Satellite Dish
  • Sewer Branch
  • Water Treatment Plant

Before we get started here is a video on all of the monuments if you would like you may read on there will be maps and such to guide you but in the video everything will be explained and it might be better for certain monuments to watch the video such as the sewer branch and airfield.

To start we will list a few places to get a green card.

Green cards can be acquired by killing Scientists on the Oil Rig, Roads, Cargo Ship, Giant Excavator. And in certain spots at Junkyard, Lighthouse, Supermarket, and finally Oxums Gas Station. In the Green Keycard room you will find either a normal crate or a military crate and a blue keycard that can be used at various Tier 2 monuments.

Power Plant Rust Red Card

Tier 1 Monuments

Large Harbor

For Large Harbor you will require a Fuse and a Green Keycard. For those that are more visual here is a map mapping where you will need to pull the switch, put the fuse, and swipe the keycard. In the Green Keycard room you will find either a normal crate or a military crate and a blue keycard that can be used at various Tier 2 monuments.

Small Harbor

For Small Harbor you will once again require a single fuse and a single green card that will provide the same loot as large harbor including a crate and a blue keycard. Here is another map mapping out where the recycler and loot room is.

Satellite Dish Array

At Satellite Dish you will once again need a single green keycard and fuse. You will find the loot room on the outskirts of the satellite inside one of the buildings there will be a fuse box and on the outside backside there is a switch. Put the fuse in and pull the switch and head over to the next building over and swipe your Green Keycard to claim your loot and Blue Keycard.

Tier 2 Monuments

Power Plant

Green Card Monuments Rust

For the powerplant you will need a green & blue card and one fuse. To enter the main building you will need to hit 2 switches and one timer as well as be wearing a hazmat suit as the radiation in there is very high. The timer can only be activated if both switches are turned on so it’s best to hit the furthest switch then run to the room with the timer and the remaining switch. One switch is located on the outside underneath the stairs of the crude oil refinery building. This is the same building that contains a recycler at train yard. On the opposite side of the monument there will be a small shack in the corner with a red pipe leading to it. Inside here you will find the 2nd switch and the timer that you will be able to activate if the 1st switch is turned on. Once the timer is activated you will have one minute to run to the main building and swipe your green card.Once inside you will need to hit a switch on the ground floor in the corner to activate power to the blue card room. Run up the stairs and enter in the fuse and you’re good to go. Alternatively you can land a minicopter on the roof of the main building to avoid the use of a green card. You will still need to do the blue card and fuse though.

Water Treatment Plant


To complete the water treatment puzzle you will need a Blue Keycard and a fuse. Start by walking to the three story building in the middle of the monument. At the front there will be two large doors with a valve you can spin in the middle of the two.Spin it and make your way up to the top floor where there will be a small room with a switch and a fuse box. Pull the switch and place the fuse and make your way to the bottom of the long building with the recycler in it. On the back side there will be a set of ladders and stairs to climb and at the top you will see a blue door where you can slide your keycard.



To do the Trainyard monument puzzle you will need a fuse and blue keycard and green keycard start by locating the recycler building that is adjacent to the water tower. At the lower level on the power turbine there is a switch, flip it on. Now walk across the train tracks going slightly to the right and locate a large grey tower. Climb inside and climb the tower. At the top there will be another switch to flip. Next make your way to the main train tracks and to the stairs at the front of the main building. Climb to the second floor and place your fuse at the far end of the hallway and pull the 3rd switch. Climb to the next floor using the stairs and you can use the green keycard. After looting the green room climb to the next floor using the stairs once again to claim your red keycard and loot just past the blue door.


Airfield requires two fuses and one green & blue card to enter. Inside the main recycler building there is a room for the first fuse. After that is entered you have a limited amount of time to run down the tunnels and into the bunker. There are multiple tunnels that lead to the bunker so it’s worth exploring before you enter the first fuse. Once inside the bunker there’s a blue card door. Right beside that you will find the fuse box for that blue card door. If you run in and loot the whole room you can run back out and get your fuse before it runs out.

Tier 3 Monuments


Both monuments will be much longer due to them being much more complicated.

The Launch Site


The launch site requires two fuses and one green & red card to complete. To enter the main building you must enter in two fuses for there to be power to swipe your red card. This will require you to run all the way across the launch site as the two fuse boxes are so far apart. To begin, turn on the switch that is located out in the small shack out to the right of the pit by the truck. There will be a power line going up in the corner of this shack with a wire running from it. Turning this switch on will give power to the green card room. From that switch run straight to the green card room, swipe card, enter it, put your fuse in and turn on the switch. This will give you a limited amount of time to run across launch to the cobalt building and enter the 2nd fuse on the ground floor over there. Once the 2nd fuse is in you have to run straight to the main building and you will be free to swipe your card and enter. Keep in mind that if you take too long after the first fuse is in you will run out of time and have to enter another fuse in there. If you are stuck inside the main building flick the switch on the ground floor to restore power so you can exit.

Military Tunnels

For the Military tunnels you will need one fuse and one of each keycard. To take the tunnels you should come fully prepared to clear the scientists with a gun, meds and ammo. Once inside fully clear all of the scientists and you can loot the elite crates in the middle. After everything has been cleared enter the side room by the main entrance to the tunnels. Inside there is the fuse box room. After entering the fuse you will have a limited amount of time to run to the green card room and enter it. Once inside the green card room kill the last scientist and hit the switch. This will allow you to enter the blue card room. Inside the blue card room kill the scientists and then you can proceed to the red card room. After activating the timer right beside the red card switch you have a limited amount of time to enter the room before the door closes on your face, making you swipe your red card again, so make sure you enter the room before the door shuts. The room is packed with scientists so killing them can be a challenge and could require multiple keycard swipes if you are solo.

Rust Blue Card Monuments

Thanks for reading, happy hunting key cards!

Rust Blue Card Respawn Time

The method of mixing these ingredients is fairly dangerous. The act of adding the iron to the acids produces a huge amount of gas, which if your not careful could overcome you. I mix the ingredients outside on a glass top table. Below are the steps to mix the ingredients to fill a 500ml bottle:

Rust Blue Card Harbor

  1. Pour 420ml of distilled water into the amber bottle
  2. Using the volume measure, pour 29ml of hydrochloric acid and 35ml of nitric acid into the jar
  3. Using the scale, measure out 13.3g of iron filings
  4. This is the most dangerous part of the process, slowly add a small amount of the iron filings to the jar with the acids in it. The process of adding the iron to the acids creates a very aggressive reaction, it often starts off slow and then woosh! takes off. It is not explosive, but similar to opening a bottle of beer you have shaken. For this reason I put the jar in an old pot to catch any overflow. See image below. The danger comes mostly from the amount of gas created, so stay well clear after adding the iron.
  5. After the iron/acid reaction has finished, you will be left with what looks like a disgusting mess of frothy sewage (it doesn't smell like sewage, but does have a unique smell). Pour this frothy sewage into the distilled water in the amber bottle using the funnel. Note the frothy sewage water will have iron filings still in it, I do not strain these out, I just tip them straight into the amber bottle.
  6. The jar will most likely have a lot of the froth stuck in it, I usually tip a small amount of fresh hydrochloric acid into the jar, put the lid on and swish it around to collect the last of the frothy goodness. I then tip this into the amber bottle.
  7. You now have rust bluing solution. This solution will usually last me at least a dozen long arms.