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How to scan photos on an iPhone

When you thinkabout scanning documents, do you picture a bulky piece of equipment in thecorner gathering dust? Well, you might be surprised to learn that you can nowuse your iPhone to scan important documents or old photos, instead.

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Download Scanner and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Scanner PDF app will maximize your document management efficiency: a mobile scanner for your smartphone, to change paper into PDF, while saving both time and storage. These scanners are MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) certified to ensure full compatibility and easy integration with your iPhone. Simply pair the scanner to your device and start scanning barcodes into one of our iPhone barcode scanner apps. We also have iPhone barcode scanner sleds that provide advanced scanning capability with a rugged exterior. Capturing your whole environment Use Canvas: Pocket 3D Room Scanner for iPhone — free on the iOS App Store — and you can scan your surroundings. Stand in the middle of the room, tap the.

Using a photo scanner app, you can automatically remove glare and distortion from your images, leaving you with a high-quality image in the correct proportion. With apps offering helpful features such as automatic edge-detection, color restoration and cropping, digitizing your treasured photographs has never been simpler.

Whether you need to scan photographs, bank statements, or receipts, here are five of the best photo scanner apps for iPhone – with both free and paid options.

Free apps: the best photo scanner apps for iPhone

If you need to scan images infrequently or as a one-off, there are some great apps out there that won’t cost you a penny. Here are three of the best free photo scanning tools.

Cam Scanner

With Cam Scanner,you can crop and edit your scanned images, then convert them intoeasily-shareable PDFs or JPEGs. The app’s tagging option lets you easilyorganize your photos into topics, so you can find and share them hassle-free.What’s more, the app works with various third-party tools – such as OneDrive,Dropbox and Google Drive – so it’s easy to sync up with tools you’re alreadyusing.

While there’s apremium version of Cam Scanner, the free software offers enough functionalityto get high-quality, easy-to-share scans. It can be downloaded from the AppStore.

Best features:

Scanner For Iphone 7

  • Smart cropping andauto-enhancement of your images
  • Add watermarks orannotations
  • Create a passcode forviewing private documents

Google PhotoScan

Developed byGoogle, PhotoScan is available on both iOS and Android. Simply take threephotographs of your scanned item from different angles, then let PhotoScanautomatically combine them into a glare-free, digital image. While editingoptions are limited, being able to add your images directly to Google Photos isa helpful feature if you’re already using Google tools.

PhotoScan can bedownloaded from the App Store.

Best features:

  • Get glare-free scans inseconds
  • Automatic cropping basedon edge detection
  • Smart rotation ensuresyour photos are always the correct way up


Photomyne letsyou scan multiple photographs in a single shot. It auto-detects photoboundaries, then auto-rotates, crops and saves your scans to a digital albumthat’s easy to share with family and friends. What’s more, Photomyne provideshelpful tools to get the best out of your photos, such as colorizing black andwhite images or creating collages.

You can create anaccount to access restricted features, but the free version offers greatfunctionality for scanning images. Photomyne can be downloaded from the AppStore.

Best features:

  • Scan multiple images ina single shot
  • Apply photo filters andcolorize your images
  • Create photo collages,slideshows and more

Paid apps: the best photo scanner apps for iPhone

If you scan items regularly and need the best functionality and editing tools, you might like to purchase a premium app. Here are two of the best paid-for photo scanning options.

Photo Scanner Plus

PhotoScanner Plus automatically detects picture boundaries and rotates your image tocreate an undistorted, high-quality scan. What’s more, Photo Scanner Plusauto-enhances your scanned photos – sharpening, contrasting and restoring colorto create digital images that are easy to share with friends and family.

PhotoScanner Plus requires a one-off payment of $5.99, but it does have limitations.If you want photo backup and online access with no constraints, you’ll need tosubscribe to a monthly or yearly plan. Photo Scanner Plus can be downloadedfrom the App Store.

Best features:

  • Scanmultiple photographs in a single shot
  • Apply photofilters and colorize your images
  • Share scanned photographs easily on social media

Pic Scanner

Available on iOS only, Pic Scanner lets you scan multiple photos at the same time, making digitizing your images quick and simple. Within the app, you can rotate your photographs, enhance colors with filters and add detailed information about each image for your own reference.


While there’s a free version of Pic Scanner available, it limits you to just 12 images. However, at a cost of just $3.99, the full version lets you scan and share as often as you wish. Pic Scanner can be downloaded from the App Store.

Best features:

  • Scanmultiple photographs in a single shot
  • Photoediting tools and filters
  • Unlimitedphoto editing, albums and slideshows

Create stunning gifts from your scanned photos and pictures

Scanner For Iphone 7 Plus

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