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Created by Dan Levy, Eugene Levy. With Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy. When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup in Schitt's Creek. Four series we’d like to see on Netflix, Crave or Amazon Prime after the success of ‘Virgin River’ and ‘Schitt’s Creek’ MH By Marina Hanna Special to the Star. Schitt’s Creek, Mandalorian, and Game of Thrones Funko Pops are as little as $4 for Amazon Prime Day Time to stock up.

‘Schitt’s Creek‘ is a family series that started off as an underrated gem, only to receive widespread recognition towards the end. The Canadian series became popular not only in the US but also in the world – with people everywhere wanting to learn more about Johnny Rose and his family. The entire premise is based on a formerly wealthy family, who lose everything, and have to relocate to a small town they’d initially bought as a joke. We see their lives play out here, as they decide to get accustomed to the new reality. Curious to know where to stream ‘Schitt’s Creek’? We have got you covered and will also tell you about it.

What is Schitt’s Creek About?

Johnny Rose goes from rags to riches, and the magnate takes his family with him. His soap star wife and hip children end up moving to the titular ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ the depressing town they’d bought as a joke. The series is filled with moments of humor and tenderness, as we follow the character arcs over the seasons.

Is Schitt’s Creek on Netflix?

Netflix has a roster of movies and shows that makes the platform a preferred streaming choice. ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is not a Netflix original, but the site can be credited for making the series popular among a new viewer base. Netflix usually adds a new season of the show a while after it has aired on the parent network. For now, you can stream five seasons of ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ with the sixth poised to be added soon. Check it out here.

Is Schitt’s Creek on Hulu?

Hulu keeps making smart additions to the platform, and the dynamic roster caters to a growing list of viewers. Unfortunately, the platform has missed out on the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ hype train, but you should be able to check out ‘This Is Us.’ It is a touching tale of adults in America and is set in the past and present. We see how their lives continue and intersect, often with comedic results, but mostly with dramatic flair.

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Is Schitt’s Creek on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime subscribers have the option to source content from all around the world. The diverse library sets Prime apart as a stellar streaming site. ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is not on Amazon Prime, but you can buy and watch the seasons or episodes. Check it out here.

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Where to Watch Schitt’s Creek Online?

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If you want to watch ‘Schitt’s Creek’ online and don’t have a Netflix subscription, there are a couple of options. You can check out the Pop TV site, which hosts the show in America. You can also head to Fubo TV, DirecTV, IMDb TV, and CW Seed. Notably, IMDb TV and CW Seed have the first five seasons of the show.

Where to Stream Schitt’s Creek for Free?

If you want to watch the show for free, there are numerous options. Netflix has a trial period which you can use, and so does Fubo TV. On the other hand, IMDb TV and CW Seed are entirely free. Often, too many options are confusing, so we have drawn up a plan for you. Check out the first five seasons on IMDb TV or CW Seed, in your sweet time – since both platforms are free. Then, head to Fubo TV for the sixth season, using the site’s trial period.

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