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Posts about sigil written by CooptyLew Art and Tarot. Love sigil is the art of using symbols and images to manifest a positive romantic desire. Drawing sigils is one of those practices that is widely used but that many people who use them do not fully understand. Because of this, there are some misconceptions or myths.


Sigils For Happiness

Love sigils and symbolsCandle spell for self love

Here is a new sigil! A sigil for love! It’s a reminder to love yourself and to tell the people that matter in your lives that you love them! Say it to yourself! Say it to your friends, or to your family, or your significant other, or your pets, tell it to anyone you love and spread it! Send this sigil to them for instance, or a heart emoji, or any word/sentence that show the most your love for them! ♥
You can also use this sigil for a self-love ritual! ♥

Wiccan Spell For Self Love


Sigil For Self Love

I’m sending all of you lots of love and support in everything you want to accomplish ♥

Love Sigils And Symbols

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